Working to the Summit

“Keeping a healthy balance and appropriate challenge level at work and living a life of love and serving.” That’s what Jeannette Baker credits the Global Leadership Summit with doing in her own life. Read on to see why receiving her annual dose of “God oomph” keeps her mind and heart open to what God has planned for her.


Jeannette is an accountant at Costco and she used to work at BelPres as the Senior Accountant. At 34 years old she is also the owner and dance instructor with Studio B Dance. Recently she sat down with Nancy Campi, the BelPres Staff Summit Leader, where she shared her reflections of the power of the Summit in her life.


Nancy Campi: Do you have a favorite Summit speaker?


Jeannette Baker: Every year I love the kick-off talk by Bill Hybels. He is an inspirational speaker who really shows you how to effectively move from “here to there” in any aspect of your life…family, relationships, work, and self-development…anything! His talks set the tone for a wonderful Summit filled with inspiration, reflection and “go do” information! I love to see how Bill “walks the talk” in his Church and family life and it inspires me to do the same here in Bellevue. Getting in this mindset opens me up to hear the “change opportunity” God is presenting to me from all the other speakers.


NC: How have you applied what you have learned at the Summit in your work?


JB: One of the ideas I have applied from the Summit is from Bill Hybels’ talk regarding balancing your “challenge levels” at work. I keep a conscious awareness now that I am not in the “under challenged and unfulfilled” level and also not at the “dangerously over challenged” area of the scale but instead keeping a healthy balance in the appropriately challenged level. I used to run a work life that was always in the strained side of things. At that point I thought that was always good … a long to do list MUST be a good to do list! Well, that wasn’t doing well for me or my job in body, mind and spirit. Now I recognize when my bucket reaches overfilled status and needs to be replenished. I can now acknowledge that I do my best work as a leader when (like a muscle) I am stressed enough for growth but not so overstressed that I break down.


NC: How have you applied what you have learned at the Summit in your personal life?


JB: In my personal life I have embraced the sentiments from Craig Groeschel when he says “If you are not dead, you are not done!” I approach each day looking for what makes it special … there is always a task to be tackled or an experience to be lived … I just have to open my eyes and my heart to find what that opportunity is! Live it! God has plans for me!

I also love several sentiments from Bob Goff’s talk. We are to “Love God, Love People, Do Stuff” and develop over time … like a polaroid picture! I love this thought pattern to approach my life and realize that if I live a life of love and serving, my life details will slowly come in to focus on a great picture of a great life!


NC: This will be your 7th Summit, why keep attending?


JB: I wouldn’t miss it! The Summit is an annual time of renewal and reflection for me. I walk away from the 2-day event with a revived spirit ready to go out to the world and serve God through my actions and attitude. I feel empowered with a renewed drive to strive to be a better Christian in all aspects of my life. I love the annual dose of “God oomph” I receive at the Summit and each year it is different and wonderful. No two Summits have worked on my heart the exact same way – so while I always leave the time refreshed – I never know what area God has in mind to be working on that year. What will my heart’s 2016 focus be? I can’t wait to see! In the words of Bill Hybels … “everyone wins when a leader gets better!”


Like Jeanette, many of us that are regular Summit attendees find it difficult to put into words the impact and impressions of the Summit. We leave each session thinking how we wish others could have heard a particular message and know others that would have found it of great value. Such was my case, and after a few years of listening to me quote Summit speakers and seeing its impact on my life my husband Dan, finally had the opportunity to join me at the Summit and now considers it a “no-brainer “ to attend each year. Dan shares Jeanette’s impressions of Bill Hybels, “[He is] very inspiring, real and captivating.” He also found Susan Cain’s talk about the power of introverts and Jim Collins’ Seven Questions: Beyond Good to Great especially fascinating. Both sessions provided Dan with valuable insights and lessons that he still refers to and applies every day in his work as VP of Business Development and Marketing at Kardin Systems, Inc. He looks forward to the Summit as a “relaxing way to explore new ways of thinking about leadership and relationships.”


Another BelPres member fairly new to the Summit is Chuck Pilcher. Chuck was drawn to the Summit by speakers like General Colin Powell, Bob Goff and Pastor Andy Stanley but adds that “some of the very best speakers have been world-class leaders I had never heard of before. Surprises like this remind me of the way I felt as a child as Christmas morning approached to see what’s going to be the next present?” Chuck is a self-proclaimed Summit evangelist and says “Whether you are leading a work group, a family, a group of friends, a sports team, a church or a major corporation, everyone can use the skills taught at the GLS. This is down to earth, practical material that can make everyone not just a better leader but a better person.”


One of the greatest things about hosting here at BelPres is that area leaders from over 35 churches and community organizations have the opportunity to join us to experience the Summit here. It is the pleasure of BelPres staff and volunteer Summit team to once again host this two-day event telecast live from Willow Creek’s Chicago campus August 11 and 12. For further information visit the church website or contact Nancy,


Read on for more insights from other Global Leadership Summit attendees.

“I appreciate the insights of top leaders who also are guided by Christian values.”


“It helps me continue to grow in my confidence and leadership capability. I’m inspired by the presenters and by Bill Hybels.”


“I have cited quotes from Bill Hybels and others in facilitating meetings outside church with positive reactions.”


“Every year I learn new truths that I can apply immediately. I have been challenged and equipped to be a better leader in my church, workplace and family.”


“Great leadership training from great leaders. Superb speakers who are entertaining as well. It is just FUN!”


“It is my annual revival… it revives my spirit, my energy and my drive to become a better leader!”