Responding to the Refugee Crisis in Syria

As more and more people are requesting information about how they can respond to the refugee crisis in Syria, it seemed like a good idea to provide some sources.

First, it is good to know that BelPres was able to put 10,000 from the general fund to the work of Presbyterian Disaster Assistance both in the Syrian Refugee crisis, and to Forest Fire relief here in Washington.  Of course, the magnitude of the refugee crisis is staggering, so we wanted to provide resources for those who feel called to go beyond, to DO something.

BelPres Global Outreach, through Becky Gonzalez, has been working for the last two years with one of our mission partners (not named here, because of the sensitive nature of their work) specifically to be involved in the ongoing refugee crisis coming out of Syria. That work will continue. (ed. In first posting, this working relationship was incorrectly desribed as with World Relief.  We do work with World Relief, just not for the last two years to work with Syrian refugees. Our apologies for the error.)

World Relief Seattle has plans to bring refugees here to the Seattle area for resettlement. If you are looking to get involved in relief for Syrian refugees on a local level, click HERE.

Both Presbyterian Disaster Assistance and the World Relief sites are pointing people to this petition, which calls on the US President and government to resettle 65,000 Syrian refugees in the United States.  Several BelPres members have read and signed.

World Concern is also active in Syrian Refugee relief.  Their story and how you can get involved is HERE.

Mercy Corps has posted some interesting graphics as well as information about how they are working with Syrian Refugees HERE.

The church is alive and moving to help the people of Syria displaced by violence within their own country.  Go ahead and visit these sites.  Pray for all who have fled their home seeking safety in unfamiliar lands that they may find courage, strength, peace and welcome. And that those who provide shelter may find courage, strength and not be overwhelmed in their outreach.

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