Resources for Self

Money Management

Money Management

Learn about managing your finances and giving generously through these resources:

The Treasure Principle, Randy Alcorn, ©2008, 241.68 ALC
A hidden treasure that, once discovered, brings life-changing joy.

The Law of Rewards, Randy Alcorn, ©2003, 248.6 AL
God has wired us to desire rewards, but it’s important to remember that God’s reward system is for His glory, our good, and the good of others.

Giving: Unlocking the Heart of Good Stewardship, Willow Creek Resources, ©2000, 248.6 GIV
Learn about the rewards of cultivating wise financial habits and a generous heart.

Should the Church Teach Tithing, Russell Kelly, ©2001, 248.6 KEL
Looks at the doctrines and scripture related to tithing—especially the doctrine of grace.

That’s What my Mother Taught Me, Herb Mather, ©2001, 248.6 MAT
Giving stories from generous givers that result in understanding more about how  giving becomes a part of the mission and ministry of the church.

Stewards in the Kingdom, R. Scott Rodin, ©2000, 248.6 ROD
In the image of the steward, the Bible offers a perspective on our entire relationship with God.

Afire with God, Betsy Schwarzentraub, ©2000, 248.6 SCH
Spirit-ed stewardship is not a method or a formula, but a Spirit-led lifestyle based on the activity of God.

The Steward Living in Covenant, Ronald Vallet, ©2001, 248.6 VAL
Explores Old Testament stories linking the life of the steward to the theme of covenant.

Money, Possessions, & Eternity, Randy Alcorn, ©2003, 332 ALC
Shows us how to view money and possessions as God’s provision for our good, the good of others, and His glory.

Generous Living, Ron Blue, ©1997, 332 BLU
What do generous people know that makes them give gladly and liberally of their time, talents, wealth, and other resources?

Money & Faith, Michael Schut, ed., ©2008, 332.02 SCH
A collection of essays explore our relationship with money.  It encourages us to consider issues of happiness and trust, investments and retirement, equity and ecology, and scarcity and abundance.

Money Matters, Larry Burkett, ©2001, 332.024
Answers to questions around specific areas of financial interest—based on the author’s call-in radio program.

Money Before Marriage, Larry Burkett, ©1996, 332.024 BUR
Written for engaged couples, the author summarizes the key insights of wise money management.

Becoming Money Wise, Ronald Chewning, ©1998, 332.024 CHE
Workbook format— a simple, straightforward guide to incorporating Christian stewardship practices into every area of your financial life.

The Legacy Journey, Dave Ramsey, ©2014, 332.024 RAM
Reveals God’s perspective on wealth, your personal and family legacy, and how He wants to use you to further His kingdom work around the world.

The Total Money Makeover, Dave Ramsey, ©2013, 332.024 RAM
Offers a bold, no-nonsense approach to money matters, providing not only the how-to but also a grounded and uplifting hope for getting out of debt and achieving total financial health.

Legacy Wealth Planning, Stephen Waltar (BelPres Member), ©2012, 332.6 WAL
Explores the shortcomings of traditional estate planning and identifies the more complex needs of modern families.  It also explains a holistic process that can help you: Avoid lost assets, choose dependable guardians, provide proper care for special needs children, and protect your hard-earned assets from your children’s financial inexperience, divorces, and lawsuits.

Smart Estate Planning in Washington, Stephen Waltar (BelPres Member), ©2009, 332.6 WAL
Waltar uses his “Mind of an Attorney, Heart of a Pastor” to listen, explain, and craft personalized Estate Plans to protect families from the expense and delay of Probate, minimize or eliminate federal estate tax, and preserve assets and legacy for their families.

How to $ave Money Every Day, Ellie Kay, ©2001, 640.73 KAY
Ways to spend less on everything, pay down your bills and stay debt-free, find great deals on the web, etc.

Simpler Living; Compassionate Life, Michael Schut, ©1999, 640 SCH
There is a spaciousness to choosing “less” that may bring “more” real wealth into our lives.

Go Green, $ave Green, Nancy Sleeth, ©2009, 640 SLE
Thousands of simple time– and money-saving tips that will help you put your faith into action and start saving.


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Recovering from Life's Challenges

Recovering from Life’s Challenges

Life’s Challenges take many and unexpected forms. Jesus will strengthen and heal you as you seek Him during these times.  Below is just a sampling of resources that the BelPres Library has to offer – many more are to be found on the shelves.


Shattered Dreams: God’s unexpected pathway to joy,  Larry Crabb, ©2001, 248.8 CRA,
Be Still, My Soul: Embracing God’s purpose & provision in suffering,
Nancy Guthrie, ed., ©2010, 248.8 GUT
Where is God?  Dr. John Townsend, ©2009, 248.8 TOW
Getting Past What You’ll Never Get Over: Help for dealing with life’s hurts,
John Westfall, , ©2012, 248.8 WES
Into Abba’s Arms: Finding the acceptance you’ve always wanted,
Sandra Wilson, ,©1998, 248.8 WIL
Healing Grace for Hurting People, Dr. H. Norman Wright, ©2007, 248.8 WRI
When God Interrupts: Finding new life through unwanted change
       Craig Barnes, ©1996, 248.86 BAR
Get Out of That Pit: Straight Talk about God’s Deliverance,
Beth Moore,©2007, 248.86 MOO
You’ll Get Through This, Max Lucado, ©2013, 248.86 LUC
Where is God When it Hurts? Philip Yancey, ©1990, 248.86 YAN.


The Intimacy Cover-up: Uncovering the difference between love and sex,
Roger Hillerstrom, ©2004, 152.41 HIL
Beyond Boundaries: Learning to trust again in relationships,
Dr. John Townsend, ©2011, 158.2 TOW
When Men Think Private Thoughts, Gordon MacDonald, ©1996, 248.842 MAC
Every Woman’s Battle: Discovering God’s plan for sexual and emotional fulfillment,
Shannon Ethridge, ©2003, 306.73 ETH
Every Young Man’s Battle, Stephen Arterburn, ©2002, 306.73 ART.
Things I Wish I’d Known Before We Got Married,
Gary Chapman, ©2010, 306.81 CHA,
When Bad Things Happen to Good Marriages,
       Drs. Les & Leslie Parrott, ©2001, 306.81 PAR
Surviving a Spiritual Mismatch in Marriage, Leslie Strobel, ©2002, 306.81 STR


The Smart Stepfamily, Ron Deal, ©2014, 306.8 DEA

Raising Kids Who Turn Out Right: Building Character for Life,
Dr. Tim Kimmel, ©2005, 649.1 KIM
When Kids Hurt: Help for Adults Navigating the Adolescent Maze,
Chap Clark, ©2009, 649.5 CLA
Why Christian Kids Rebel, Dr. Tim Kimmel, ©2004, 649.8 KIM


Mending the Soul: Understanding and Healing Abuse, Steven Tracy, ©2005, 259.1 TRA
Rebuilding: When Your Relationship Ends, Dr. Bruce Fisher, ©2006, 306.89 FIS
Growing Through Divorce, Jim Smoke, ©1995, 306.89 SMO
When Men Batter Women, Neil Jacobson, ©1998, 362.82 JAC
Hope After Betrayal, Meg Wilson, ©2007, 616.85 WIL
Deceived: Facing Sexual Betrayal, Lies, and Secrets, Claudia Black, ©2009, 646.7 BLA


The Relationship Cure: A 5 Step Guide to Strengthening your Marriage, Family,
and Friendships
, John Gottman, ©2001, 306.73 GOT
How to be a Best Friend Forever: Making and Keeping Lifetime Relationships,
       Dr. John Townsend, ©2011, 306.73 TOW


Grieving with Hope: Finding Comfort as you Journey through Loss,
Samuel Hodges IV, ©2011, 155.9 HOD
Traveling through Grief, Susan Zonnebelt-Smeenge, ©2006, 155.9 ZON
A Grace Disguised: How the Soul Grows through Loss, Gerald Sittser, ©1995, 248.86 SIT


The Path to Serenity, Dr. Robert Hemfelt, ©1991, 616.86 HEM
“My Dad Loves Me, My Dad has a Disease”: A Child’s View to Living with Addiction,
Claudia Black, ©1997, J616.86 BLA
Adult Children of Alcoholics, Janet Woititz, ©1983, 616.86 WOI
Breaking Free: Understanding Sexual Addiction & the Healing Power of Jesus,
Russell Willingham, ©1999, 616.85 WIL
Healing the Wounds of Sexual Addiction, Mark Laaser, ©2004, 616.85 LAA


The Good News about Worry, William Backus, ©1991, 152.46 BAC
Overcoming Emotions that Destroy, Chip Ingram, ©2003, AUD 152.47 ING
A Reason for Hope (will to live), Michael Barry, ©2004, 248.8 BAR
Is There Life after Stress?, James Moore, ©1999, 248.8 MOO
My God is True!, (cancer) Paul Wolfe, ©2009, 248.8 WOL
Forum on Homosexuality, Dr. Scott Dudley, ©2006, AUD 306.73 DUD
Unlocking Your Family Patterns: Finding Freedom from a Hurtful Past,
Dr. Henry Cloud, ©1995, 306.81 CLO
Welcoming but not Affirming: An Evangelical Response to Homosexuality,
Stanley Grenz, ©1998, 306.76 GRE
The YOU Plan, Michelle Borquez, ©2013, 306.89 BOR
Master Your Money, Ron Blue, ©1997, 332 BLU
Money Matters, Larry Burkett, ©2001, 332.024 BUR
When Your Aging Parent Needs Care, Candy Arrington, 2009, 362.1 ARR
Her Choice to Heal: Finding Spiritual and Emotional Peace after Abortion,
Sydna Masse, ©2009, 363.4 MAS
Facing CoDependence, Pia Mellody, ©2003, 616.86 MEL
Shattered Vows, Debra Laaser, ©2008, 646.7 LAA

BelPres provides a Confidential Helpline for those who struggle with pornography or sexual addiction.  Call (425) 454-3084  x3209.

 A variety of Support Groups is offered, including Alzheimer’s/Dementia Caregivers, Grief Recovery, Breast Cancer, and Prostate Cancer.  Call Mona in the Caring Ministries Dept. at (425) 454-3082 x3364

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Divorce Recovery

Divorce Recovery

Selected resources to guide you through the Christian response to divorce and renewal. The Divorce Recovery Workshop is offered twice a year by the Caring Ministries Department.

Scarred by Struggle, Transformed by Hope, Joan Chittister, ©2003,
An anatomy of struggle and an account of the way hope grows within us, despite our moments of darkness.

The Other Side of Love, Gary Chapman, ©1999, 152.47 CHA
Helps sort out the confusion around the emotion of anger, teaching how you can process it in a constructive, godly manner.

Everybody’s Normal Till You Get to Know Them, John Ortberg, ©2003, 153.6 ORT
Addresses the question of how flawed, abnormal people such as ourselves master the forces that can drive us apart and come together in the life-changing relationships God designed us for?

The Losses of Our Lives, Nancy Copeland-Payton, ©2011, 155.1 COP
An invitation to awaken to life’s enduring rhythm of sacred gift, of loss, and of renewing gift once again.  Where is the sacred in our losses?  Where is the renewing gift after small, everyday losses and after huge, devastating ones?

From We to Me, Susan Zonnebelt-Smeenge, ©2010, 248.8 ZON
This book will help you work through your grief and loneliness and point you toward wholeness once again.

Where is God When it Hurts?, Philip Yancey, ©1990, 248.86 YAN
This book speaks to those for whom life sometimes just doesn’t make sense.  It should help equip anyone who wants to reach out to someone in pain, but just doesn’t know what to say.

