Acres of Diamonds

Jen Paddock

Greetings to BelPres from Acres of Diamonds! I am the former Community Outreach Director at BelBres who moved on to be the new Executive Director at Acres of Diamonds. My heart for the poor was discovered and cultivated during my time at BelPres. God was calling me into this incredible ministry, and He used BelPres to shape me for this call. I am so grateful.

So many of you may not know that BelPres and Acres of Diamonds have a long history together. Acres was founded 20 years ago with the support of many families from BelPres, and other congregations. From the beginning Acres of Diamonds set out to be a ministry that provided housing, relational support and Christian community for homeless women and their children. We equip these families to stand on their own and we do this in Jesus name. We know that only He can truly change a life. We have come to understand ourselves as missionaries, because our job is simply to bring the good news and our goal is to see these precious families graduate from Acres into their permanent home.

In these past few months BelPres has continued to provide support and volunteers to help Acres grow. Recently Dan Campi and Ken Wood came out to paint an apartment for a new mother with three little children. Their home looks beautiful and they are safe and warm. This could not have happened without their help.

This summer BelPres donated funds to repaint all of our homes! And this was greatly needed. Through the Legacy Foundation you donated funds to enable us to replace our very old, expensive to run, appliances. This gives our residents a nice place to keep their food, and helps lower our energy bill allowing more funds to go directly to services for the families. Next week Nancy Campi is coming out to our campus to coach our Program Manager in volunteer systems. MaryHelen and Rod Johnson are serving with our children. Jacque Hancock is recruiting volunteers for our childrens programs. The list goes on!!

It never ceases to amaze me the generous heart and the passion for God’s rescue mission that flows from BelPres. Being a part of BelPres has forever transformed my heart for mission, and now I can see God transforming the lives of homeless families through the mission of BelPres. Thank you!!

For more information about Acres of Diamonds, visit their website!

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