Recommending Prospective Elders

Use this form to recommend an individual for a position as Elder at Bellevue Presbyterian Church. Qualifications and characteristics that are important for a candidate to possess:
  • - Current member of Bellevue Presbyterian Church
  • - Regularly participates in worship at the church
  • - Demonstrates a maturity of faith
  • - Demonstrates skills in leadership and being compassionate in spirit
  • - Leads their life as a demonstration of the Christian gospel, within the church and in the world
  • - Shown themselves to be persons of faith, dedication, wisdom, and good judgment.
What are the roles and responsibilities of these elders?
  • - Serve on the session, the church’s governing and leadership body which is elected by the congregation (seventeen ruling elders and seven pastors)
  • - Exercise leadership, government, spiritual discernment and discipline
  • - Each elder serves as a liaison to one or more church departments
  • - Elders regularly participate in spiritual growth activities for themselves and the church, which includes: personal prayer, bible study, fasting, group prayer, worship, tithing, serving
  • - Called to ensure the church’s fidelity to the Word of God
  • - Called to strengthen and nurture the congregation; building a community of faith, hope, love & witness