Hope for the Separated, Gary Chapman, ©2005, 306.81 CHA
Chapman believes that the biblical ideal for a separated couple calls for reconciliation and he shows that you can achieve this through small, simple steps.

Generation EX, Jen Abbas, ©2004, 306.89 ABB
Written for the adult children of divorce.  Through research, interviews, and personal stories, this book will help you understand the effect of your parents’ divorce on your identity, faith, and relationships and give you the tools to create a dramatically different legacy.

The YOU Plan, Michelle Borquez, ©2013, 306.89 BOR
The authors rally their collective experience to help you navigate some of the twists and turns of the post-divorce journey, avoid some pitfalls, and emerge stronger and more confident.

Crossroads of Parenting & Divorce, Susan Blyth Boyan, ©2009, 306.89 BOY
A five-step program designed to prevent divorce abuse—a specific type of emotional abuse that divorcing parents cause when, in their anger and bitterness, they lose sight of their child’s needs.

Divorce Recovery, Anita Brock, ©1988, 306.89 BRO
A program to help people hurting from the devastation surrounding divorce to get on the road to emotional recovery and to realize the wonderful grace of God that encompasses all of his precious children.

Rebuilding When Your Relationship Ends, Bruce Fisher, ©2006, 306.89 FIS
A program which offers a balance of shoulder-to-cry-on and kick-in-the-pants to help you get through the confusing and often painful process of divorce.

Single Again and Secure in God’s Love, Jim Smoke, ©2001, 306.89 SMO
Your spirit can be renewed and you can receive the strength and courage to walk through the minefields of divorce.  Short essays on subjects such as Faith, Hope, and Friendship.

Growing Through Divorce, Jim Smoke, ©1995, 306.89 SMO
Noting that every person involved in divorce goes through shock, mourning, and rebuilding, the author provides assurance that your pain will pass, reveals common pitfalls to avoid, and gives specific steps to help you through this difficult time.


Hope when you’re Hurting, Dr. Larry Crabb & Dr. Dan Allender, ©1996, 158.1 CRA
Facing Loneliness, J. Oswald Sanders, ©1988, 158.21 SAN
A Forgiving Heart, Lyn Klug, ©2003, 234.5 FOR
Total Forgiveness, R.T. Kendall, ©2002, 234.5 KEN
When You’ve been Wronged, Erwin Lutzer, ©2007, 234.5 LUT
Forgiving and Reconciling, Everett Worthington Jr., ©2003, 234.5 WOR
Unfaithful, Gary and Mona Shriver, ©2009, 248.8 SHR
Where is God?, Dr. John Townsend, ©2009, 248.8 TOW
Sassy, Single, & Satisfied, Michelle McKinney Hammond, ©2003, 305.9 HAM


Dinosaurs Divorce, Laurene Drasny Brown and Marc Brown, ©1986, J306.89 BRO
David Asks, “Why?”, Linda Chandler, ©1981, J306.89 CHA
Talking About Divorce and Separation, Earl Grollman, ©2005, J306.89 GRO
It’s Not Your Fault, Koko Bear, Vicki Lansky, ©1998, J306.89 LAN
When Mom and Dad Divorce, Emilly Menendez-Aponte, ©1999, J306.89 MEN
Our Family Got a Divorce, Carolyn Phillips, ©1979, J306.89 PHI
Two Homes for Tyler, Pamela Kennedy, ©2008, 306.89 KEN

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Grief and Loss

Grief and Loss


     Since Adam and Eve left the Garden of Eden, loss and grief have been a natural part of life.  As Christians, we have the comfort of knowing that Jesus is with us during our darkest hours.  In the midst of this comfort, we need to face head-on our grief, our other emotions, and our humanness.  For non-Christians, periods of loss provide opportunities for God to break into their lives and turn death into life.

     BelPres welcomes the opportunity to minister to those who suffer.  Please contact our Caring Ministries Department at (425) 454-3082 for information and services.


The Losses of Our Lives, Dr. Nancy Copeland-Payton, ©2011, 155.1 COP
Reframes loss from the perspective that our everyday losses help us learn what we need to handle the major losses.  Becoming aware of what our lesser losses have to teach us, the larger losses of our lives become less terrifying.  (excellent)

Companionship in Grief, Jeffrey Berman, ©2010, 155.2 BER
Focuses on the death of a spouse.  Five writers’ memoirs explore the nature of spousal bereavement, the importance of care giving, the role of writing in recovery, and the possibility of falling in love again after a devastating loss.

Grieving God’s Way: A 90-day Devotional, Margaret Brownley, ©2012, 155.2 BRO
Insight into healing our grieving body, soul, heart, and spirit.  Infused with scriptures and inspirational haiku, this book motivates us to shift our grieving from man’s way to God’s way.

When the Bottom Drops Out: Finding Grace in the Depths of Disappointment,
Robert Bugh, ©2011, 155.3 BUG
After the loss of his wife and best friend to cancer, this book chronicles the author’s journey from loss to restoration and shows how to find and hold tightly to Christ, through even the most painful episodes of life.

Aftershock, David Cox, ©2003, 155.9 COX
Written to survivors of suicide, ministers, those in intervention, and anyone who struggles with what to say to those who have experienced a devastating life crisis.

35 Ways to Help a Grieving Child, The Dougy Center, ©1999, 155.9 DOU
Practical ways to support a child after a loss.  Accompanying stories and pictures.

Grieving Forward: Embracing Life Beyond Loss, Susan Duke, ©2006, 155.9 DUK
Find a pathway out of the “valley of the shadow” by taking small, practical steps to face and process grief and to embrace life.

Grieving with Hope: Finding Comfort as you Journey through Loss,
Samuel Hodges, IV, ©2011, 155.9 HOD
Short, gospel-centered, topical chapters addressing the issues grieving people face but are often hesitant to mention to others.  Will help you grieve in a healthy way that leads to ultimate healing.

What Dying People Want: Practical Wisdom for the End of Life, David Kuhl, ©2002, 155.9 KUH
Ways of finding new life in the process of dying, understanding the inner reality of living with a terminal illness, and addressing the fear of pain, as well as pain itself.  Also offers concrete guidance on how to enhance doctor/patient relationships, hold family meetings, and participate in a process of life review.

The Art of Dying, Rob Moll, ©2010, 155.9 MOL
A gentle companion for all who face death, whether one’s own or that of a loved one.  Christians can have confidence that because death is not the end, preparing to die helps us truly live.  (excellent)

A Grace Disguised: How the Soul Grows through Loss, Gerald Sittser, ©1996, 155.9 SIT
How you respond to the circumstances of loss is important.  You will be on a journey that will stretch your faith, your understanding of the meaning of life, and your knowledge of God.

Men & Grief, Carol Staudacher, ©1991, 155.9 STA
Attempts to answer the questions of “What are the common grief-related responses of men?” and “How can men’s grieving be facilitated to enhance their healing process?”

Lament for a Son, Nicholas Wolterstorff, ©1987, 155.9 WOL
In brief vignettes, the author explores all the facets of his personal experience of the loss of his son.

Grieving the Child I Never Knew: A Devotional Companion, Kathe Wunnenberg, ©2001, 155.9 WUN
A tender companion for mothers whose hearts have been broken – whose dreams have been shattered and who wonder how to go on.  This devotional collection will help you grieve honestly and well.


Sarah’s Grandma goes to Heaven, Maribeth Boelts, ©2004, J155.9 BOE
Papa’s Gift: An Inspirational Story of Love and Loss,
Kathleen Bostrom, ©2002, J155.9 BOS
Uncle Ike, Linda Chandler, ©1981, J155.9 CHA
Mama’s Going to Heaven Soon, Kathe Copeland, ©2005, J155.9 COP
Not Forgotten: A Consolation for the Loss of an Animal Friend, Alexandra Day, ©2004, J155.9 DAY
A Child’s Book About Death, Earl Grollman, ©2001, J155.9 GRO
When Someone Very Special Dies, Marge Heegaard, ©1988, J155.9 HEE
An art book
Children Grieve, Too: Helping Children Cope with Grief, Joy and Marvin Johnson, ©1998, J155.9 JOH
Jason’s Orchid, Walter Madden, ©1982, J155.9 MAD
Sad Isn’t Bad: for Kids Dealing with Loss, Michaelene Mundy, ©1998, J155.9 MUN
The Gift of a Memory, Marianne Richmond, ©2000, J155.9 SIL
When a Pet Dies, Fred Rogers, ©1988, J155.9 ROG
When Your Grandparent Dies, Victoria Ryan, ©2002, J155.9 RYA
Tear Soup, Taylor Bills, ©1999, J155.9 SCH
I Heard Your Daddy Died, Mark Scrivani, ©2008, J155.9 SCR
Help Me Say Goodbye, Janis Silverman, ©1999, J155.9 SIL
Waldo, Tell Me Where’s Grandpa?, Hans Wilhelm, ©1988, J155.9 WIL

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Resources for Family & Friends

Parenting Kids

Parenting Your Child

A child is a special gift that requires nurturing, guidance, and wisdom to grow into the person God designed him/her to be. These books will help you see through the maze of “ought to’s, must have’s, and wanna be’s that the world so often forces upon us.

How Children Succeed, Paul Tough, ©2012, 372.2 TOU
Argues that qualities that matter most in a successful child have to do not with intelligence so much as character: skills like perseverance, curiosity, conscientiousness, optimism, and self-control.

Questions Kids ask about Sex, J. Thomas Fitch, ed., ©2005, 649 COX
Provides the parent with the tools and empowering encouragement they need in order to communicate more effectively about sex, self-control, and self-respect.

ScreamFree Parenting, Hal Runkel, ©2007, 649 RUN
Shows you how to positively control all your reactive responses to your anxiety about your kids and their choices.  It offers you a way to envision yourself in a calm yet fully connected, fully involved relationship with each of your children.

Growing Up Social, Gary Chapman, ©2014 649.1 CHA
Through stories, wit, and wisdom, you will discover how to take back your home from an over-dependence on screens.

The 5 Love Languages of Children, Gary Chapman, ©2012, 649.1 CHA
Helps the parent understand the link between successful learning and the love languages, see how they can help you discipline more effectively, and build a foundation of unconditional love for your child.

Growing up Social, Gary Chapman, ©2014, 649.1 CHA
Enables the parent to equip your child to be relationally rich in a digital world, replace mindless screen time with meaningful family time, and establish simple boundaries that make a huge difference.

In this House We Will Giggle, Courtney DeFeo, ©2014, 649.1 DEF
Offers motivating reflections, real-life stories, and a sandbox full of inventive ways to help you turn your kids’ hearts toward God.

Nurturing the Leader within your Child, Tim Elmore, ©2001, 649.1 ELM
Provides parents with a practical approach to fostering the character and qualities of a leader in their children.

Life Skills for Kids, Christine Field, ©2000, 649.1 FIE
Fun ways to systematically teach children basic life skills by letting them do everyday stuff along with adults.

Six Ways to Keep the “Good” in Your Boy, Dannah Gresh, ©2012, 649.1 GRE
Blends the latest trends – including pron, aggressive girls, and video games gone overboard – with positive, practical advice a parent can use effectively to help guide her 8-12 year old son.

Six Ways to Keep the “Little” in Your Girl, Dannah Gresh, ©2010, 649.1 GRE
Shares six ways to help your daughter grow up to be confident, emotionally healthy, and strong in her faith while helping her navigate the stormy waters of boy-craziness, modesty, body image, media, and Internet safety.

