Janvier: “Impossible is Nothing”

A Story of Renewal after the Rwandan Genocide
The 1994 Genocide in Rwanda left many women & children injured, traumatized, and without family. Orphaned during the genocide, Janvier was left to fend for himself as a child. He acquired HIV/AIDS when sexually assaulted by adults. He had lost family, faith and his health and livelihood.

In July of 2013, we had the opportunity to meet Janvier. On our visit to his ministry, we were struck by how he didn’t stop smiling, preaching, and insisting on his thankfulness to God. Due to his participation in a women’s co-op (yes a male member of the co-op!) he has a future and a hope. He repairs sewing machines for a women’s sewing co-op. He also operates a farm of beans and tomatoes along with his family. The land is situated on a steep, rocky slope, where he waters the acre of plants by hand, carrying jugs from a swampy area up a long, rocky path. He rides his bicycle many miles back and forth from the co-op to the farm over rutted, bumpy, dusty roads. Yet, Janvier was nothing but thankful.


Thank you Janvier for modeling thankfulness in all circumstances and for reminding us in the Hope we have in Jesus power to transform lives. “Impossible is Nothing…”

To hear more stories like this one and to learn about some of the ministries that BelPres is connected to in Rwanda please join us this Tuesday evening at Bellevue Presbyterian Church.

Rwanda Prayer & Interest Group
March 31, 2015, 7PM
Welcome Room @ BelPres

One thought on “Janvier: “Impossible is Nothing”

  1. Dear Ruth, thank you for this great picture of thankfulness in all things! I am praying for you and Ellen and the others who will come on Tuesday. It occurred to me as I read your post that there WILL come a time–and may it be soon–when the first thing people think about Rwanda will not be the genocide, but rather, renewal–just as this young man demonstrates–on all levels, and especially on the level of the heart and spirit. Unless hearts are radically changed here in Rwanda, none of the many great initiatives and programs will have lasting effect. Pray for the heart change initiative of the Holy Spirit, that it will sweep over the whole country and redemption and renewal will become the catchwords for this beautiful country.

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