Meal Packing

What does this mean for our family? It used to mean working hard with other BelPres families on Saturday morning packing bulk foods. We enjoyed the energy, the fellowship, the constant smiles among co-workers and the sense of accomplishment when we bagged the raw materials.

This year, it is infinitely more meaningful because we’ve learned where the food goes. We knew the meals were going to people who really needed them. We tried to find the tiny village online. It took three of us confirming the spelling and checking each other’s data to locate Mokpangumba. We learned many villages are similarly named and that there are many waterways on the western side of Sierra Leone. We have pictures of the children in the village and wondered why some wear school uniforms and others don’t. We’ve mispronounced and repronounced and laughed over our English tongues not able to stand up to the Mokpangumba syllables. All of this makes us feel closer to the village we help.

Can you believe the food our gloved hands process makes its way around the world?  Yes, around-the-world to a village of 300 families in Sierra Leone. The journey will not be easy. It will take plenty of logistics with planes, trucks, boats and more human hands distributing it in Mokpangumba.

What the families harvest from the fields and rivers nearby is not enough, so the food we packed will provide additional nutrition. This food means survival for the children. It may mean they can concentrate better at school and learn what will help them change the way their food is grown or how their village works.

We’ve had conversations around this very fact: It is a long way from how we live. As we prepare for this year’s meal packing, we are curious about what the children will think of the food, what they do in school and what they do for fun. It has become personal and so much more important to pack this food for them.

Please come and join our dedicated community of meal-packing marathoners on Saturday, January 27!  To find out more or sign up, click here:


Learn more about Children of the Nation’s work in Mokpangumba or watch this video from COTN.

Ebola Response

BelPres Ebola Response
Highlighted Global Ministry: Children of the Nations
Highlighted BelPres Member: Lynn Pelton, Greatest Goal Ministries
Becky Gonzalez
BelPres Director of Global Outreach

The 2014 Ebola epidemic is the largest in history, affecting mostly several countries in West Africa. As of February 2015, 9,019 people have died from the disease in six countries; Liberia, Guinea, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, the US and Mali. When it comes to global crisis like Ebola it feels like there is nothing that we can do. Yet, BelPres is a church that is actively responding to crisis around the world in various ways.

Our own member and Greatest Goal Ministries co-founder, Lynn Pelton is currently serving in Sierra Leone as an Ebola Nurse with Partners In Health. Learn more about what her daily life is like serving in Sierra Leone by reading a blog here written by another Ebola nurse. Also follow Lynn’s personal and ministry blog here.

300 of you participated last week packing 70,000 meals for villages in Sierra Leone where Children of the Nations is working. One of the special projects they are working on is caring for Ebola Orphans. Learn more here.

Thank you for joining us in prayer for these ministry efforts and for being a part of the Mission Movement of BelPres that is extending reach to communities who need the love and power of God most.

An Update from Lynn Pelton in Sierra Leone

Lynn Pelton, our BelPres member currently serving as an Ebola nurse, has posted an update on the Greatest Goal Ministries blog. We invite you to read her updates and join us in praying for her safety and for the people of Sierra Leone.

You can find her update here: December 22: An update from Lynn in Sierra Leone

Ebola and Sierra Leone

One of our congregation members and founder of one of our global outreach partners, Greatest Goal Ministries, has volunteered to serve in Sierra Leone as an Ebola virus nurse. Lynn Pelton was recently interview on KOMO4 news. Watch the video below to hear her full story.

Please support Lynn through your prayers as she waits to hear if she is approved to serve as an aid worker. This is a frightening virus, which causes a lot of fear and heartache. We support Lynn as she uses her past experience in Sierra Leone and as a medical professional to help with this devastating disease.