Home Court Advantage, Dr. Kevin Leman, ©2005, 649.1 LEM
Makes a compelling case for trading the activity trap for time together at home as a family and urges parents to reclaim their role as the primary influence in their kids’ lives.

Sticky Faith, Chap Clark, ©2011, 649.1 POW
Presents a strategy to show parents how to encourage their children’s spiritual growth so that it will stick with them into adulthood and empower them to develop a living, lasting faith.

Faith-filled Moments, Kelli Trujillo, ©2009, 649.1 TRU
Offers parents creative ideas for transforming kids’ everyday experiences into avenues of life-changing connection with God.

When Your Child is Hurting, Glynnis Whitwer, ©2009, 649.1 WHI
Gives tools to help your child walk through life’s everyday hurts and grow into a healthy adult who turns to God as the true source of hope and guidance.

Leading Your Child to Jesus, David Staal, ©2006, 649.6 STA
Equips a parent with the simple, effective communication tools that will help you discuss salvation with your child.

The Danger of Raising Nice Kids, Timothy Smith, ©2006, 649.8 SMI
Targeting nine qualities children need, Smith helps you move your kids from simply polite to truly compassionate.

You Can’t Make Me (but I can be persuaded), Cynthia Tobias, ©1999, 649.9 TOB
This learning-styles specialist offers practical information, valuable insights, and hand-on instruction for parents and educators of a strong-willed child.

The Smart Stepfamily, Ron Deal, ©2014, 306.8 DEA
Reveals the seven fundamental steps to blended family success and provides practical, realistic solutions to the issues you face as a step-family.

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Books for Children

Our Children’s Book & DVD Resource Collection has some wonderful titles and is updated frequently. Your youngest children may grow in their faith and understanding of the Bible from the earliest board books through non-fiction, and early readers. The older children will enjoy some of the classics and chapter books.

Many resources are available on year round holidays and seasons, as well as those difficult times and issues of life, offering a Christian worldview.


The Bible in Pictures for Little Eyes, Kenneth Taylor, ©1981, 220.5 TAY.
The stories in the Bible told in simple, single paragraphs.  Includes a realistic picture on each page and 2-3 discussion questions about the text.

100 Bible Heroes, 100 Bible Songs (w/ CD), Stephen Elkins, ©    J220.9 ELK
Written for elementary school children, this book has a short story of a Bible character on one page and a picture and song reference on the other.

Little Jesus, Little Me, Doris Rikkers, ©2000, JB RIK
Similarities between baby Jesus and your baby are shown.

The Book of Jonah, Peter Spier, ©1985, J224 SPI.
The story of Jonah, being swallowed by a big fish, and taking God’s message to the people of Nineveh.  Beautiful, detailed illustrations.

Images of God for Young Children, Marie-Helene Delval, ©2011, J231.22 DEL
God is not defined, but his attributes are described on one page, with a beautiful illustration on the facing page.  God is wind, God is fire, God is love….

The Lord’s Prayer, Rick Warren, ©2010, J226.9 WAR
Each phrase of the Lord’s Prayer is on a double page with large, simple illustrations.

Heaven is a Wonderful Place, Joanne Marxhausen, ©1975, J236.24 MAR
The salvation message for preschoolers and young elementary school children.

What Happens When I Talk to God?, Stormie Omartian, ©2007, J248.3 OMA
The who, what, where, why, and when of Prayer for preschoolers and early elementary school children.

The Parables of Jesus, Tomie De Paola, ©1987, J 226.8 DEP.
Each parable is retold on a single page and in language that both preschool and elementary school children can understand.  Large illustrations that look like colored woodcuts.

Tiger Forgives, Dr. Mary Simon, ©2003, JP SIM
One in a series of “First Virtues for Toddlers”.

Let’s Be Thankful, P.K. Hallinan, ©2004, JHT HAL
The preschooler is shown, in story and illustrations, things to be thankful for and that they bring joy.

God’s Love at Easter, Joy Davis, ©2002, JHE 232.96 DAV
The story of Jesus’ life from his ministry to resurrection.


 The Jesus Storybook Bible, Sally Lloyd-Jones, ©2007, J220.9 JON
Stories from the Bible with Scripture for each one.  Contemporary graphics.  Written for grade school children.

Read with Me: Bible Stories for First Readers, Judy Newman-St. John, ©1999,. J220.9  REA
Stories from the Bible written for early readers.  Wonderfully illustrated.  Also has a section for parents to help guide a discussion with their child.

VeggieTales Family Devotional, Cindy Kenney, ©2005, J268.4 KEN
52 weeks of lessons on various aspects of Christianity with Scripture references.  Includes applications and questions for thought and discussion.  Appropriate for elementary and middle school children.

Case for Christ for Kids, Lee Strobel, ©2010, J203.7 STR.
A simplification of the popular adult book of the same name, the author presents evidence for the claims of Jesus.

Water, Come Down!, Walter Wangerin, Jr., ©1999, J265.1 WAN
The story and meaning of a child’s baptism.  For preschool and early elementary school children.

Moses, God’s Brave Servant, Zondervan, ©2010, JE JON
One in a series of Early Reader books about Bible characters and Christian concepts.

The Case of the Missing Patience (VeggieTales), Karen Poth, ©2011, JE VT
The infamous vegetables solve a bicycle crime in this early reader story.

Meghan Rose on Stage!, Lori Scott, ©2007, JE SCO
Meaghan Rose wants to enter the school talent show, but how has God gifted her?

If the World Were a Village: A book about the world’s people, David J. Smith, ©2011, J304.6 SMI
This is a book about “world-mindedness” – the sense that our planet is actually a village, and we share it with our neighbors.  Knowing who our neighbors are, where they live, and how they live, will help us live in peace.

Topsy-Turvy: a Lesson in Responsibility, ©2006, CDVD CAR TOP
Carlos the Caterpillar stars in this episode of the series in which he learns the value of fulfilling responsibility.  In English or Spanish with subtitles.

The Princess Twins and the Tea Party, Mona Hodgson, ©2011, JE HOD
A beginner reader’s story about the princess twins and their tea party mishaps.

The Zero-G Headache, Robert Elmer, ©1988, JE ELM
Why was geeky cousin Phil on Zero-G’s shuttle and what was he hiding in that mysterious blue plasma barrel?

When Your Grandparent Dies: A child’s guide to good grief, Victoria Ryan, ©2002, J155.9 RYA
Acknowledging sad feelings, the funeral, and remembering the grandparent are parts of this book to help children cope with grieving.

God, I Need to Talk to You about ….(Whining, Video Games, etc.), Susan Leigh, ©2005, J248.4 LEI
Short little books about bad habits and the importance of breaking them.


Manga Messiah, ©2006, J 232.
The story of Jesus, with scripture references, presented in cartoon style with modern-looking graphics.  Appropriate for grade school and middle school students.

Who’s Who & Where’s Where in the Bible for Kids, Stephen Miller, ©2006, J220.3 MIL.
Alphabetical listings of biblical people and places.  A page or two on each topic with illustrations and short paragraphs of descriptions and facts.  .

Mandie and the Secret Tunnel and other Stories, Lois Leppard, ©1984, JF LEP
A secret tunnel reveals Mandie’s family’s history.

The Chronicles of Narnia, C.S. Lewis, ©1950, JF LEW
This popular allegorical series tells of the adventures of Lucy and her friends as they discover the true meaning of Narnia and Aslan the Lion.

Mystery of the Golden Palomino, Jerry Jenkins, ©1989, JF JEN
Dallas’s new horse is missing.  See how he and his friends solve the mystery and try to live their lives of faith in the modern world.

Hunt for the Devil’s Dragon, Marianne Hering, ©2013, JE HER
In the 13th century, a dragon is plundering a town’s sheep.  Find out the dragon’s fate when Beth is offered as a sacrifice.


For information on BelPres’ Family Ministry Programs, please contact:
Lisa Phelps – Early Childhood Ministries –
Laura Quaratiello – Elementary School Ministries –
Nate Rice – Middle School Ministries –

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Parenting Teens

Parenting Your Teen

Teenagers seek a balance between wanting a parent’s help and their desire for Independence. Your support will be vital during these times. Here are some resources full of wisdom and practical suggestions.

Loving Our Kids on Purpose by Danny Silk, ©2008, 248.84 SIL
The author teaches parents how to train children to manage their freedoms and protect their important heart-to-heart relationships.

Parenting Today’s Adolescent by Dennis & Barbara Rainey, ©1998, 649.1 RAI
Object lessons that will teach your teen important lessons about life so that in both successes and failures, your teen will continue to grow toward maturity.

Parenting Teens with Love & Logic by Foster Cline, MD and Jim Fay, ©2006, 649.125 CLI,
Parents will learn to love in a healthy way and effectively guide their teens without resorting to anger, threats, and power struggles.  Teens will learn responsibility and the logic of life by solving their own problems and acquiring the tools they’ll need to cope with the real world.

Disconnected: Parenting Teens in a MySpace World, by Chap & Dee Clark, ©2007, 248.8 CLA
This book gives you ways to build your relationship with your teens while instilling in them the values they need to thrive in a MySpace world.

Helping the Struggling Adolescent, Dr. Les Parrott, ©2000, REF 362.7 PAR
This book first gives you the basics of being an effective helper, then informs you of the different struggles of adolescents and finally, supplies assessment tools for use with specific problems.

A Chicken’s Guide to Talking Turkey with your Kids about Sex,
Dr. Kevin Leman and Kathy Flores Bell, ©2004, 649.65 LEM
This book covers your teenager’s development not just from the waist down, but also from the neck up, where the important decisions about sex are made.

The Disconnected Generation: Saving our Youth from Self Destruction,
Josh McDowell, ©2006, 49.5 MCD
McDowell will help you discover the six relational connection points vital to your young person’s development.

Why Christian Kids Rebel, Dr. Tim Kimmel, ©2004, 248.8 KIM
Poor choices  could simply show that your teens are making decisions for themselves, a healthy step forward.  This book provides help for building bridges that may give you the answers you are looking for.

Sticky Faith, Dr. Kara Powell & Dr. Chap Clark, ©2011, 248.8 POW
This guide shows parents how to encourage their children’s spiritual growth so that it will stick with them into adulthood and empower them to develop a living, lasting faith.

How to Really Love Your Teenager, Ross Campbell, ©1993, 649.125 CAM
Dr. Campbell offers ideas to help you create a solid, balanced approach for relating to your teenager on subjects such as communicating unconditional love, handling teenage anger, and spiritual and intellectual growth.

Hurt 2.0, Chap Clark, ©2011, 649.5 CLA
This book’s purpose is to create a kind of stir among decision-makers that will guide how they work with and nurture teens that will lead society to take the necessary steps to collectively reengage our teens as they so desperately need and deserve.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens, Sean Covey, ©2014, 649.5 COV
Covey provides an approach to help teens improve self-image, build friendships, resist peer pressure, achieve their goals, and get along with their parents—as well as tackling cyberbullying and social media.

LifeCoach Your Teens, Roger Cross, ©2006, 649.5 CRO
Provides practical principles to equip you to coach your teens to a vital and healthy life.

A Parent’s Guide to Understanding Teenage Brains, Mark Oestreicher, ©2012, 649.5 OES
Marko guides you through the world of the teenage brain, helping you understand and appreciate the amazing transformations it undergoes in adolescence to prepare children for adulthood and its many responsibilities.

Life Strategies for Teens, Jay McGraw, ©2000, 649.5 MCG
Provides teens with the Ten Laws of Life which make the journey to adulthood an easier and more fulfilling trip.

