Eastside Academy Seniors: Sasha’s Story

Over the last few weeks, BelPres Missions has been sharing stories of the nine seniors scheduled to graduate from Eastside Academy this month. Here is Sasha’s story.

Before EA I was going to a local high school in Seattle. I was a very depressed person. I didn’t like anyone; I didn’t want to talk to anyone, and most of all I hated myself. I was doing okay in school but when a close friend of mine passed away it was different and I was just depressed. The middle of my junior year my parents started looking at different schools that would be more fitting for me. They found EA online and we decided to give it a try.

My time at EA has been shaky and I have had my ups and downs. It’s a small school and it feels different and people know each other. I like how tight we are and when someone’s not doing well we always want to cheer each other up.  My favorite class is Pre-Calculus. I never thought I was good in math, but when I came to EA I felt like I had a chance. I felt encouraged to do a harder class and was challenging by my teachers. Now I can work one on one with my Math teacher and I love Math class. I disliked my recovery class at first because we had to share our feelings but now I see that it’s helpful to know each other and to be able to support our friends.

Being vulnerable and open is helping me let people in and has helped me be more accepting of myself. I now take my classes more seriously and I have all A’s! Having smaller classes and more time with teachers is helping me get good grades.  I now enjoy my time in class.

I’m graduating in a few weeks and I’ve applied to Bellevue College. After that I plan to go to law school because I want to be a lawyer. I want to help the people that can’t get the help they should.

If it wasn’t for EA I can honestly say that I would be dead. I was very depressed before EA and I didn’t have the help that I needed. Now I have a counselor, Recovery class, and relationships with teachers and classmates that have helped me view myself better.

Prayer requests: I want to pray for all the kids that haven’t had the opportunity to be in a school like EA and pray that they find the help that they need.

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