Behind the Scenes with Robb McIvor

Close your eyes. Just take a moment and do it. You’ll like what you see and hear.  Remember when you were young and you’d be playing in the backyard or in your room studying and one of your parents would call you to dinner? If your name didn’t end with a vowel, they may have put one at the end, almost singing your name.

We’ve got a dynamite volunteer this month who understands what I’m talking about. His name is Robb McIvor. I’m guessing when he was called to dinner it may have been “Raaah-beeee.” Robb, by his own admission, said he was being called. In this case not for dinner by his parents, but to BelPres, by God.

The first call came as a hint while yet a small boy, so subtle it just seemed a coincidence. He and his family happened to be living above Green’s Funeral Chapel, a perk for their family since his father was the director. Down below, BelPres was meeting for services.

The second call to BelPres was triggered by a romance with his bride, Stacy. They were married here.

The third time—well, that third time was the charm. Funny how that’s true sometimes. Seems Robb and Stacy were having some marital challenges and their therapist suggested church. BelPres seemed the best choice and the therapist proved correct. That was in the 1990s and they’ve remained with each other, and us, ever since!

He “got his feet wet,” as he calls it, by serving as the sound engineer in the 6pm service that was prompted by Dick Leon’s efforts to present something that just might appeal to the younger crowd. He enjoyed it so much that he decided to focus more of his attention on the Modern Worship service. That’s when he got the urge to pick up his guitar and bass again and join the band himself. He also helps with set up. Do you have any idea what set up is like? It takes the team about an hour and a half and they start at 6:30am – that’s AM – on a Sunday morning. Rehearsal is at 8am and they also practice Tuesday evenings at 7pm.

“Robb is one of Modern Worship’s most dedicated volunteers. Almost every Sunday, he shows up at 6:30am to help set up the Community Center with the AV team! Robb has a true servant’s heart. He is dedicated, kind, friendly, funny, and a blessing to our ministry,” says Kyle Harmon, Director of Modern Worship.

Robb’s glad he heard God call him to BelPres time after time. He believes “everyone has a niche and you’re never too old to re-engage in something that brings you, and others, joy and happiness.”

“Raaah-beeee,” thanks for your commitment and serving us with your time and talents.

2 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes with Robb McIvor

  1. Was always glad to have Robb on the soundboard at the old Sun@6 services. We knew we’d be taken care of. That was before I knew what a great guitar player he was. 🙂


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