Navigating Adolescence, Jerry Mitchell, ©2000, Audio CD 649.125 MIT

This CD will help both parents and teenagers to make choices that will help you survive your child’s teenage years and perhaps even enjoy them.

Boundaries with Teens, Dr. John Townsend, ©2006, 649.5 TOW
Can help you establish wise and loving limits that make a positive difference in your adolescent, in the rest of your family, and in you.

Raising an Emotionally Intelligent Child, John Gottman, ©1997, 649.1 GOT
This psychologist offers a five-step “emotional coaching” process.

Almost Christian, Kenda Dean, ©2010, 277.3 DEA
What the faith of our teenagers is telling the American church.

Parenting Teenagers, A Christian Parenting Magazine, LifeWay Press
Features articles about teens, their parents, and their families for the purpose of helping you make Christian life decisions and changes.

Revised 12/2015



The BelPres Library contains these books, magazines, and DVDs to direct our paths as we shape our children in and for Christ.

Bible Study

Her Name is Woman, Ghen Karssen, ©1977, 220.8 KAR

Spiritual Life

A Forgiving Heart, Lyn Klug, ©2003, 234.5 FOR


Too Busy not to Pray, Jo Carr & Imogene Sorley, ©1966, 242.8 CAR
Shaping a Woman’s Soul, Judith Couchman, ©1996, 242.64 COU
Becoming Soul Mates, Drs. Les & Leslie Parrott, ©1995, 242.644 PAR
Soar Like an Eagle, Rosalind Renshaw, ©2006, 242.64 REN
Soul Matters for Mothers, 248.8 SOU, ©2005

Christian Life

Every Mother can Let Go of Stress, Julie Barnhill, ©2008, 248.8 BAR
Every Mother can Beat the Blues, Julie Barnhill, ©2008, 248.8 BAR
Every Mother Deserves a Good Laugh, Julie Barnhill, ©2008, 248.8 BAR
Calm my Anxious Heart, Linda Dillow, ©1998, 248.8 DIL
When Couples Pray Together, David & Jan Stoop, ©2000, 248.8 STO
When your Child is Hurting, Glynnis Whitwer, ©2009, 248.8 WHI
Insomnia: God’s Night School, Connie Soth, ©1989, 248.86 SOT


What Every Mom Needs, Elisa Morgan, ©1995, 649.1 MOR
MomSense, Jean Blackmer, ©2011, 248.8 BLA
World Proofing Your Kids, Lael Arrington, ©1997, 649.8 ARR
Women Leaving the Workplace, Larry Burkett, ©1995, 306.3 BUR
The Complete Marriage and Family Home Reference Guide,
Dr. James Dobson, ©2000, 306.8 DOB
Pillow Talk, Drs. Les & Leslie Parrott, ©2002, 306.81 PAR
Five Signs of a Functional Family, Gary Chapman, ©1997, 306.85 CHA
Building your Family to Last, Kari Malcolm, ©1987, 306.85 MAL
The Family Cloister, David Robinson, ©1984, 306.85 ROB
Mom to Mom, Elisa Morgan, ©1996, 306.874 MOR
What Every Mom Needs, Elisa Morgan & Carol Kuykendall, ©1995, 306.874 MOR
The Power of a Positive Mom, Karol Ladd, ©2001, 649.1 LAD


Home-Life: the Key to your Child’s Success at School, Cheri Fuller, ©1988, 371.1 FUL

Child Rearing

Brain Rules for Baby, John Medina, ©2010, 612.82 MED
Whole Child/Whole Parent, Polly Berends, ©1983, 649.1 BER
How to Really Know Your Child, Dr. Ross Campbell, ©1973, 649.1CAM
How to Really Love your Child, Dr. Ross Campbell, ©1985, 649.1 CAM
What to Expect: The Toddler Years, Eisenberg, Murkoff, and Hathaway, ©1996, 649.1 EIS
Life Skills for Kids, Christine Field, ©2000, 649.1 FIE
What Every Child Needs, Elisa Morgan, ©1995, 649.1 MOR
Heaven Help the Home!, Howard Hendricks, ©1990, 649.1 HEN
Home by Choice, Brenda Hunter, ©2000, 649.1 HUN
Raising Kids Who Turn Out Right, Dr. Tim Kimmel, ©2005, 649.1 KIM
Shepherding a Child’s Heart, Tedd Tripp, ©1995, 649.1 TRI
Help! My Little Girl’s Growing Up, Annette Smith, ©2001, 649.125 SMI
Help! My Little Boy’s Growing Up, Annette Smith, ©2002, 649.125 SMI
The Hurting Parent, Margie Lewis, ©1980, 649.6 LEW
Who’s Calling the Shots?, Nancy Carlsson-Paige & Diane Levin, ©1990, 649.8 CAR
52 Things Kids Need from a Mom, Angela Thomas, ©2011, 649.1 THO
The Little Big Book for Moms, Lena Tabori, ©2000, 820 TAB


Boundaries in Marriage, Dr. Henry Cloud & Dr. John Townsend, ©1999, AUD 306.81 CLO
The Treasured Wife, Dr. Jerry Mitchell, © 2000, AUD 306.81 MIT
Saving Childhood, Michael and Diane Medved, AUD 649.1 MED

Revised 12/2015



Whether you’re in a new marriage or one that has weathered the test of time, search these books for insights into stronger and more Christ-focused relationships.  More resources can be found on our Library shelves. 

For the most current information on Marriage Enrichment classes, please visit


 You and Me Forever, Francis & Lisa Chan, ©2014, 306.8 CHA
Love, laughter, and intimacy were all created to be enjoyed.  There is a way to love family deeply without ignoring heaven.

The Five Love Languages, Gary Chapman, ©2004, 306.81 CHA; AUD 306.81 CHA
Learn the right language and soon you’ll know the profound satisfaction and joy of being able to express your love and feel truly loved in return.

Seven Desires, Mark & Debbie Laaser, ©2013, 306.73 LAA
Explores the common desires God has given us—to be heard, affirmed, blessed, safe, touched, chosen, and included.  Explains each desire and shows us how to seek it and what it feels like to have it truly fulfilled.

The New Rules for Love, Sex, & Dating, Andy Stanley, ©2014, 306.81 STA
Explores the challenges, assumptions, and land mines associated with dating in the twenty-first century.

Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work, John Gottman, ©2015, 306.81 GOT
Gottman has studied couples over a period of time and has discovered principles that guide couples on a path toward harmonious and long-lasting relationships.

Beyond Ordinary, Justin & Trisha Davis, ©2012, 306.73 DAV
Exposes the seemingly insignificant comments and decisions couples make every day that can dramatically alter the course of a marriage and the invaluable lessons they learned that helped transform their ordinary marriage into an extraordinary one.

The Intimate Mystery, Dan Allender, ©2009, 306.81 ALL
The book of Genesis provides a matrix for understanding the intimate mystery of marriage in light of three commands—leave, weave, and cleave.

Now You’re Speaking My Language, Gary Chapman, ©2007, 306.81 CHA
Does your spouse hear what you say but not what you mean?  Unravel the mystery of your differences and your mate’s emotions.

Sheet Music, Dr. Kevin Leman, ©2008, 306.73 LEM
Sex is about the quality of your entire love life.  So why not put inhibitions aside and give your spouse the best gift ever – a sexually enthusiastic mate?

Love, Sex & Lasting Relationships, Chip Ingram, ©2003, 306.73 ING
God wants us to have a lasting relationship and great sex – the results of a deep, meaningful love that is rooted in commitment.  Ingram helps us walk a path to true love that is more fulfilling than we ever imagined.

Things I Wish I’d Known Before We Got Married, Gary Chapman, ©2010, 306.81 CHA
This book can be your relationship blueprint and help you decide if and when you’re ready to tie the knot.  If you’re engaged or recently married, it will help you examine your relationship foundation.

Desperate Marriages, Gary Chapman, ©2008, 306.81 CHA
“I believe that in every troubled marriage, one or both partners can take positive steps that have the potential for changing the emotional climate in their marriage” writes the author.

He Wins, She Wins, Willard Harley, Jr., ©2013, 306.81 HAR
A win-win model for marital negotiation with the goal of growing in your love for each other.

The Meaning of Marriage, Timothy Keller, ©2011, 306.81 KEL
Like knowing God himself, coming to know and love your spouse is difficult and painful—yet rewarding and wondrous.

Trading Places, Drs. Les & Leslie Parrott, ©2008, 306.81 PAR
Chock full of practical tips that will lead you to increase your level of passion, bolster your commitment, eliminate nagging, and double your laughter.

Praying Through the Deeper Issues of Marriage, Stormie Omartian, ©2007, 306.85 OMA
If you are willing, God can change your marriage.  And if you keep praying without giving up, He will work a miracle.

Just How Married Do You Want to Be?, Jim & Sarah Sumner, ©2008, 306.87 SUM
Discover a fresh vision for how couples can become “one flesh” in a marriage that honors God.

And Baby Makes Three, John Gottman, ©2007, 646.7 GOT
The six-step plan for preserving marital intimacy and rekindling romance after baby arrives.

Intimate Issues, Linda Dillow and Lorraine Pintus, ©1999, 248.8 DIL
21 questions Christian women ask about sex.

Starting Your Marriage Right, Dennis & Barbara Rainey, ©2000, 306.81 RAI
This book will help newlywed or engaged couples build a deeper, more intimate relationship.

Saving Your Second Marriage Before It Starts, Les & Leslie Parrott, ©2001, 306.84 PAR
A comprehensive, guided approach to surmounting the thorny issues you will face as a couple and to making your second marriage healthy, satisfying, and enduring.

Surviving a Spiritual Mismatch in Marriage, Leslie Strobel, ©2002, 306.81 STR
If you are a Christian married to a nonbeliever, this book will encourage you to manage the inevitable challenges and look at your spouse as a mission field.

Your Time-starved Marriage, Drs. Les & Leslie Parrott, ©2006, 646.7 PAR
The authors show you how to reclaim the time you’ve been missing and how to maximize the moments you have together.

Love & Respect, Dr. Emerson Eggerichs, ©2004, 306.81 EGG; AUD 306.81 EGG
Achieve a new level of intimacy by learning how to break the cycle of conflict, initiate the cycle of change, and enjoy the cycle of new passion.




Caregiving and Alzheimer's

Caregiving & Alzheimer’s

Perhaps you care for a person who needs just a little extra attention or someone who is dependent 24/7. The following resources will give you ideas and encouragement as you attend to their needs. 

A Dignified Life, Virginia Bell & David Troxel, ©2002, 616.8 BEL
Shows you how the Best Friends method is bringing dignity to the lives of both those who have Alzheimer’s disease and those who care for them.

Therapeutic Caregiving: A Practical Guide…, Barbara Bridges, RN, ©1998, 616.8 BRI
Written for family members and employed in-home caregivers, this is a compassionate look at therapeutic techniques for keeping persons with dementia more functional, both mentally and physically.

Caring for a Loved One with Alzheimer’s Disease, Elizabeth Hall, ©2000, 616.8 HAL
Provides an honest description of the emotions you may be forced to come to terms with while dealing with a loved one with Alzheimer’s and how God’s presence in your life can help lift your burden.

The Good Caregiver, Robert Kane, MD, ©2011, 616.8 KAN
Equips caregivers to deal more effectively with the challenges of day-to-day care and to navigate the system itself, including legal, financial, and interpersonal hurdles.

