History shows a committed 2% of a population is all it takes to shift a culture over time. We want to provide you with all the resources and information you need to make it easy to bring Jesus’ love and healing where you live, work, play, and learn. Let’s go have more fun even in the routine parts of our lives! So, what are you waiting for?


Share your story of how God is working wherever you live, work, play or learn.

Where we are going:

The spiritual, relational, socio-economic flourishing of the cities to which God has called us and the places in the world we are involved (aka: revival).

How we will get there:

Bring Jesus’ love and healing wherever we live, work, play and learn as the Holy Spirit guides us (aka: missional living).

What we need to get there:

Belong to a warm, multi-cultural, all-generations community that supports each other, gets beyond news/weather/and sports, and serves together.

Become like Jesus (aka: discipleship), sacrificially committed to rescuing, renewing, and redeeming both the world and each other.

Build toward “3rd way” racial justice and healing in pursuit of God’s heart.

Be an all-generations community where we all equip, empower and release the next generation.

Why we do this:

We act because we believe. We love because we are loved.


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Have you experienced the love of Jesus where you live, work, play, or learn? Did the Holy Spirit direct you to love someone where you are and something amazing happened? Or maybe someone in your life showed God’s love when you needed it the most. We want to hear your story!

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