Care Net of Puget Sound: Hearing, Sharing and Doing the Gospel


“I’m so thankful I found this place.” “I love my parenting advisor.”

Praise the Lord that these are the type of comments frequently read on Care Net client exit surveys. Every client is different, but many are mired in sad and complicated life situations. Nearly all are anxious, facing unplanned (and often unwanted) pregnancies. They need kindness, reassurance, someone to come calmly alongside and lend them strength, and they thrive with Jesus people advising them.

Care Net of Puget Sound strives to be doers of the Word and not hearers only (Jas 1:22): Care Net clients will hear the message of salvation in our centers, and they will also witness salvation in action. Below are the stories of two clients who have heard and seen the Gospel at Care Net (names have been changed to protect their privacy.)

Cassidy was in considerable distress when she came in for a pregnancy test. This was not what she planned, and she was so stricken by fear that she could barely eat or sleep. A volunteer client advocate listened to her concerns, helped her process the ramifications of pregnancy, shared information about available resources, and prayed for her silently and aloud. After Cassidy’s positive pregnancy test, she scheduled an ultrasound, where she was able to clearly see the life growing in her womb. When she returned for a second ultrasound, Cassidy’s countenance had improved so dramatically that she did not look like the same young woman. She had come to terms with her decision to carry her pregnancy, despite the father’s objections and family pressure to abort. Even with these difficulties, Cassidy was overflowing with gratitude, “Every time I leave here, I feel so much better than when I came. You are all so wonderful and uplifting!”

Cassidy has undergone a transformation, and her baby will live – all because she witnessed the love of Jesus in action. As Care Net continues to support her through childbirth and parenting classes, our prayer is that Cassidy will enter into relationship with Jesus Christ and be a witness to others of His life-changing mercy and love.

Renee is a young expectant mother who did not grow up in the United States. She felt financially stressed and anxious about raising a child in a culture she herself did not completely understand. Renee took full advantage of parenting classes with a Care Net advisor. As she and her husband worked their way through the parenting curriculum, which includes Bible Study, they earned Care Net Cash to spend in the Baby Boutique, which is well stocked with pregnancy and baby supplies – items donated by Care Net supporters. Renee testifies, “My Care Net experience was beyond my expectations. I learned how to love and care for my baby. My relationship with my husband has improved as we took classes together and grew in confidence as parents.” May God work in Renee to help her connect the spirit of peace and generosity she experienced at Care Net with the Wonderful Counselor and Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ.

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