A Decade of Jubilee

“If you would look at all the activities and missions that our people, individually and collectively, have been involved in, you would find very few places in the community or the world that have not been touched.” The Ripple Effect, Bellevue Presbyterian

Caring for others, locally and globally, is one of Bellevue Presbyterian’s distinguishing characteristics. In August, the Bellevue Reporter featured an article about Jubilee REACH and the annual service day. This year marks 11 years since Bellevue Presbyterian members Jan and Gary King developed their vision for Jubilee, as well as the 10-year anniversary of the annual service day. (more…)

Behind the Scenes with Andy Taber

Let me introduce you to our behind the scenes volunteer for the month. In a nutshell, he’s a true candidate for “The Apprentice.” He has the street smarts and the education. His specialty? A hammer. “My dad taught me how to use a hammer, and then I went to college to understand the business side of the hammer.” Our church and community have been fortunate to be the recipients of Andy Taber’s talent. (more…)