Volunteer Appreciation

Dear Volunteers,

Every year thousands of people’s lives are made better in our church, community, and in many places around the world because of the ministries of BelPres. None of those life-changing and soul-shaping things could happen without you. People are being set free from poverty, having their physical, spiritual, and emotional needs met. Youth are finding community and experiencing the transforming power of Jesus. Friendships are being formed. Marriages are being healed, and Jesus is getting good press because of all that happens in and through us as a church.

Every volunteer role is indispensable in making all of this happen. From parking lot hosts, ushers, and greeters who create hospitality and a warm welcome, to Sunday school teachers and youth mentors who bless and empower the next generation, to volunteers in mission and at Jubilee REACH and Eastside Academy who carry the love of Jesus beyond our doors, to musicians and A/V people who help us worship, and many other volunteer roles too numerous to mention. Every volunteer matters. 

So on behalf of the staff (as well as speaking for God), thank you. Thank you for your time. Thank you for your service. Thank you for your heart and for caring about what God is doing through Belpres. You are changing lives. You are making a difference. I and the rest of the staff are deeply grateful for you. Thank you.

-In Christ, Rev. Dr. Scott Dudley

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