The 36-Hour Day, Nancy Mace & Peter Rabins, MD, ©1999, 616.8 MAC
Addressing persons with Alzheimer’s, related dementing illnesses, and memory loss in later life, this guide provides practical advice to make care easier, improve quality of life, and lift the whole family’s spirits.

Alzheimer’s Disease: What if there was a Cure?, Mary Newport, MD,  ©2011, 616.8 NEW
After her husband was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, Dr. Newport discovered that the medium-chain fatty acids in coconut oil caused his symptoms to improve.

Through the Wilderness of Alzheimer’s, Robert & Anne Simpson, ©1999, 616.8 SIM
The personal story of Robert’s journey into Alzheimer’s.  Includes journal entries, conversations, letters, and prayers.

The Geography of Memory, Jeanne Murray Walker, ©2013, 616.8 WAL
The tale of the author’s mother as she slipped into dementia.  A story of redemption for anyone who is caring for ill and aging parents.

The Myth of Alzheimer’s, Peter Whitehouse, MD, ©2008, 616.8 WHI
This book teaches how to best approach memory loss and explains how to stave off some of the normal effects of aging.

Final Gifts, Maggie Callanan & Patricia Kelley, ©1992, 155.9 CAL
Hospice nurses share their intimate experiences with patients at the edge of life.

What Dying People Want, David Kuhl, MD, ©2002, 155.9 KUH
A palliative care physician presents ways of finding new life in the process of dying, understanding the inner reality of living with a terminal illness, and addressing the fear of pain, as well as pain itself.  Also addresses topics of doctor/patient relationships, holding family meetings, and participating in a process of life review.

Death & the Caring Community, Larry Richards ©1980, 155.9 RIC
Shows how families and church members can communicate Christ’s love to the terminally ill.  The author also puts death in its cultural perspective and reviews the emotional reactions of the dying person as well as the emotional response of family and community.

On Death and Dying (classic), Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, ©1969, 236.1 KUB
An account of a new and challenging opportunity to refocus on the patient as a human being, and to include him/her in dialogues.  The patient will teach us about the final stages of life, with all its anxieties, fears, and hopes.  The caregiver is encouraged not to shy away from the “hopelessly” sick but to get closer to them.


“I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me,…I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.”  Matthew 25:36,40

“… he will show compassion, so great is his unfailing love.”  Lamentations 3:32

“Therefore, as God’s chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience.”  Colossians 3:12

“We loved you so much that we were delighted to share with you not only the gospel of God but our lives as well, because you had become so dear to us.”  1 Thessalonians 2:7


An Alzheimer’s Support Group is open to anyone and meets on the second Wednesday of each month from 1:30-3:00 p.m. in Room S-105.

Revised  12/2015


Resources for the Church

Bible Study Aids

Bible Study Aids

Are you a new Christian wondering what the Bible is all about or are you a seasoned believer seeking a deeper understanding of God’s Word?  Here are some resources to help you grow in your faith.  The resources listed are just a sampling of those available in the BelPres Library.  Come and see for yourself.

Bible Overviews

What the Bible is all About, Henrietta Mears, ©1998, 220 MEA
A panoramic, big-picture view of God’s love and plan for His children as well as clear, concise overviews of every book of the Bible.  Maps, historical background, and how Jesus is revealed, also included.

The Book of God, A Novel, Walter Wangerin Jr., ©1996, F WAN
Dramatizes the sweep of biblical events, making the men and women of this ancient book come alive.  Individual stories of the people of the Bible offer glimpses into an unfolding revelation that reaches across the centuries to touch us today.

The Heart of the Story, Randy Frazee, ©2011, 220.9 FRA
In the Bible’s seemingly disconnected stories, you’ll discover one grand, unfolding epic – God’s story from Genesis onward, and your own story contained within it.

According to Plan: The Unfolding Revelation of God in the Bible, Graeme Goldsworthy, ©1991, 230 GOL
Answers questions concerning the integrated theology of the Old and New Testaments.  A useful book for understanding how the Bible fits together as the unfolding story of God’s plan for salvation.

The Student Bible (New Revised Standard Version), Zondervan, ©1989, 220.5 BV NRSV
The entire Bible – includes informational notes on most pages.  Also has frequent, descriptive subheadings.

Getting the Bible’s Big Picture, Gerry Mathisen, ©2000, SGR 220.07 MAT
Written for small group and individual study, this book is divided into 6 chapters with study questions.  Summarizes the historically larger sections of the Bible and then ties them all together.

Story Thru the Bible: 52 Stories from the Old and New Testaments, Chris Tiegreen, ©2011, 220.5 TIE
Suited for small groups or classes as well as individuals, each story contains its theme, background, the Bible story, and questions for small groups as well as families.  A memory verse is suggested.

A Reader’s Guide to the Bible, John Goldingay, ©2017, 220.6 GOL
The author lays out the framework for reading the Bible as well as an interpretive lens through which to understand each book in its context.

Eerdman’s Handbook to Christian Belief, Robin Keeley, ed., ©1982, 230 EER
Broad appeal and easy to understand, this handbook meets the needs of all general readers who seek a clearer understanding of the Christian faith.  Plenty of photos, illustrations, maps, charts, and diagrams.


Who is this Man?, John Ortberg, ©2012, 232.9 ORT
The impact that Jesus has had on human history, the human condition, and our understanding of the obligations of one human being to another.

The Case for Christ, Lee Strobel, ©1998, 232.9 STR
A journalist cross-examinations experts about the tenants of the Christian faith and if they are real.  The author became a Christian because of his research for this book.

Living the Resurrection: The Risen Christ in Everyday Life, Eugene Peterson, ©2006, 232.97 PET
Takes you back to Jesus’ time so you can experience the resurrection through the eyes of the biblical witnesses.  You will be a participant in the story so its meaning and wonder can enliven your soul.

Bible Study Aids

Discovering the Bible for Yourself, Judson Poling, ©2000, SGR 220.07 POL
Designed for individual or group study, the book is divided into 6 lessons having to do with biblical interpretation.

Reading the Bible with Heart & Mind, Tremper Longman III, ©1997, 220.6 LON
If you want to rekindle your passion for God’s Word, this book will help you learn to accurately read, understand, and respond to God’s Word in ways that will develop deep intimacy with Christ and transform you into His image.

How to Read the Bible Book by Book, Gordon Fee, ©2002, 220.61 FEE
For each book of the Bible, the author starts with a quick snapshot, then expands the view to help you better understand its key elements.  This survey is designed to get you actually reading the Bible knowledgeably and understanding it accurately.

Eat This Book, Eugene Peterson, ©2006, 220.071 PET
With warmth and wisdom, Peterson offers down-to-earth counsel on spiritual reading.  He draws readers into a fascinating conversation on the nature of language, the ancient practice of lectio divina, and the role of Scripture translations.

Check out this “hugely awesome” website:

Justice and Racial Reconciliation

Justice & Racial Reconciliation

The BelPres Library contains these books, magazines, and DVDs to inform and challenge us to respond to issues of world-wide justice around race relations.  Please visit our Library to discover many more resources on justice, race, and related topics.

One Blood, John M. Perkins, ©2018, 305.8 PER
The author’s final manifesto on race, faith, and reconciliation.  Perkins makes a strong case that there is no institution on earth more equipped or capable of bringing transformation to the cause of reconciliation than the church

White Awake, Daniel Hill, ©2017, 277.3 HIL
Hill discusses how to discover cultural identity as a white person and explains the seven stages to expect on the path to cultural awakening.  White Awake gives us a new perspective on being white and empowers us to be agents of reconciliation in our Increasingly diverse and divided world.

Beyond Racial Gridlock, George Yancey, ©2006, 270 YAN
Yancey offers a new paradigm, the mutual responsibility model, which acknowledges that both majority and minority cultures have their own particular challenges, tendencies, and sins to repent of, and that people of different races approach racial reconciliation and justice in differing but complementary ways.  Yancey’s vision offers hope that people of all races can walk together on a shared path as collaborators and partners.

I Shall Not Hate, Izzeldin Abuelaish, ©2011, 610.9 ABU
A Harvard-educated Palestinian doctor, Abuelaish was born and raised in a refugee camp in the Gaza Strip and has devoted his life to medicine and reconciliation between Israelis and Palestinians.

Tears We Cannot Stop, Michael Dyson, ©2017, 305.8 DYS
Dyson argues that if we are to make real racial progress, we must face difficult truths, including being honest about how black grievance has been ignored, dismissed, or discounted.

Between the World and Me, Ta-Nehisi Coates, ©2015, 305.8 COA
What is it like to inhabit a black body and find a way to live within it?  Coates writes this letter to his adolescent son, sharing the story of his awakening to the truth about his place in the world.

The Myth of Equality, Ken Wytsma, ©2017, 261.8 WYT
What are the roots of our inequities?  The author reveals what he has discovered about privilege as he has engaged with today’s race-related issues.  He helps us come to a deeper understanding of the reconciling role we are called to play as witnesses of the gospel.

Roadmap to Reconciliation, Brenda Salter McNeil, ©2015, 234.5 MCN
The author writes: “It’s time for the followers of Jesus to embark on the prophetic journey that leads to reconciliation and transformation around the world.  We cannot ignore the plight of the people around us, and as globalization continues its relentless march onward, we  cannot turn a blind eye to the world beyond our national borders either.

The New Jim Crow, Michelle Alexander, ©2012, 364.9 ALE
The argument is made that we have not ended racial caste in America; we have simply redesigned it.  By targeting black men through the War on Drugs and decimating communities of color, the U.S. criminal justice system functions as a contemporary system of racial control.

Let Justice Roll Down, John Perkins, ©1976, 921 PER
Despite being beaten and tortured by the police, Perkins returned good for evil, love for hate, progress for prejudice, and brought hope to black and white alike.  This is a portrayal of what happens when faith thrusts a person into the midst of a struggle against racism, oppression, and injustice.

Disunity in Christ, Christena Cleveland, ©2013, 262.7 CLE
We cluster in theological groups, gender groups, age groups, ethnic groups, educational and economic groups.  Learn why Christians who have a heart for unity have such a hard time actually uniting.

Just Mercy, Bryan Stevenson, ©2014, 353.4 STE
A powerful, true story about the potential for mercy to redeem us and the call to fix our broken system of justice—from one of the most brilliant and influential lawyers of our time.

America’s Original Sin, Jim Wallis, ©2016, 305.8 WAL
Wallis calls us to transcend racial categories and to see in one another the image of God.  He points out the structural realities of sinful racism and makes clear that to be redeemed, we must do more than just deny it.

Pursuing Justice, Ken Wytsma, ©2013, 261.8 WYT
This founder of The Justice Conference shows God’s unchanging love for all His children.  Along the way, he calls us back to an understanding of biblical justice, provides a redeeming glimpse of the true meaning of righteousness, and draws an indelible connection between our own joy, the joy of others, and the transforming gospel of Jesus Christ.

Wanted, Chris Hoke, ©2015, 259.5 HOK
As a prisoners’ chaplain, Hoke relates stories of inmates lives—sacred moments in unlikely situations.  He offers a new vision of the forgotten souls who have been cast into society’s dumpsters, helping us to see that beneath even the hardest criminal is a fragile desire to be wanted.

Living in Color, Randy Woodley, ©2001, 277.3 WOO
The author gives practical insights for how we can relate to one another with sensitivity, contextualize the gospel, combat the subtleties of racism, and honor one another’s unique contributions to church and society.  Along the way, he reckons with difficult challenges from our racially painful history and offers hope for healing and restoration.

