A Prayer and Fasting Devotional


Think of prayer like an informal conversation with a good friend.  Sometimes you talk, sometimes you listen.  In either case, you are present to one another, and always listening for the heart behind the words.  The best part is Jesus is always interested and available for a conversation with you.


Fasting is simply taking a break from something we normally enjoy in order to create some mind and heart space for conversation with Jesus.  Often it involves skipping a meal (or three) and using that time for praying instead.  But it can also include breaks from TV, social media, sports and news consumption, etc.  It’s about giving up something natural to experience something (or someone) supernatural.


  • Select a day or a portion of your day to help frame your fasting time and choose some ‘good thing’ to fast from, like food or TV or your cell phone.
  • While you’re fasting, it can be helpful to keep a pen handy to capture what Jesus is saying to you.  You might want to respond in  writing.
  • Your fasting time might focus around a particular issue, event, or person that you especially want Jesus’ help with.  As you bring these things to Jesus, ask him to form new thoughts and actions in response to that issue, event, or person.
  • You might choose to slowly and thoughtfully read through a passage of scripture (again the Psalms can be  great for this) to help focus your fasting time.