Behind the Scenes with the Christmas Angels

’Twas the month before Christmas, and all through BelPres,
The Christmas angels make plans, and check them through twice.
Karen Wilson and the flower committee angels,
Envision the placement of Christmas cheer.
All those plants groomed and watered
For the month of December, come every year.

The guests without homes will soon be here,
Many angels are needed, to feed and care,
Angels to provide breakfast, lunch, even dinner.
Steve Roberts and his crew have slots to fill.
Many Christmas angel families can be part of the thrill.

In the fireside room, hear the clicking of needles.
Knitting yarn into clothes to show the love of Jesus.
A box full of love and warmth, knit by the embers,
Christmas gifts for our homebound members.
Another box, for those without homes, sits near
Stuffed full with winter gear
To receive throughout the year.

A tree full of paper angels offers gifts for inmates’ children.
Gifts from a parent not present for the celebration.
Sorting, stocking, and delivering Christmas cheer,
Sharing the love of Jesus, Kris Allan and her peers
Reach beyond the bars to each family.

Hundreds of boxes wrapped with bright ribbons,
Warm clothes and basic needs are gathered with a mission
So men and women without homes receive a Christmas present.
These Christmas angels, led by Marie and Chuck Olmstead,
Gather lists of needed sizes, distribute empty boxes,
And collect them, filled and wrapped,
To be given to our Christmas guests,
And to men’s and women’s Eastside shelters.

Christmas Eve angel volunteers direct our cars,
And our movement throughout the events of Christmastime cheer.
Hand us candles and programs and sing beautiful music for us to hear.

We gather each week throughout the year
Hundreds of angels surround us here, quietly serving in the love of our Lord.
Do you see them?
There is little flapping of wings nor feathers disappeared.
Yet, you may feel surrounded by the warmth of love from all they’ve volunteered.

Hark the Christmas angels!

One thought on “Behind the Scenes with the Christmas Angels

  1. We can volunteer our help for the 5 pm Christmas eve service. But can’t find how to do so on this website.
    Please let us know what help is needed. Since our whole family will be attending the 6:30 pm service, our volunteering time must be before and during the 5 pm service.
    Thank you,
    Dan & Beryl

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