One, Deidra Riggs, ©2017, 262 RIG
Riggs calls us to put our focus on self-preservation aside and, like Jesus, make the first move toward reconciliation.  We are secure in God’s inexhaustible love, making us free to love others lavishly—not just in what we do but in what we say, what we don’t say, what we will endure, and what we will forgive.

Global Leadership Summit Resources

Global Leadership Summit SPEAKERS and their BOOKS

**Now on display in the 1st floor Welcome Room Library

Audio Books & DVDs of previous Global Leadership Summit events: AUD 658.4 LEA, DVD 658.4 LEA

Brown, C. Brene – Research professor, author, public speaker, and licensed Master Social Worker
The Gifts of Imperfection, 2010, 158.22 BRO

Cain, Susan – Writer, lecturer, former lawyer, negotiations consultant, and on the faculty of Woodhull Institute for Ethical Leadership.
Quiet: The Power of Introverts…, ©2013, 155.2 CAI

Cloud, Henry – Clinical psychologist with experience in private practice, leadership, consulting, and media.
9 Things a Leader must Do, 2006, 253.7 CLO; Boundaries Face to Face, ©2003, 158.2 CLO; Boundaries in Dating, ©2000, 306.73 CLO; Boundaries in Marriage, ©1999, 306.872 CLO; Boundaries, ©1992, 153.6 CLO; Changes that Heal, ©1990, 158.1 CLO; How to get a Date worth Keeping, ©2005, 306.73 CLO; How to have that Difficult Conversation you’ve been Avoiding, ©2006, 158.2 CLO; Integrity – The Courage to meet the Demands of Reality, ©2006, 253.2 CLO; It’s Not my Fault, ©2007, 241.21 CLO; Necessary Endings, ©2010, 650.1 CLO; Raising Great Kids, ©1999, 649.3 CLO; Rescue your Love Life, © 2005, 646.7 CLO; Safe People, ©1995, 248.4 CLO; Making Small Groups Work, ©2003, SGR 253.7 CLO

Collins, Jim – Business consultant, lecturer, and lecturer on the subject of company sustainability and growth.
Good to Great, ©2001, 658.4 COL; How the Mighty Fall and Why some Companies never give in, ©2009, 658.16 COL

Cordeiro, Wayne – Founding pastor of the New Hope Christian Fellowship, Honolulu, HI.
Doing Church as a Team, ©2001, 254 COR

de Jesus, Wilfredo – Senior Pastor of New Life Covenant Church
In the Gap, ©2014, 248.8 JES

Dickson, John – Co-founder and director for the Centre for Public Christianity.
Humilitas, ©2011, AUD 658.4 LEA

Dungy, Tony – Former professional American football player and coach in the NFL
The Mentor Leader, 2010, 658.4 DUN;Uncommon: Finding your Path to Significance, 2009, 170.44 DUN

Giglio, Louie – Pastor of Passion City Church in Atlanta, GA, speaker, author, founder of the Passion Movement
I am Not but I Know I Am, ©2005, 248.22 GIG; Passion: The Bright Light of Glory, ©2014, 248.8 GIG; The Heart of Passion (series), ©2009, DVD 231 GIG

Goff, Bob – Founder of Restore International, Honorary Consul for the Republic of Uganda, founding partner of Goff & DeWalt LLP
Love Does, ©2012, 248.8 GOF

Grenny, Joseph – Co-founder of VitalSmarts
Crucial Conversations – Tool for Talking when Stakes are High, 2012, AUD 658.4 CRU

Groeschel, Craig – Founder and Senior Pastor of
Soul Detox, ©2012, SGR DVD 248.4 GRO

Haugen, Gary – President and CEO of International Justice Mission
Good News about Injustice, ©2002, 241.6 HAU; Just Courage, ©2008, 248.4 HAU, Terrify No More, ©2005, 326 HAU.

Hybels, Bill – Founding and Senior Pastor of Willow Creek Community Church.
Axiom, ©2008, 253 HYB; Becoming a Contagious Christian, ©1994, 248.5 HYB; Courageous Leadership, ©2002, 658.4 HYB, AUD 658.4 HYB; Honest to God?, ©1992, 248.4; Just Walk Across the Room, ©2006, 248.5; The Power of a Whisper, ©2010, 248.4 HYB; Simplify, ©2014, 248.4 HYB; Too Busy Not to Pray, ©1998, 248.32 HYB; The Volunteer Revolution, ©2004, 253.7 HYB; Celebrating God, ©2010, SGR 212.7 HYB; Marriage, ©1996, SGR 306.81 HYB; Prayer – Too Busy Not to Pray, ©1994, SGR HYB

Manion, Jeff – Senior Teaching Pastor of Ada Bible Church in Ada, MI
The Land Between: Finding God in Difficult Transitions, 2010, 248.4 MAN

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Seizing Your Divine Moment, ©2002, 248.4 MCM

McNeil, Brenda Salter – Speaker, Thought Leader, Founder of Salter McNeil and Assoc.
A Credible Witness, ©2008, 269.2 MCN; The Heart of Racial Justice, ©2004, 277.3 MCN

Loritts, Bryan – Founder and Lead Pastor of Fellowship Memphis
Right Color, Wrong Culture: A Leadership Fable, ©2014, 253.23 LOR

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All the Places to Go…How will you Know? ©2015, 248.4 ORT; Everybody’s Normal till you get to Know Them, ©2003, 153.6 ORT; God is Closer than you Think, ©2005, 248.4 ORT, SGR 248.4 ORT, SGR DVD 248.4 ORT; If you want to Walk on Water, you’ve got to get out of the Boat, ©2001, 248.4 ORT, SGR 248.4 ORT; Know Doubt, ©2008, 234.23 ORT; The Life you’ve always Wanted, ©2002, 248.4 ORT; The Me I Want to Be, ©2010, 248.4 ORT, SGR ORT; Soul Keeping, ©2014, 233.5 ORT; When the Game is Over, it all goes Back in the Box, ©2007, 248.4 ORT, SGR 248.4 ORT; Who is this Man? ©2012, 232.9 ORT, Fully Devoted, ©2000, SGR ORT; Gifts ©2000, SGR 234.12 ORT

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Too Small to Ignore, ©2007, 259.22 STA

WuDunn, Sheryl – Pulitzer Prize winner, writer, journalist, lecturer
Half the Sky, ©2009, 362.8 KRI

Why Jesus?


Do you ever wonder what Christians believe?  If so, one of these books may offer some answers for you.

Simply Jesus, N.T. Wright, ©2011, 232.9 WRI
A new vision of who Jesus was, what he did, and why he matters.

The Case for Christ, Lee Strobel, ©1998, 232.9 STR
An avowed atheist journalist journeys to the truth about the most remarkable event in history: the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  A revealing personal testimony to His power to transform people yet today.

Who is this Man?, John Ortberg, ©2012, 232.9 ORT
A powerful testament to the impact that Jesus has had on human history, the human condition, and our understanding of the obligations of one human being to another.  He reveals how Jesus’ vision for us to lead lives of dignity, compassion, forgiveness, and hope continues to inspire and challenge humanity today.

How God Became King, N.T. Wright, ©2012, 226.06 WRI
“We need a fundamental rethink about what the gospels are trying to tell us.”

Mere Christianity, C.S. Lewis, ©1952, 230 LEW
Lewis speaks out for the great common faith which unites all Christians and presents the reasons why someone can accept Christianity as true.  A true classic.

Basic Christianity, John Stott, ©1971, 230 STO
The author defends the fundamental claims of Christianity and then defines the proper outworkings of these basic beliefs in the daily lives of believers.

Simply Christian, N.T. Wright, ©2006, 230 WRI
Wright makes the case for Christian faith from the ground up, assuming that the reader has no knowledge of religion in general and Christianity in particular.

Simply Good News: Why the Gospel is News & What Makes it Good, N.T. Wright, ©2015, 230.23 WRI
Wright reveals what the “good news” really is and how the church often gets the story wrong.  It turns out the news is better than we believe.

Reaching for the Invisible God, Philip Yancey, ©2000, 231.7 YAN
This book helps you move from tough questions to a deeper relationship with a God you can trust, love, and live for with all your heart

Following Jesus: Biblical Reflections on Discipleship, N.T. Wright, ©2014, 248.8 WRI
Divided into two parts, Wright first looks at several NT books and their portrayal of Jesus.  Then he analyzes 6 NT themes and considers their significance for present-day disciples.

 The Jesus Way, Eugene Peterson, ©2007, 232 PET
Considers all the ways that Jesus is the Way compared to the American church today.

The Jesus I Never Knew, Philip Yancey, ©1995, 232 YAN
Offers a new and different perspective on the life of Christ and his work – his teaching, his miracles, his death and resurrection – and ultimately, who he was and why he came.

The Greatest Life of All: Jesus, Charles Swindoll, ©2008, 232.9 SWI
Swindoll takes you on an unforgettable journey through the complex and provocative life of Jesus of Nazareth.  Whether you’re just curious about Jesus or a longtime follower, you’ll experience His life in a new way.

How to be Born Again, Billy Graham, ©1977, 234 GRA
This book is at once universal and personal, for the new Christian and for the Christian along the Way – a primer for finding salvation and a guidebook for continuing growth.

What Does it Mean to be Saved? John Stackhouse Jr, ed., ©2002, 234 STA
Leading evangelical scholars probe the question of salvation in essays having the goal of encouraging a more holistic understanding of salvation.

Letters from a Skeptic, Dr. Gregory Boyd, ©2008, 239 BOY
This is a defense of the Christian faith, filled with intelligent questions often asked by new and nonbelievers, and insightful, practical answers.

The Reason for God, Timothy Keller, ©2008, 239 KEL
Keller addresses the frequent doubts that skeptics, and even ardent believers, have about religion.  He explains how the belief in a Christian God is a sound and rational one.

I Was just Wondering, Philip Yancey, ©1989, 240 YAN
44 ruminations on questions many of us have asked.

Verses from the Bible that show Jesus is God, Lord, and Savior:

“The Son is the radiance of God’s glory and the exact representation of his being.”  Hebrews 1:3

“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”  John 3:16-17

“For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith – and this not from yourselves, it is the gift of God – ‘not by works, so that no one can boast.”  Ephesians 2:8-9

“I am the way and the truth and the life.  No one comes to the Father except through me.”  John 14:6

“Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to men by which we must be saved.”   Acts 4:12

“For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him.”  John 3:17

Revised 12/2015

Science and Faith

Science and Faith

What is the relationship between God and Science?  Are they mutually exclusive or intertwined as tightly as a double helix?  Can science have a religious component?  Is man an entity that can only be logically explained by the scientific method?  Formulate your answers to these and other questions from these resources:

God and Stephen Hawking, John C. Lennox, ©2011, 231.76 LEN
Hawking’s arguments about his claims that the laws of physics themselves brought the universe into being, rather than God.  The author demonstrates that far from disproving a Creator God, they make his existence seem all the more probable.

A Fine-Tuned Universe, Alister McGrath, ©2009, 261.5 MCG
Exploring a widerange of physical and biological phenomena and drawing on the latest research, McGrath outlines our 21st century understanding of the natural world and discusses its implications for debates about the existence of God.

The Devil’s Delusion, David Berlinski, ©2009, 291.175 BER
Atheism and its scientific pretensions.


The Language of God: A scientist presents evidence for belief, Francis Collins, ©2006, 500 COL
Dr. Collins was head of the Human Genome Project and is now director of the National Institutes of Health.  He takes readers on a stunning tour of modern science to show that physics, chemistry, and biology can all fit together with belief in God and the Bible.

