The ABCs of VBA

VBA is a lifelong experience, full of opportunities to grow in relationship with Jesus and our church family for kids and adults alike. I grew up in a church much like BelPres and have many significant memories of summer day camp experiences. VBS has always been a family activity for me – from attending with my mom and sisters decades ago, to volunteering while my kids were young, to serving alongside them most recently, I’ve probably experienced more than 25 VBS adventures…and I look forward to many more! As a camper, teen leader, and adult volunteer, I’ve found VBA to be a place to meet Jesus in a new way every year, and to be reminded in tangible ways of the importance of having a childlike faith.


VBA is an Adventure – for one week a year, BelPres transforms into a snow-covered mountain top, an exotic jungle, a faraway castle, or –this year – a gem-filled cave just waiting to be explored. Adventures are meant to be shared, both in the moment of the experience and in the retelling of the adventure. At the end of a full day, it’s great to have the kids greet dad at the door with an enthusiastic, “Guess what we did at VBA today!?!” A week of summer adventure can inspire significant discussions year-round!


VBA brings the Bible to life in song and drama and love and service. I can still sing scripture from songs I learned in VBA many (many!) years ago, and VBA songs continue to provide a soundtrack to our car rides that our whole family can agree on and join in to sing along. An afternoon at VBA allows God’s truth to soak into all of us as we hear it in the story and songs, talk about it during snack, and experience it during fun games and crazy science lessons.


VBA is the most complete Community experience I’ve had with my church family. For the week of VBA, God’s children – of all ages – serve together, pray together, learn together and play together.  When I was a child in VBS, I thought it was so cool that the teenagers would hang out with us for the week. As a parent of teenagers, one of my favorite things to see at VBA is the wonderful partnerships formed between adult crew leaders and their teenage assistants! There’s nothing like spending 20 hours in one week prepping snacks, or filling water balloons, or singing your heart out with a team of other volunteers to make you feel connected to the BelPres family.


VBA is an opportunity for Discipleship – walking alongside other people who want to know Jesus better and sharing what you know of his love and his truth. Our oldest elementary students get to take a leadership role in missions as they transition to middle school; middle schoolers help lead and love our preschoolers; high school students inspire elementary students with their “cool” faith in Jesus; adults build relationships across all ages and stages of life as they serve each other, the kids, and Jesus.


VBA makes Evangelism easy – kids are enthusiastic about inviting their friends to come share an amazing experience with them. Opening our doors and arms and hearts to the community God has entrusted to our care and sharing Jesus’ love with these children, our neighbors and each other is truly what VBA is all about.

I hope you and your family will join the BelPres family on our summer adventure this year.  Mark your calendars for the afternoons of July 11-15 and register online today!

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