Eastside Academy Seniors: Isaac

Over the last few weeks, BelPres Missions has been sharing stories of the nine seniors scheduled to graduate from Eastside Academy this month. Isaac’s story concludes our series.

Eastside Academy Senior: Isaac

Before Eastside Academy, I didn’t have much purpose.  I was a drug addict who didn’t think he could get his diploma.  I went through gangs, drugs, and thugs.  I did a lot of damage and was dealt a lot of damage.  Since coming to Eastside Academy, I have a purpose.  I love people.  I have family and friends.  I love myself.  I am happy and strong without hate in my heart.  Soon, I’ll finally have that diploma!  I’ve achieved what once seemed impossible to me.

After graduation, I plan to move back to Melbourne, Australia.  I’m going to serve the world of recovery there and help my friends and strangers get clean and achieve happiness.  My goals are to get married, have a family, share recovery, and start a Narcotics Anonymous meeting to help people get clean.


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