First Responders Need Prayer

This summer Washington State has experienced catastrophic wildfires, with devastating loss of property and lives. Community Outreach mission partner, Mike Ryan, Chaplain for the Bellevue Fire Department and the Bellevue Police Department, let us know the impact the fires have had on our local fire departments and first responders. Mike states, “Between Bellevue, Eastside and Duvall Fire Departments, 30 first responders traveled across the state to fight the wildfires. The County also sent a significant amount of equipment. All of the fire service family felt the p2611ain of the loss of life suffered in Okanogan County. For the fatalities suffered in Twisp, Seattle Fire sent a team of peers to lead critical incident stress management efforts, and the Federation of Fire Chaplains provided support directly to the agencies and families impacted.”

The heartbreaking loss of the firefighters in the wildfires impacts our community of first responders deeply. Bellevue Fire Department continues to have 8 firefighters on the wildfire teams. Additionally, as law enforcement across our country have been randomly targeted and attacked, BelPres Community Outreach is raising the call for leadership for our Bellevue Police Prayer Partner Team. We recognize that our first responders and their families are sacrificially giving to serve and protect our community, and we are called as a church to care for them through our prayers. If you are interested in helping to organize this year’s team of prayer warriors in partnership with local law enforcement and Community Outreach, please contact Mary McCracken, Community Outreach Director.

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