Disabled Children Get New Mattresses- Thanks to BelPres!

Highlighted Global Ministry: African Inland Church Childcare Center, Kenya

Children at the AIC Childcare Center in Kajiado, Kenya are anxiously awaiting the delivery of the new mattress which were purchased this year by the support of BelPres Global Outreach.  The center (a project of Lift Up Africa) serves children with physical disabilities who are treated with corrective surgeries and physical therapy. They are looking forward to the added comfort and good night’s rest, especially critical in for these children’s recovery.

AIC kids

It is located in a remote area in Kenya, where children with disabilities and their families face have many challenges to overcome. There is widespread poverty in the area, with many families struggling to make ends meet. Dealing with day to day tasks is trying enough, and the extra care these children need is too overwhelming for most to handle on their own. In addition, there is widespread stigma surrounding disabilities which prevents these children from getting the resources they need. AIC Childcare Center address the physical, educational, and spiritual needs of children with disabilities as well as works to educate parents and the community to reduce stigma.

So far this year, 98 children have benefited from corrective surgeries through the center. Physical needs are met for the children living at the center, and also through the home care our outreach program offers. The 57 students living at the center attend integrated schools in the community. We are so proud seeing the kids grow up and succeed; three students are enrolled in college and two are in vocational programs.  AIC Childcare Center does all of this as an extension of the love of Christ. The students are encouraged to be active in the community church, and many show off their musical talents in the church choir.  By connecting these services to Christ’s love and healing, students and their families gain spiritual as well as physical strength.

For more information on the AIC Childcare Center, click here.