Sanctuary Worship

We believe that God gave us music to glorify him, to proclaim his Word, and to minister to, and through his people. Whether your voice of praise is Modern or Sanctuary it doesn’t matter. What is most important is that we sing, or play, authentically with our whole being, “. . . with spirit (heart) and with understanding (mind). I Corinthians 14.14-15″

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Volunteer Opportunities

We put our hands to God’s work in simple ways: preparing bread and juice, arranging flowers, straightening up pews, welcoming people to worship. We are called, not to great works, but to small works done with great love.

Anyone age 15+ is welcome in any of these teams.

Contact: GetConnected
Department: Music and Worship
Frequency: Sunday mornings

Sanctuary teams serve in Sunday worship by welcoming, handing out bulletins, taking the offering, and providing whatever materials are needed for the congregation’s full participation in worship.

Volunteer Registration

  • Please indicate the areas in which you have interest in serving.
Contact: GetConnected
Department: Music and Worship
Frequency: Saturday and Sunday am

Communion prep teams prepare the elements before Sunday, and communion serving teams distribute the elements in worship on Sundays in which we celebrate the Last Supper.

Volunteer Registration

  • Please indicate the areas in which you have interest in serving.
Contact: GetConnected
Department: Music and Worship
Frequency: Flexibility in schedule throughout week

Sanctuary care team members help to fill friendship pads, distribute materials into pews and chairs, and keep track of the condition of Bibles and hymnals for use in worship.

Volunteer Registration

  • Please indicate the areas in which you have interest in serving.
Contact: GetConnected
Department: Music and Worship
Frequency: Make bouquets on Saturday 4 times a year.

This committee creates original bouquets for worship each Sunday, which are in turn dedicated by church members for special occasions, remembrances, anniversaries, and gestures of thanksgiving. They also create seasonal decor throughout the church for Advent, Christmas, Passion Week, and Easter.

Volunteer Registration

  • Please indicate the areas in which you have interest in serving.

Summer Choir, June 25- July 30: open to all, no prior experience required. Drop in on Sunday at 8am in the music wing, sing at 9 & 11; done by 11:30am.

Sanctuary Choirs

Sanctuary Chorus

The 120-voice Sanctuary Chorus (formerly Chancel Choir) sings three Sundays a month from September to June, as well as in festival services and sacred concerts. Chorus members traveled in 1997, 2001, 2004, and 2007 in short-term “music missions” to small communities throughout Eastern Europe and Russia. You can hear the chorus on the CDs BlessingsFount of Every Blessing, and Songs of the Spirit. Rehearsals are Thursdays 7:25-9:30pm in S-150. To interview about joining the choir, contact Sarah Lackenbauer.


Ensemble is an auditioned smaller group of advanced vocalists from the Sanctuary Chorus who present choral chamber music at 9 and 11am in the Sanctuary. A capella and concerted styles from the 16th century to the present make up the repertoire. The group sings six to eight times throughout the choir season. Rehearsals are on select Thursdays from 6:15-7:15pm in S-150.


This small ensemble takes its upbeat message of God’s love to senior centers, hospitals and other community outreaches, bringing joy through their gentle ministry of song. For more information on bookings, contact Don Prior.


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Sanctuary Chorus FAQ

Do I have to audition?

An interview allows you to look at the schedule, ask questions, and determine in which manner your voice would best develop. Singers interested in membership should contact Music & Worship Administrative Assistant Debbie Berkley425-454-3082, ext. 3366, to schedule an interview with the director, Scott Dean.

Do I need to be able to read music to sing in the Sanctuary Chorus?

Not necessarily. Some choir members do read music; some learn their part by rote. Prospective members must demonstrate good musicianship by being able to sing on pitch, maintain steady rhythm, and display good vocal production and control.

Do I have to be solo quality to sing in the choir?

While there are some professional musicians and soloists in the choir, the experience, training and vocal abilities within the membership varies. You won’t be asked to sing alone unless you wish to be considered for a solo.

How do I know which part I should sing?

In your interview with Scott Dean, he’ll vocalize you and determine where your voice is at its best.

Must I be a church member before joining choir?

No. However, many people decide to join after singing in the choir.

When and how long are rehearsals?

Regular rehearsals are Thursday evenings, 7:25-9:30pm.

Why do we rehearse?

Worship is the greatest gift and effort we can give. When we sing in worship, we try to glorify God with the best we have to offer. We also provide leadership to the congregation and support to the ministers, as together we proclaim God’s word to one another, singing psalms, hymns and spiritual songs. We practice because of our love for the Lord and the desire to give God the best we have to offer, both individually and corporately.
What if I have to miss a Thursday rehearsal? What if I can’t be there every Sunday?

There are no penalties here! But if you miss a Thursday, you will likely not be prepared to sing on that Sunday and you will generally be requested to sit it out on that day. We encourage singers to make a dedicated commitment to the choir’s dates, but occasional absences due to illness, work and family commitments are understandable.

What time does the choir meet on Sunday mornings?

On most Sundays the choir rehearses at 8:25am to warm up and review the music for worship.

What do I wear on Sundays?

The choir wears robes and you can wear most anything under the robe as long as it is not distracting to worship.

Do we sing every Sunday? Do we sing at each service?

The choir usually has one Sunday off each month. When the choir sings, it most often sings the entire 9am sanctuary service and participates in the first half of the 11am sanctuary service. For Festival presentations the choir participates in both the 9 and 11am sanctuary services. A very specific calendar for the entire year is provided at the first rehearsal of the season.

