Behind the Scenes with Heather Carlson

Hand gestures are all around us. They’re similar to our tongues in that they can do—good and bad. But thankfully, this is about a woman who is full of the really good, life-giving gestures. Meet Heather Carlson. She is gifted in creating hand gestures that glorify God. Join me and follow her story to see how she’s volunteering and making a positive difference.

Since Heather grew up in a Christian home that was filled with music, it was natural that she introduced her own children to music. One day, Heather’s sister-in-law sent her a DVD with a new kind of children’s Christian music by an artist named Jana Alayra. She played the DVD for her 15-month-old little girl and was amazed at her immediate desire to participate! It was as though the Holy Spirit was pulling the little tyke in and speaking to her. You see, what makes this format successful is the combination of the lyrics, motions, and how they’re set to the beat of the music. Not only is it compelling, it promotes retention.

Heather was eager to share this at BelPres’ Children’s worship where she occasionally leads. The results have been amazing: the kids love it! Heather has also been invited to take some old favorites, and add hand motions for interest and fun. They are a hit! She continues to apply her spiritual gift at Vacation Bible Adventure and at Preschool Sunday School programs, bringing something fresh and new to the worship experience for kids.

Heather also branches into other activities that help others. In addition to parenting three kids, she undertakes the yearbook project at her kids’ elementary school. She hosts Mothers In Prayer, a group of praying moms for their kids’ school. Lisa Phelps, Director, Early Childhood Ministries, says, “Heather also prays for Family Life Ministries and all BelPres families and children. We consider her a vital leader and partner in our work.” She’s active in Bible Study Fellowship and is a team teacher with her husband, Mike Carlson, for the second graders at BelPres.

I asked Heather if she had anything she wanted to relay to all of you. Her response was, “My greatest joy is to see children glorifying God uninhibited, with their whole being!”

Heather, we sincerely appreciate your brilliance in introducing our children to Jesus through jingles, old hymns, and motions that embed themselves into young minds! “God has gifted Heather with an ability to share the JOY of worshipping God.  Parents often tell me that their children know every word and hand motion for worship songs…families, homes and cars are filled with singing and praise because of Heather’s teaching and example,” Lisa enthuses.

Thank you a thousand times over!

You shared one of your favorites with me and I can’t get it out of my head.

“Jump, jump, jump into the light, light, light,
Run, run, runaway from what’s not right!”

I’ll carry that song with me and practice the hand gestures as I sing along. 

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