Science and Religion: Are they compatible?, Daniel Dennett, ©2011, 500 DEN
A two-sided debate between philosophers regarding whether the conflict between science and religion can be reconciled.

Where the Conflict Really Lies, Alvin Plantinga, ©2011, 500 PLA
Looking at areas such as evolution, divine action in the world, and the scientific study of religion, the author considers claims that evolution and theistic belief cannot co-exist.

Science & Christianity: Four Views, Richard F. Carlson, ©2000, 500 SCI
Six Christian scholars help sort through the issues as they present four views on the relationship of science and Christianity.  These views are: Creationism, Independence, Qualified Agreement, and Partnership.

The Case for a Creator, Lee Strobel, ©2004, 500 STR
In recent years, a diverse body of research has increasingly supported the conclusion that the universe was intelligently designed.  Through the author’s account, you will encounter the mind-stretching discoveries from cosmology, cellular biology, DNA research, astronomy, physics, and human consciousness that present astonishing evidence for a Creator.

The Source, John Clayton, ©2001, 501 CLA
Presents convincing evidence that the Bible and the facts of science agree.

Dawkins’ God, Alister McGrath, ©2005, 501 MCG
Takes on some of (atheist) Dawkins’ central assumptions, like the conflict between science and religion, the “selfish gene” theory of evolution, and the role of science in explaining the world, and exposes their unsustainability.

A Matter of Days, Hugh Ross, ©2004, 523.1 ROS
The length of time represented by the word day sparks controversy.  Questions like Does the Bible speak of a ‘big bang” and Does belief in an old Earth equate to belief in evolution?  The author addresses how the creation-day controversy developed and how history, theology, science, and Scripture reveal creation’s big picture.

The Privileged Planet, Guillermo Gonzalez, ©2004, 523.2 GON
The authors argue that the Earth is not just an insignificant speck in the universe, but was designed to support life and to give us the best view of the universe.

Finding Darwin’s God, Kenneth Miller, ©1999, 576.8 MIL
An artfully constructed argument against both those who deny evolution and those using science to justify a materialist worldview.

Darwinism, Design, and Public Education, John Campbell, ed., ©2003, 576.8 DAR
Examines Intelligent Design theory as a science, a philosophy, and a movement for education reform.

God and Evolution, Jay Richards, ed., ©2010, 576.8 GOD
Its purpose is to clarify the enigma that surrounds the various evolutionary theories.  Useful for small groups and adult Sunday School classes.  Each chapter includes discussion questions.

Darwin’s God: Evolution and the Problem of Evil, Cornelius Hunter, ©2001, 576.8 HUN
The author, a biophysicist, shows how Darwin’s inability to reconcile his understanding of a benevolent God with the cruelty, waste, and quandaries of nature led him to develop the theodicy called evolution.

Origins of Life, Fazale Rana, ©2004, 576.83 RAN
Presents a scientific model for the creation of first life on Earth – a model based on the Bible.

Revised 12/2015

Spiritual Practices

Spiritual Practices

Allow God to form Himself in you through these resources.


Spiritual Practices

Life Together in Christ, Ruth Barton, ©2014, 248.4 BAR
Transformation in community emerges as we embrace a shared commitment to the attitudes, practices, and behaviors that open us to Christ in our midst

Spiritual Disciplines Handbook, Adele Ahlberg Calhoun, ©2005, 248.4 CAL
The author shows how desires and discipline work together to lead us to the transformation we’re longing for – the transformation only Christ can bring.

The Ride of Your Life, Mike Howerton, ©2014, 248.4 HOW
Through the analogy of teaching his son to ride a bike, Howerton lays out five essential life lessons that will help you recapture the wonder of a childlike faith and embrace a passionate, adventurous life full of possibilities and promise

We Make the Road by Walking, Brian McLaren, ©2014, 248.4 MCL
The 52 weekly readings can each be read in 10 minutes and offer a simple curriculum of insightful reflections and transformative practices.

Presence: Spiritual Formation, Reflection, Prayer

Shaped by the Word, M. Robert Mulholland Jr., ©248.3 MUL
The power of scripture in spiritual formation.

Life of the Beloved, Henri J.M. Nouwen, ©1992, 248.4 NOU
Who are you in Christ?  Nouwen answers in this classic book: “You are the Beloved.”  Discover this gift in yourself and others.

The Sacred Romance, Brent Curtis & John Eldredge, ©1997, 248.2 CUR
Drawing closer to the heart of God.  Jesus’ invitation to experience His unfathomable love for us.

Water my Soul, Luci Shaw, ©1998, 248.4 SHA
This book guides you into a deeper understanding of how to cultivate the life of the soul in relationship to God using the metaphor of the garden.

The Table of Inwardness, Calvin Miller, ©1984, 248.4 MIL
In prayer, meditation, obedience, and everyday life, we can enrich and foster the inner life in Christ we were made for.

Whole Prayer, Walter Wangerin Jr., ©1998, 248.3 WAN
The four parts of praying: We Speak; God Listens; God Speaks; We Listen.

Silence on Fire: Prayer of Awareness, William Shannon, ©2000, 248.3 SHA
Teaches a wordless form of prayer in which the reader experiences a “silence on fire”: life aglow with the presence of God.

Breakthrough Prayer, Jim Cymbala, ©2003, 248.32 CYM
Receiving what you need from God.

Prayer: Does it make any Difference?, Philip Yancey, ©2006, 248.32 YAN
An invitation to pray to a God who wants to interact with us, even to the extent of giving us influence over what happens.  Answers many questions about prayer.

Remembering: Fasting, Sabbath Keeping, Worship

Fasting, Lynne Baab, ©2006, 248.47 BAA
Explores our appetites, looks at the history behind “the fast” and teaches us how to abstain and seek God.

Keeping the Sabbath Wholly, Marva Dawn, ©1989, 263.3 DAW
God himself deliberately established the rhythm of six days of work and one day of ceasing work in order that the relationship with Him could reach greater depth.  View the Sabbath through Ceasing, Resting, Embracing, and Feasting.

Sabbath Keeping, Lynne Baab, ©2005, 263.3 BAA
Finding freedom in the rhythms of rest.

Enjoying Intimacy with God, J. Oswald Sanders, ©1980, 248.4 SAN
17 short readings revolving around intimacy with God including quotes from well-known theologians.  Would be good to use as a daily devotional.

Christian Worship, Ronald Byars, ©2000, 264 BYA
Deals with the importance of the Word and sacrament.  A Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) publication.

Worship: Old & New, Robert Webber, ©1982, 264 WEB
The biblical roots, historical developments, and theological meaning of worship.

Lifestyle: Simplicity, Service, Cultural Critique

Simpler Living, Compassionate Life: A Christian Perspective, Michael Schut, ©2009. 640 SCH

Rich Christians in an Age of Hunger: Moving from Affluence to Generosity, Ronald Sider, ©2005, 261.85 SID, 363.8 SID.

Living on Purpose, Christine & Tom Sine, ©2002, 248.4 SIN
Finding God’s best for your life through setting priorities, goals, writing your personal mission statement, and seeking first God’s kingdom.

SimChurch, Douglas Estes, ©2009, 262 EST
If you’re passionate about the church, outreach, and technology, and feel both excitement and concern about combining them, then these are just some of the issues you must grapple with.

Culture Shift, David Henderson, ©1998, 261.1 HEN
Communicating God’s Truth to our changing world.

The Will of God as a Way of Life, Jerry Sittser, ©2004, 248.4 SIT
How to make every decision with peace and confidence.

Right Color Wrong Culture, Bryan Loritts, ©2014, 253.23 LOR
Loritts shows why understanding the cultural expressions of every ethnic group is important when looking for the right leader to move your organization toward multi-ethnicity.

The Wisdom of Each Other, Eugene Peterson, ©1998, 248.4 PET
Spiritual friendships.  Peterson demonstrates how the concerns of life can be met with the insights that come through transparent, Christ-centered relationships.

Christ & Culture Revisited, DA Carson, ©2008, 261.22 CAR
A practical guide for helping Christians untangle current messy debates about living in the world, but not being of it.

The Great Awakening, Jim Wallis, ©2008, 269.0973 WAL
A call to arms which analyzes the role of faith in embracing “common good” politics and provides seven commitments we can make to move us toward a better world.

Improving your Serve: The Art of Unselfish Living, Charles Swindoll, ©1981, 248 SWI
Teaches Christians how to be preoccupied with the other person’s needs and welfare, which leads us to experience genuine happiness and fulfillment, as was the lifestyle of our Lord.

Revised 12/2015



The Practice of Prayer

Use these resources to deepen your walk with God as you reach out to Him in prayer.

Living the Lord’s Prayer, Albert Haase, 226.9 HAS, ©2009

Help, Thanks, Wow: The Three Essential Prayers, Anne Lamott, ©2012, 242.4 LAM,

Praying the Attributes of God, Rosemary Jensen, ©2002, 242.8 JEN

Devotional Classics, Richard J. Foster & James B. Smith, ©1993, 248 DEV

Soul Feast, Marjorie J. Thompson, ©2005, 248.22 THO

Praying Circles Around the Lives of Your Children, Mark Batterson, ©2014, 248.3 BAT

Sanctuary of the Soul, Richard Foster, ©2011, 248.3 FO

Clinging: The Experience of Prayer, Emilie Griffin, ©2003, 248.3 GRI

Kneeling with Giants, Gary Hansen, ©2012, 248.3 HAN

Open Mind, Open Heart, Thomas Keating, ©1992, 248.3 KEA

Prayer: The Great Conversation, Peter Kreeft, ©1991, 248.3 KRE

A Simple Way to Pray, Martin Luther, ©2000, 248.3 LUT

A Prayer that Moves Heaven, Ron Mehl, ©2002, 248.3 MEH

Shaped by the Word, M. Robert Mulholland Jr., ©2000, 248.3 MUL

With Open Hands, Jenri J.M. Nouwen, ©1972, 248.3 NOU

Space for God, Don Postema, ©1997, 248.3 POS

Silence on Fire, William Shannon, ©2000, 248.3 SHA

Five Pillars of the Spiritual Life, Fr. Robert Spitzer, ©2008, 248.3 SPI

Whole Prayer, Walter Wangerin Jr., ©1998, 248.3 WAN

The Book of Daily Prayer, Robert Webber, ©1993, 248.3 WEB

And God Changed His Mind, Brother Andrew, ©1999, 248.32 AND

Talking with God, Bruce Bickel & Stan Jantz, ©2000, 248.32 BIC

The Hidden Power of Healing Prayer, Mahesh Chavda, ©2001, 248.32 CHA

Breakthrough Prayer, Jim Cymbala, ©2003, 248.32 CYM

Prayer, Richard J. Foster, ©1992, 248.32 FOS

A Guide to Prayer for all God’s People, Rueben Job, ©1990, 248.32 JOB

Invitation to Pray, Ben Johnson, ©1992, 248.32 JOH

An Adventure in Prayer, Ben Johnson, ©1992, 248.32 JOH

Teach Me to Pray, Andrew Murray, ©2002, 248.32 MUR

The Power of a Praying Husband, Stormie Omartian, ©2001, 248.32 OMA

The Power of a Praying Wife, Stormie Omartian, ©1997, 248.32 OMA

Praying, J.I. Packer, ©2006, 248.32 PAC

No Holds Barred, Mark Roberts, ©2005, 248.32 ROB

Intercessory Prayer, Dutch Sheets, ©1996, 248.32 SHE

When God Doesn’t Answer Your Prayer, Jerry Sittser, ©2007, 248.32 SIT

Surprised by the Voice of God, Jack Deere, ©1996, 248.4 DEE

Celebration of Discipline, Richard J. Foster, ©1978, 248.4 FOS

Hearing God’s Call, Ben Johnson, ©2002, 248.4 JOH

Listening for God, Ben Johnson, ©1997, 248.4 JOH

Enjoying Intimacy with God, J. Oswald Sanders, ©2000, 248.4 SAN

Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life, Donald Whitney, ©1991, 248.4 WHI

When Couples Pray Together, David & Jan Stoop, ©2000, 248.8 STO

Prayer: Does it Make a Difference?, Philip Yancey, ©2006, AUD 248.32 YAN,

Becoming a Woman of Prayer, Cynthia Heald, ©1996, SGR 248.3 HEA


Be joyful always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.”     1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

 “Prayer creates that openness where God can give himself to man.  Indeed, God wants to give himself; he wants to surrender himself to the man he has created, he even begs to be admitted into the human heart.”  H.J.M. Nouwen

 “In prayer, real prayer, we begin to think God’s thoughts after Him: to desire the things He desires, to love the things He loves.  Progressively we are taught to see things from His point of view.”       Richard J. Foster


 Prayer Workshops are offered throughout the year.  For more information please call the Caring Ministries Dept. at  425-454-3087  x3397.

