Advent 2017: Letter From The Editor

Advent is an interesting time for me because we did not celebrate Advent in my home as a young Kat. Christmas was definitely on my radar but only for presents and food. One thing that I noticed growing up is that my family kept everything reasonably simple. My guess, finances were not abundant; therefore we could not afford all the extra bells and whistles. Somehow, though, my parents found ways to purchase presents and a tree. We would drive down to our local Chubby and Tubby (for those who remember the good old days) to pick out our
tree. But aside from the tree, that was it. We didn’t typically have lights for outside the house, no nativity scene, or eggnog or any of the other standard US Christmas paraphernalia.

But what we lacked in decorations we made up for it with family and food. We spent time together, watched movies, sat around talking and dancing. Although my family is Christian, we are still Latinos, so dancing was a staple of my childhood. Before I started working at BelPres, I was completely unaware of how big Christmas celebrations were in Protestant churches. I came from a small church full of immigrants, so we
made Christmas a big deal with food. That was the extent of our celebrations; we didn’t have to add extra service times to fit more people, just more seats at the table.

Whether the celebrations are large venues or simple dinners, it still comes down to the birth of a Messiah, a series of unexpected events leading to the most important birth in the world. On the one hand, Mary and Joseph had a baby in a lonely stable, and on the other hand, angels are singing to a group of shepherds in a field. Unexpected indeed. What you will find in the pages of this Messenger are articles
of how unforeseen events challenged, humbled and blessed our authors. I hope they bless you as they have blessed me.

Merry Christmas!

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