A Hallelujah Chorus for Christ’s Victory

Here’s an exercise: take a piece of paper and write down four of the biggest, best things that have ever happened in your life. Maybe the birth of a child or your wedding day, the day you got the job offer of a lifetime, your college graduation or that of your last kid. Now, think of a famous piece of music that would be the perfect soundtrack for each moment.

Just curious, did you pick “Halleluiah Chorus” for one of them? Is it running in your head right now? (more…)



Sanctuary Chorus and Festival Orchestra

Clara Rottsolk, soprano

Cheryse McLeod Lewis, mezzo-soprano

Ross Hauck, tenor

Jonathan Silvia, bass

Scott Dean, conductor

Through scripture and some of the world’s most revered and beautiful music that has stood the test of time, Handel’s iconic masterwork reveals a portrait of Jesus like no other composition in the history of music. (more…)