Diversity in Unity

Imagining our Faith Community Differently

God loves all people and desires that all be saved. That love is clear and evident in the sacrifice of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. This is the hope that we have! Yet there are scores of individuals and groups of people, particularly those who are hurting and left out, who have yet to experience that love. We all can relate to pain and loss. There are those that, due to their disabilities, have experienced pain so deep that maybe few can understand outside of our Lord. They’ve experienced loss not only of personal aspirations, but also the loss of a community that loves and supports its members.

 What if it were different for our friends with disabilities? What if the Church responded differently to people that God longs to include into His family?

 We see in Scripture that this truly is the heart of God. “Those who are well have no need of a physician, but those who are sick. I came not to call the righteous, but sinners.” (Mark 2:17). No matter our abilities we know that Jesus came because we all were unable to do this on our own. So, it is our responsibility as the body of Christ to reach out and invite, to share with others the hope that we have in God, and to love our neighbors unconditionally as God loves us.

 I was in India not long ago, visiting an impoverished slum in Mumbai. It was at a prayer service that I shared with everyone that we are no different and that in God’s eyes we are all equal. Just because I may have more money, I live in America, or my skin color is different does not mean I am better, even though in people’s eyes that may be the case. In His eyes, we are all on the same level. We all are made in His image and likeness. What is on the outside does not define us. This equality is summarized beautifully when Christ told us to show no partiality when we gather corporately (James 2:1-4). Truly we are all equal. That is the beauty of our faith!

 If we believe in the saving grace of our God and follow His steps as a community of believers, then it’s clear — it’s not our place to choose who is welcome and who is not welcome in His church. God invites all, and it is our responsibility to actively and intentionally pour out the love that Christ has placed in our hearts to our neighbors. This is not something that we do. It is who we are.

 Bridge Disability Ministries imagines Church as a place where all mankind can gather at the feet of Jesus, where we experience the gift of fellowship, the blessing of being in the family of God. If we intentionally reach out to our neighbors of all abilities, our faith community will be a lot closer to the way God had in mind all along.


Bridge Ministries is a partner ministry supported by BelPres Community Outreach and the Legacy Foundation.

On May 15, 2019, Bridge Ministries will host “Diversity in Unity: Imagining our Faith Communities Differently”. It will be held at the Westminster Chapel from 9 -4 PM. Join us as we strive—together—to bring about that which Christ desires. Register by March 31 with code: EARLYBIRD for 20% off


Bridge Disabilities: A Short Story

This sweet, true story brought to you by our friends at the Meyer Mobility Center:

A group of young men came into Bridge Disabilities’ Meyer Mobility Center a week ago. Forced to flee their home country, one of the men had been severely injured, and was in need of a hospital bed and a wheelchair. As they were new to the US, the men were limited in their knowledge of English. Through gestures, expressions, lots of looking back and forth between the friends, we were all able to figure out exactly what they needed.

The young, injured man needed an improved hospital bed and a power wheel chair to make life easier. He knew it; his eyes said so. Our cost to refurbish the equipment far exceeded the amount of money they had (mostly from one of their church sponsors). There was much back and forth discussion and gesturing between the friends as they tried to problem solve and find a solution.

In the end, it didn’t matter to Gerry, our center’s supervisor. He knew what he had to do, trusting that God would find a way to allow Bridge to help this young man. Happy and grateful that we were able to outfit the young man with equipment that would help him immensely, our good Meyer Mobility Center folks went about serving the woman next in line. The woman had patiently and graciously waited her turn, and had seen and heard the exchanges of the group of men. What happened next completely blew us away! She blessed us with a generous donation to Bridge, completely covering the cost of the equipment for the injured young man!

Angels are among us. Truly there are, and we’ve seen so, so many.