What’s Your Story?

Have you experienced the love of Jesus where you live, work, play, or learn? Did the Holy Spirit direct you to love someone where you are and something amazing happened? Or maybe someone in your life showed God’s love when you needed it the most. We want to hear your story!

Record your story on your phone and upload it by clicking “Upload Video Story” below. You can also send in your written stories to mystory@belpres.org. We can’t wait to hear from you.

Phone Filming Tips:

1. Stay under one minute.

2. Be mindful of background noise & lighting.

3. Keep the phone steady.

4. Any trouble uploading? Try reducing your phone’s recording settings.

Questions To Ask:

1. How did bringing Jesus love and healing go?

2. Was it scary, fun, awkward or all three?

3. Did you see God move?

4. What are your next steps?