Behind the Scenes: Abbie Weaver

Abbie Weaver Volunteer

When her youth group peers and leaders talk about Abbie Weaver, a 17-year-old student going into her
senior year in the fall of 2017, they smile.

“Abbie leads and loves through a compassionate heart,” says high school director Steven Johnson.

Her friend Lily Laursen adds, “Abbie is good at serving people. She knows how to get ‘messy” with people – she asks real questions and goes deep.”

Abbie came to BelPres in the 7th grade, transferring with her family from University Presbyterian in Seattle. “I came for the youth group,”
says Abbie, “and I was baptized here.” Abbie’s parents are Matthew and DeNova Weaver.

As a student at Bear Creek School – a private Christian school in Redmond, Abbie has a freshman brother Malcolm and has participated with her family on mission trips to Costa Rica and Guatemala.

Not only does Abbie serve on the High School Student Leadership Team which provides direction for the high school group, she teaches Sunday School to second graders as the classroom assistant. She enjoys
working with elementary and middle school students in BelPres church camps, as well as helping with Vacation Bible School. In her spare time, she participates in 4 H.

Abbie has such a gentle and warm spirit. If you spot her on her way to volunteer in the, in the nursery she’ll definitely be smiling.

“I like working with kids,” says Abbie. “Volunteering at BelPres makes me feel energized. It feels so worthwhile,”
she continues.

“Abbie has such a gentle and warm spirit. If you spot her on her way to volunteer in the nursery, she’ll definitely be smiling, as she checks in on you and with others,” says Alischia Bestemann, high school small group leader.

“She is always looking for ways to support those around her,” comments Steven Johnson. “I see her personally seek out others on a regular
basis and ask them how they are doing.”

Abbie truly enjoys her time with the Student Leadership team (SLT). She likes to build connections, and misses those relationships when adult leaders and older students move on.

Abbie tends her relationships faithfully. She seems to have a way of
being a friend to everyone, reviving their spirits, engaging in real conversations and fostering a sense of peace
and friendship wherever she goes.

One of her favorite verses to describe her SLT experience is from Mark 9:50 (NIV) “Salt is good, but if it loses its saltiness, how can you
make it salty again? Have salt among yourselves, and be at peace with each other.”

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