Facility Rental & Use

Thank you for inquiring about the use of our church facilities for your event. If you are interested in having a wedding or memorial at Bellevue Presbyterian Church, see the links to the right. Otherwise, please fill out the Outside Events Application Form. The more details you can provide, the better I may be able to serve you and find you just the right space. Once I have your application, I am able to factor in your request of date, existing programs already scheduled, the availability of the size rooms you need, and your specific needs of equipment, meals, etc.

I will contact you by email or phone as soon as I know the status of your request. Please note it may take up to two weeks to process your request. Filling out this request does not guarantee the space availability for you. Only after all the paperwork, including contracts and agreements, have been signed and returned, will the application process be finalized and the space stated in the contract then be reserved for you. Thanks for your interest in our facilities and sharing in our church community. I look forward to working with you to find the right fit for your event.

Please complete this Application Form with as much detail as possible, and return as instructed. Thank you!

Outside Events Application Form

Memorial Services


Carol Anderson

Outside Events Coordinator

If you have any questions, please contact Carol Anderson