Everyday is a day for self examination, repentance, and reflection to prepare us to celebrate the lives that we live in Jesus. We offer these resources to help you in your preparation.

As you begin your journey, consider starting with two basic components:

Prayerfully read scripture everyday: Allow the Bible to read you.

You might read a chapter in John’s Gospel each day (or as much as you can – even a paragraph). If you finish, start over again, or, move to Mark’s Gospel. You might read a Psalm every evening. Read sequentially. And listen. Pay attention to your reactions; to things that jump out at you. Ask God what He wants to say to you.

Pray the Prayer of Examen Every Evening: Listen to your life and to the Spirit’s leading.

Focus on Jesus and His love for you. Review your day and ask the Holy Spirit to show you where you were the person God created you to be. Ask Him to show you where you were not who He made you to be. Then, ask about your motives. Why did you fall short (for example, if you lied, ask yourself, “Why?”)? Ask Jesus to assure you of His forgiveness and ask Him for the strength to live into your original design. Thank God for the good things in your life, including the ways you lived into His good design for you.

As you read, reflect, and pray, consider making note of your thoughts and responses – just a sentence or two will do.

Additional Resources