Discover + Live Your Purpose Webinar

What if God is calling you, but you don’t know how to hear?  When Ted and I first heard the call to mission with Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF), we didn’t know what we were hearing.  I well remember that Sunday, when after an MAF missionary did the “minute for mission,” Ted looked at me and said, “If I were ever going to do missions, it’d be something like that.”  I looked at him and said, “Let’s do it!”  Then we both laughed and forgot about it.  It wasn’t until nearly 9 years later, and a lot of late-night what-do-we-want-to-be-when-we-grow-up conversations that we finally realized that our continued interest in MAF might be God calling us into service.

Now, maybe you’re sulargere you’ve never had a situation like ours.  But how do you know?  How do people go about discerning what God is calling them into? Or how do people know that God is using them where they are? Right now, we have a unique opportunity at BelPres to learn just what it means to be called by God.

Discover + Live Your Purpose, a 4 week webinar on calling, is coming up October 7, 14, 21, & 28.  Taught by a bunch of cool people (see FAQ, below) who have experienced God’s call on their lives, this is a great chance to discover how God wants to use you, personally, and where.  Maybe it’s right where you are.  Maybe it’s something new in your neighborhood or city.  Or maybe God is calling you to far-off lands.  If you’ve ever wondered, this webinar is for you.

Be aware, though, that the company we’re using to present the webinar allows only 100 participants.  For a church as large as ours, that’s not a lot of spots.  One way to attend would be to register one person from your small group, the one with the largest monitor, then all gather to watch and participate together.  However you do it, I urge you to involve yourself in this webinar.  God is calling you.  Do you know how to listen?  Register Here.


Discover and Live Your Purpose Webinar FAQs

Where do I register for the webinar?

Click on the following link to register:

What is the cost to register?

Registration is free, but it is limited to 100 registrants.

Can I watch the webinar with other people?

Yes, the registration is limited to 100 people (computers) but multiple people can watch together from the same computer.  We prefer everyone registers who will watch the webinar so we have an accurate attendance even if they are sharing an attendee login (computer).

What if I can’t watch all 4?

It’s OK if you miss one, your access code will work for all sessions and we hope to rebroadcast the webinar in January 2016. We will follow up in a few months with options to view the webinar again.

Do I need to have technical skills to be able to receive and be part of the webinar?

No. But you should plan on logging on to the webinar about 10 minutes before it starts to get it up and running.  There will be a download from Citrix to run the webinar included. A side bar will feature a place to ask questions for the presenters and if you have technical issues.   Jesse, our host, will also give you instructions about how to interact.

Who is teaching the webinar?

Several of our staff members/pastors are presenting.

Week 1 (Oct 7)  will feature Scott Dudley speaking about “Created for a Purpose”

Week 2 (Oct 14) will feature Annie Duncan and Rich Leatherberry speaking about “Our Primary Purpose”

Week 3  (Oct 21) will feature Ryan Beattie and Scott Mann speaking about  “Your Individual Calling”

Week 4 (Oct 28) will feature Jess Rice speaking about “How to Live Your Call”

How long does each webinar last?

Each webinar lasts 1 hour (7pm to 8pm)

If I have other questions, who should I ask?

Contact Elizabeth Hayford in the Mission and Serve Department

Keep going. Stay inspired. Seek justice. Pursue God.

Becky Gonzalez

I came across this blog post last week on Sojourners and it resonated with me.  I am not burned-out…[today] but I have gone through seasons where I wonder if any of the work we are doing to reach our community and world matters.

Are we making an impact?
Are we doing things right?
Are we doing the right things?
Are we pleasing God?
Are we representing the church well?
Are we creating a sustainable model or one of dependence?
Are we doing more harm than good?

This author, Stephen Mattson, encourages us to “Never quit, and never underestimate your involvement in justice work, because it means passionately caring for humanity — people who are often the most vulnerable, persecuted, abused, helpless, and exploited. Which matters. Keep going. Stay inspired. Seek justice. Pursue God.”

Check out the full article. I hope that it is as encouraging to you as it was to me.  Be encouraged in your work, your ministry and your life for Him.


6 Things Your Church Should be Doing, but Probably Isn’t

By Becky Gonzalez, Director of Global Outreach


This article from Relevant Magazine is a challenge for churches to be better at reaching our community and world for the sake of the Good News. BelPres! We are proud that you are a church community seeking to do these things. We are not perfect, but we are making good strides and love that we are a church committed to programs that lead to deeper and stronger relationships with each other and with God. Nonetheless it is a good challenge for us all to keep on track as ambassadors of the Gospel.

1. Working Face to Face with the Poor
2. Building Relationships with Other Churches
3. Putting Effort Toward Diversity
4. Chasing a Vision, not a Quota
5. Building a Missions Department that Goes Beyond the Offering Plate
6. Equipping Their Members, not Just Entertaining Them

In what areas are you proud of BelPres? Where do you think we can grow?