Get Connected with GetConnected

Never have so many people been so connected. We text, tweet, post, like, email, share photos, and even share what we had for dinner. We keep our phones at an arm’s length in fear of missing an important connection or to be able to reach someone at a moment’s notice. But are we connected to what God wants us to be connected to? Are we connected to one another in service, being the hands and feet of Jesus here on earth?

GetConnected is a way to do just that. To find a connection to God’s great rescue mission. There is a place for each of us, contributing whatever interests, skills, abilities, or time we have.

Just picture the hungry being fed, the homeless in housing, children shown the love of Jesus, music shared to fill our souls. Whatever the picture, imagine it as a piece of a puzzle that has hundreds of pieces. Each piece brings us that much closer to a completed picture. (more…)