Truth and Grace

“Dad and Mom, I’m gay.”

A few years back, our daughter—age 19 at the time and away at college—announced to us that she was gay. She told us that she

had known since early junior high.

Our daughter’s coming out challenged us to reflect on our understanding of homosexuality and scripture. Now 24 years old, she is a generous and talented young woman whom we love for who she is. We want to be able to talk candidly to her about faith, the church, and what it means to live into God’s plan for our lives.

Throughout this journey, we have longed for a safe place with families like ours with whom we may have open and honest conversations. That’s why we are hosting a confidential support group for parents, siblings, and friends of people with same-sex attraction.

TAG (Truth and Grace) is a confidential support group, provided to help care for people like these parents, who are grappling with trying to reconcile their understanding of scripture with their unconditional love for their child. The coming out of a loved one is a significant moment, with an impact that reaches beyond the individual. Conflicting thoughts, feelings, and worries can feel overwhelming for family members or friends. This group is intended to address the many heart issues and questions that arise for people trying to walk this delicate line. It’s focus is on showing the love of Jesus Christ.

“Truth and Grace” – the name says it all. This support group is intended to help family members and friends reach out to and care for those with same-sex attraction without condoning homosexual behavior or the gay lifestyle. TAG will meet the second Monday of each month beginning in January. Call 425-454-3084 x3207 for more information.

TAG is a ministry of the Prayer + Care department.

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