For what special events beyond the Thursday/ Sunday commitment are we responsible?

Choir Workshops: One Saturday in fall and one in winter.

Sunday Worship Through Music presentations in December, Lent, and June require some extra rehearsal time with orchestra. Concerts and others as scheduled.

Festival Services: Christmas Eve (6:30, 8:, 9:30pm); Good Friday (7:30pm); Easter (8:, 9:30 and 11:11am).

Does the Sanctuary Chorus sing year round?

The choir does not sing from Father’s Day through just before Labor Day. There is a Summer Choir open to all singers from mid-June through July.

When is a good time to join?

The best time is in the fall at the very beginning of the season (the last Thursday in August or the first Thursday in September). Another good time is right after Christmas, when we are a getting a fresh start on new music.


Youth Choirs

Professional music educators Cynthia Dean, Karen Nelson, Daisy Li Emans, and Scott Dean direct age-appropriate choirs in which members develop their musical skills within a supportive Christian setting. His Kids, JoySong and Good News Group meet simultaneously on Wednesdays from 4:45-5:45pm. Bel Canto meets from 5:45-7:15pm.

His Kids

Grades K-1 with Cynthia Dean

This beginning choir develops our youngest singers as they explore music fundamentals, their own voices, and social skills in a nurturing environment. Presentations in worship throughout the season provide our youngest singers with their earliest joyful expressions of faith through song.


Grades 2-3 with Karen Nelson 

Children who experience JoySong deepen their Christian values through music, fellowship, and the performing arts. Further music literacy and exploration of the young voice allow the singer to grow in ability and confidence in sharing the word of God through the arts.

Good News Group

Grades 4-6 with Daisy Li Emans

Singers grades 4-6 continue to develop music literacy and choral skills in an environment fostering self-confidence and teamwork. Times for fellowship as well as singing in worship provide opportunities for faith sharing and daily application of Biblical concepts, while enhancing musical and social experiences.

Bel Canto

Advanced auditioned youth choir for grade 7-12 with Scott Dean

This group of treble (unchanged), experienced young musicians presents a variety of challenging Christian choral music. The choir sings regularly in worship services, tours regionally, and periodically takes its message overseas in Music Ministry Abroad. In 2002, Bel Canto visited Austria, Germany, and Switzerland; in 2009, they sang in schools and cathedrals in Costa Rica.


Festival Orchestra and Brass

Professional-level instrumentalists from the congregation volunteer alongside orchestras contracted to accompany the Sanctuary Chorus and Festival Worship in the Sanctuary. Past presentations have included the St. John Passion of J.S. Bach, the Brahms Requiem, John Rutter’s Mass of the Children, and the only existing fully orchestrated recording of Andrew Carter’s cantata Benedicite, available on the recording Blessings. To interview to be included, contact Sarah Lackenbauer.

BelPres Handbells

BelPres Handbells is a multigenerational group (youth and adults together) learning the artistry of ringing handbells to lead in worship and reach out to the community through local events. Rehearsals are Wednesdays 4:30-6pm in S-223. For more information, contact Patsy Jackson.


This group is organized into four areas: Read and Play, Trombone Choir, Jubilee Trombones, and Festival Trombones. They meet on Wednesdays 7:30-9pm in S-150. For more information, contact Jim Arthur.

Brass Band Northwest

Brass Band Northwest is a resident ensemble. They play quarterly in the Sanctuary and present seasonal concerts. For more information about BBNW or to contact the band, go to their website or contact director Judson Scott.


Casavant Organ

Casavant Frères of St. Hyacinthe, Quebec, Canada, built the pipe organ of Bellevue Presbyterian Church. Casavant is the oldest and largest builder of pipe organs in North America with an international reputation for excellence and integrity in craftsmanship.

In creating Opus 3742, architects, acousticians, and contractors collaborated with Casavant and the church’s Organ and Building Committees to integrate the organ into the design of the Sanctuary. Towers of pipes cascade upward, leading the eye toward the central focus of the Sanctuary – the cross and the resurrection window. The design emphasizes the symbolism of the Trinity found throughout the Sanctuary, with a trio of pipes in each of the large towers, smaller towers grouped in sets of three, the three horizontal elements of the pipe shades, and the slats in the lower part of the façade paneling.

The façade is solid American oak, stained to match the woodwork of the Sanctuary. The 4’ and 8’ pipes are polished tin, and the 16’ pipes are lacquer-finished. The horizontal trumpet pipes that make up the distinctive “Trompette-en-chamade” are polished copper with flared bells. With an overall reverberation time of two seconds, the Sanctuary provides a wonderfully supportive acoustical environment with a beautiful bloom of energetic sound from the nave to the balcony.

The tonal design of Opus 3742 was created to lead and support congregational singing; accompany the many choirs, soloists, and instrumental ensembles of the music ministry; and serve as a beautiful solo instrument capable of performing all types of Baroque, classical, Renaissance, Romantic, and contemporary organ repertoire.

Quick Facts

– 3824 pipes (largest 32’ tall!)

– 50 stops (voices)

– 68 ranks (rows of pipes)

– Original installation in 1995

– Final completion summer 2003

Wayne Slater



Scott Dean

Director of Music + Worship

Karen Nelson

Associate for Music + Worship

Sarah Lackenbauer

Music + Worship Administrative Assistant