Behind the Scenes with Lynne and Hank Geib

It’s no secret there’s a mature demographic at BelPres. Do you know how fortunate we are to have these people among us? Many are retired from their careers, but by no means are they retired from life. They spend much of their time serving our congregation. It is through the faithful and consistent efforts of people like Hank and Lynne Geib that our church runs like a Holy Machine for God’s glory.

I’d like to enlighten you a bit about them. When I asked Hank and Lynne if they were possibly approaching their eighties, Lynne in her witty humor replied, “Eighty’s in the rearview mirror!” After meeting on a blind date, they’ve now been married for 61 years. Maybe that’s why they have a deep admiration for one another, something you can sense right off the bat. Lynne met Jesus as a young girl. Someone knocked on her family’s front door and invited her to church. Hank, on the other hand, met Jesus through Vacation Bible School. Both are originally from California. Hank worked in Computer Operations for the Telephone Company while Lynne worked as a CPA and a school teacher. They have three children, one who works here on staff at BelPres, and five grown grandchildren. For fun, they enjoy a good game of bridge, staying active on the computer, and working out together. They have been attending BelPres since 2003 and participate in a myriad of volunteer positions here at the church.


Lynne has been a Deacon for ten years, serves on the Flower and Memorial Service Committees, folds bulletins, and works in the Library. Hank also serves in the Library and tallies the attendance of the worship services.

For the purpose of this article, we’ll focus on their work in the Library, where they’ve been involved for about 13 years. They happen to be two of the approximately 15 volunteers that man the Library, checking books in and out. They are obviously avid readers, and when I asked if they have favorite books, Lynne says her favorite is the one she is reading at the moment, while Hank enjoys the Bill O’Reilly series.

They have a passion for the Library and wanted to pass on some great information about it, like the fact that you can view the entire catalog of books and resources online at The online catalog is a great navigational tool that may better acquaint you with what you want before walking in the door. There are over 6,000 books to read as well as movies, music, magazines, and devotional booklets! Also, did you know we have two Library locations in the building? One is in the main entrance and co-exists as the Welcome Room; the other is on the third floor Rotunda. Parents, there are hundreds of options for your children, too! The Geibs are also quick to point out that the Literary Night hosted by the Dudleys is very well received each year.

Big thanks to you, Hank and Lynne, for tending to the details of the Library. You are noticed, and your attention to details keeps us organized! Kandis Losh, Library Ministry Coordinator, agrees, “Our Library team is so blessed to be in ministry with Lynne and Hank. They embrace our ministry goals with faithfulness to the tasks entrusted to them. They add humor and good ideas to our meetings or other times together, their presence helps us function well as a team, and they pitch in for special projects and events that help our team better serve the BelPres faith community, as well as Eastside neighborhoods.” It seems you are following 1 Corinthians 14:40, a beloved Presbyterian Bible verse, “Let all things be done decently and in order.” We appreciate you!

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