Letter from the Editor

It’s easy for me to go for periods where I do not actively read my Bible. I get my “fix” from the sermons on Sunday or online devotionals I read or that I am sent. Sometimes I look at my Bible and think, despite so much evidence in my own life to the contrary, “This 2000-year-old book is great, but how applicable can it really be?” But then, when I am eager to hear God’s voice, I flip open my Bible and let Him know, “I’m ready! Let’s get down to some wisdom.”

God-on-demand – is that what I really want?

I page through the Scriptures, using my handy topic index in the back of my Bible to find the words of wisdom I know are waiting for me and usually I get back…nothing.

“Hello, God, I’m here. I’m ready for an answer.”


More silence.

My mind quiets. This isn’t a Magic 8 Ball. I do not get to shake it once, twice, and then turn over for an answer.

It’s in the silence that God reveals Himself to me. By preparing myself for the message that I have ordered up, I remain empty. I block the word of God from filling me up with His light. His word is ever relevant – I just need to be open to what He has planned for me instead of pasting together words for the answer I desire.

When I take the time to read my Bible, to listen to God’s call, not because I am looking for an answer, but because I am seeking relationship with God, I am often uncomfortable for the best reasons. I want to know why God has nudged me as I read over a particular passage or as I explore His path for me. Because it strikes some chord in me that causes me to sit up and think, “Huh, this is convicting me and while I may not fully understand it, I feel called to explore what God is saying to me.” Generally the problems I seek answers to are not what I think they are, but without opening myself up to God’s word, I cannot, and will not, know that.

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