10th Annual Auto Angels Car Show-N-Shine!

Do you ever come up at a red light with some shiny, rumbly, vroom-vroom kind of car next to you? If you’re like me, you might roll the window down a bit to hear the purr of a fine engine. I’ve always been a classic car fan, since I was a kid, vacationing at my aunt & uncle’s place in Boise, where Uncle Ron always kept his Model A & Model T under dust covers, AutoAngels_Acebut was always driving some chromed-out, baby blue, metal-flaked piece of American muscle art. I will never forget tooling around Boise with my cousin Mary in Uncle Ron’s Model T, Hoyt Axton blaring on the Walkman in the seat next to us. How cool would it be to drive a Model T to your high school every day? But I digress.

The reason I’m talking about shiny hunks of metal today is because in just two weeks, the Auto Angels 10th Annual Car Show-N-Shine is on! September 17, 9am-3pm, right out in the BelPres Lower Parking Lot.

Everyone is welcome to attend and it’s free to the public! If you have a set of wheels you would like to shine up and show we invite you to participate. Registration is easy, and being an entrant brings a new level of fun.

Some of the highlights of our show include:

  • Unique & rare collector cars
  • Lunch grilled to perfection by Brief Encounter
  • Make ‘n Take model building fun for the kids
  • PPG coloring books
  • Door prizes and raffle items
  • Awards and dash plaques for entries

In addition there will be seminars on Lubricants and Car Detailing by the professionals from Chevron and Griot’s Garage.

If you have attended one of our car shows in the past, you won’t want to miss this one! Never attended before? Invite a neighbor and friend to come with you and of course bring the whole family for a day filled with fun. You may want to check out the 2015 award winners along with a link to their photo.

There’s even a parade of the winners at 2pm! Our family never misses the Auto Angels Car Show, and it’s going to be a special one this year, for the 10th Anniversary. See you there!

Auto Angels Car Show–Making Memories

The Auto Angels Car Show, September 19 here at Bellevue Presbyterian Church’s lower parking lot, is a do-not-miss fun experience for the whole family!  The super cool folks at Auto Angels take a “brake” from helping get folks back on the road to make the car show a real party.  There’s always something new to see, as well as some very extraordinary cars.

This year there will be model cars for kids to assemble, and Microsoft video game races to play, as well as a raffle and vote for your favorite car!  Bring the family, enjoy the lunch available through Brief Encounter cafe, and soak up the carnival ambiance.

For my family, with our three sons, the annual Auto Angels Car Show has become a family tradition.  Husband and I enjoy looking for the oldest and most unique vehicles in the show.  There’s always something to learn about the history of automobiles and automobiling in the fun plaques that the owners develop for their cars.

While Dad and the oldest wander around appreciating Shelby’s work on classic Mustangs and imagining themselves in every Ferarri on the lot, usually loitering around the Lamborghinis in the hopes that the owner will rev up the engine,  the middle and younger sons always want to play Forza at the Microsoft display, and enjoy the games.  As they get older, the younger two have become more interested in the cars, as well.

The big highlight for all of the boys every year is the gorgeous new Kenworth semi-truck that somehow makes an appearance.  They look forward to getting up in that massive cab, pretending to drive, and imagining what it would be like to live in such a tiny space while travelling the country.  It gives the imagination scope, that big truck does.

Our family won’t miss the Auto Angels Car Show this year, nor should yours!  9am to 3pm, September 19, it’s the only place to be!

Rain or Shine or DOWNPOURS!

This is the view from the garage last Saturday during the Auto Angels Car Clinic and passing Eastside storm. Our Auto Angels ministry stays hard at work each Saturday serving those in our community who need help with their cars—minor repairs, inspections and referrals. And they provide great hospitality to all those waiting for their turn. The Auto Angels have been “changing oil and changing lives” since 2005. They are always open to new volunteers and visitors to their Saturday clinics. Stop by the garage one Saturday and check with one of the guys and see all the activity happening to serve others. It’s nice and dry in there! You can find out more about the Auto Angels at  www.autoangels.org