Eastside Academy Seniors: Nick’s Story

Over the next few weeks, BelPres Missions will be sharing stories of the nine seniors scheduled to graduate from Eastside Academy this June. Here is Nick’s story.

Eastside Academy Senior: Nick


I was eight years old the first time I used drugs, that’s what started my addiction. I heard about Eastside Academy a few years later, and automatically thought I would never attend a school like that. My friends at the time were heavily into drugs, and I never felt they were really my friends unless I had access to drugs. I had a horrible relationship with my family. I disrespected them and was always running away.

During my third stint in treatment my parents enrolled me at Eastside Academy. I was resistant to EA at first and I eventually ended up back in treatment, but then I finally realized that this is the place I want to be. Being at Eastside Academy makes me want to stay sober. I’m always around other people who want to stay sober and we all work on that together. For the first time in my life, I’m excited to go to class every day. I have good relationships with my teachers and see them as my friends. Right now, I’m living in the boys Re:New home. I really like it because the people I live with help me talk out my problems and hold me accountable. I recently talked to a friend about our school, and told him we are like a family here. People around you help you a lot and we all share a common goal to stay sober. He is now enrolled and attending EA.

In the end, it’s entirely my decision whether or not I want to recover from addiction. I am very happy to be attending this school to help me do that.

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  1. Nick, it has been a pleasure to get to know you. You have been a great addition to EA and best of luck going forward in your life.

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