Revised 12/2015

Revival / Renewal


Renew Your Soul through these resources:

FORGIVENESS – Revival through renewed relationships

The Sacred Art of Forgiveness, Marcia Ford, ©2006, 234.5 FOR
Coming to terms with anger, bitterness, and resentment; strategies for listening “with the heart”, ways of allowing the power of the Spirit to work through you, and more.

Forgive & Forget, Lewis Smedes, ©1984, 234.5 SME
Proposes a process for healing through forgiveness and moving beyond our feelings of hurt and anger.

Total Forgiveness, R.T. Kendall, ©2002, 234.5 KEN
Gives encouragement to cast out areas of unforgiveness that have kept you from enjoying the best God has to offer you.

HOPE – Revival through a renewed future

A Future and a Hope, Lloyd Ogilvie, ©1988, 234.2 OGI
The resurrection is the historical basis for hope and hope is the indispensable anchor for faith and love.

Wild Hope, Tom Sine, ©1991, 261.1 SIN
Trends, attitudes, and assumptions that affect Christians’ ability to anticipate and respond to the future.  A reminder of both our biblical responsibility and the basis for our Christian hope.

Hope has its Reasons, Rebecca Manley Pippert, ©1989, 248.4 PIP
The author confronts the unwillingness of our society to face the reality of sin and paints the panorama of hope and healing that the Scriptures so beautifully offer.

POWER – Revival through strength in Christ

The Christian in Complete Armour, Vol. 1, William Gurnall, ©1986, 235 GUR
Originally written in 1655 addresses spiritual warfare, the nature of the enemy, and the provision of Jesus to defend Himself.

UNITY / Racial Reconciliation – Revival through Understanding

More than Equals, Spencer Perkins & Chris Rice, ©1993, 305.8 PER
There is hope for our race problem that whites and African-Americans can live together in peace.

United by Faith, Curtiss DeYoung et al, ©2003, 305.8 UNI
Multiracial Christian congregations offer a key to opening the still-locked door between the races in the United States.

Breaking Down Walls, Raleigh Washington and Glen Kehrein, ©1993, 305.8 WAS
Eight principles of racial reconciliation that have been refined in the crucible of inner city living and ministry.

BIOGRAPHIES – Revival by example

Amazing Grace, Eric Metaxas, ©2007, 326.8 MET
William Wilberforce and the heroic campaign to end slavery.

One Life at a Time, Robert Seiple, ©1990, 267 SEI
True stories, from the president of World Vision,that take us beyond the headlines of wars, famines, and civil strife, into the personal triumphs of individuals over suffering and despair.

Living Water, Brother Yun, ©2008, 248.4 YUN
A collection of Brother Yun’s teachings that evolved from his life experiences of persecution and revival in China.

SOCIETY – Revival through radical social change

The Great Awakening, Jim Wallis, ©2008, 269.0973 WAL
A call to arms which analyzes the role of faith in embracing “common good” politics and provides seven commitments we can make to move us toward a better world.

Generous Justice, Timothy Keller, ©2010, 261.8 KEL
Explores a life of justice empowered by an experience of grace: a generous, gracious justice.  Offers a new understanding of modern justice and human rights.

The Church of Irresistible Influence, Robert Lewis, ©2001, 261.1 LEW
Reconnecting your church with the community, “incarnational bridge building”, and stories of action, partnerships, and adventures.

MARRIAGE & FAMILY– Reviving our closest relationships

The Five Love Languages, Gary Chapman, ©1992, 306.81 CHA
Learn to speak and understand the unique languages of love and effectively express you love as well as feel truly loved in return.

Sacred Marriage, Gary Thomas, ©2000, 248.4 THO
Your marriage is more than a sacred covenant with another person.  It is a spiritual discipline designed to help you know God better, trust him more fully, and love him more deeply.

A Lasting Promise, Scott Stanley et al, 306.81 STA
Based on university research and supported by scripture, this book provides many practical ideas to protect your marriage and make it better.

Scream-free Parenting, Hal Runkel, ©2007, 649 RUN
This book is about taming your reactive responses to your deep anxiety.  You’ll discover the liberating principles – based on scriptural truths – that will enable you to remain cool, calm, and connected with your children.

What Every Child Needs, Elisa Morgan & Carol Kuykendall, ©1997 MOPS,  649.1 MOR
The basic needs of each child are identified and, through a child’s language of love, the reader is shown how to recognize and meet each need…and how to respect your own needs in the process.

Raising Kids who Turn out Right, Dr. Tim Kimmel, ©2005, 649.1 KIM
The author outlines a strategy for positive parenting – a plan that gives you reachable goals, while allowing for your personal parenting style.

FAITH – Reviving our passion for Christ

Say Yes!, Luis Palau, ©1995, 248.4 PAL
How to renew your spiritual passion.

My Heart – Christ’s Home, Robert Munger, ©1989, 248.4 MUN
Invites Christ to enter our hearts and be comfortable in every room in it.

Fresh Faith, Jim Cymbala, ©1999, 243 CYM

The Heart of Passion, Louie Giglio, ©2009, 231 GIG #1-4 (DVD)
Paints a picture of what our lives look like when we live for something larger than ourselves.

Revised 9/2012

Women in Ministry


Women have been in Christian leadership roles since Jesus’ time.  Their strength of faith is an asset to the Church that transcends gender roles.

 Women in Church Leadership (Lectures), ©1994, AUD 253 WOM
A CD containing lectures by four Regent College professors: Gordon Fee, James I. Packer, Eugene Peterson, and Bruce Waltke.

Strong Was Her Faith, J. Ellsworth Kalas, ©2012, 225.9 KAL
Focuses on 11 women from the New Testament, examining how each one fits into, as well as shapes, the New Testament story.

A Faith of Her Own, J. Ellsworth Kalas, ©2012, 221.9 KAL
Looks at several women of the Old Testament and how their stories of strength, courage, perseverance, and faith have shaped our lives as believers today.

Women in the Life of Jesus, Jill Briscoe, ©1988, SGR 220.8 BRI
The author introduces you to some of the many women whose lives were touched by Jesus during His earthly ministry.  Designed for small group or individual study.

Discovering Biblical Equality, Ronald Pierce, ©2005, 220.8 PIE
26 evangelical scholars explore the whole range of issues – historical, biblical, theological, hermeneutical, and practical.  While dispelling many of the myths surrounding biblical equality, they offer a case that affirms the complementarity of the sexes without requiring a hierarchy of roles.

Esther: It’s Tough being a Woman, Beth Moore, ©2008, SGR 222.9 MOO
If you’ve ever felt inadequate, threatened, or pushed into situations that seemed overpowering, this is the study for you.

The Apostle Paul and Women in the Church, Don Williams, ©2010, 261.8 WIL
Divided into three parts, the first part looks at several contemporary views of women’s roles; the second part analyzes many Scripture verses alluding to women; and the third presents conclusions based upon Paul’s writings.

Half the Sky, Nicholas Kristof, ©2009, 362.8 KRI
Through inspiring stories of extraordinary women, the authors show that the most effective way to fight global poverty is to unleash the potential of women.

 Daughters of the Church, Ruth Tucker, ©1987, 270.088, TUC
This is a book about women.  It is a restoring of balance to history that has repeatedly played down the significance of the contributions of women to the theology, the witness, the movements, and the growth of the church

Equal to Serve, Gretchen Hull, ©1991, 261.8 HUL
“A straightforward biblically based presentation of a God who transcends gender and elevates both men and women who are ready to follow him.”

Fully Alive, Dr. Larry Crabb, ©2013, 261.8 CRA
A Biblical vision of gender that frees men and women to live beyond stereotypes.

Women at the Cross, Linda Lesniewski, ©2005, 270.08 LES
The author examines the devotion, loyalty, and servanthood of the women who came, who stayed, and who continue to come to the Cross even today.

Women of Awakenings, Lewis and Betty Drummond, 270.082 DRU, ©1997
Beginning with Deborah in the book of Judges, the historic role of women in revivals through the great awakenings of the last three centuries is traced.

That Gentle Strength, Lynda Coon, ed., ©1990, 270.08 COO
This book explores the historic roles of women in the Christian church and examines how their spirituality both reflected and shaped not only the female experience but the universal Christian experience.

Nice Girls Don’t Change the World, Lynne Hybels, ©2005, 248.843 HYB
Hybels tells of her struggle to reclaim the unique gifts, strengths, and passions God gave her.


Deborah, a prophetess, was leading Israel at that time.  …the Israelites came to her to have their disputes decided.  Judges 4:4-5

I commend to you our sister Pheobe, a deaconess of the church at Cenchreae, that you may receive her in the Lord as befits the saints, and help her in whatever she may require of you.  Romans 16:1-2

Greet Prisca and Aquila, my fellow workers in Christ Jesus, who risked their necks for my life, to whom not only I but also all the churches of the Gentiles give thanks; greet also the church in their house.  Romans 16:3-5

Women traveled with Jesus, including Mary Magdalene, Joanna, and Susanna.  They were women who were influential, wealthy, and of good reputation and used their money and goods and all their talented energies to minister to Jesus and His team.  Jesus elevated the place of women by sharing His mission with them.  Luke 8:1-3

Paul declared boldly that “in Christ Jesus you are all children of God through faith” and that therefore “there is no longer male and female.  Galatians 3:26,28

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Missional Communities

Missional Communities Resources

These books on Missional Communities will help start the conversation regarding this new and exciting paradigm.

Thin Places: Six Postures for Creating and Practicing Missional Community, Jon Huckins, ©2012, 226 HUC
The authors walk you through the six postures of missional formation: listening, submerging, inviting, contending, imagining, and entrusting.  As you begin to
employ these postures, you will become apprentices of Jesus who are committed to living in and experiencing the “thin places” – the places where heaven and earth seem only thinly separated.

The Tangible Kingdom, Hugh Halter & Matt Smay, ©2008, 250.22 HAL
Outlines a model for creating thriving grass-roots faith communities by offering some intentional activities and habits of life that can help this faith community make God’s kingdom more tangible.

The Tangible Kingdom Primer, Hugh Halter & Matt Smay, ©2009, 250.2 HAL
Two purposes:  To be a spiritual formation tool to prepare your heart for mission, and to be a field guide for starting mission together.  A primer for building lifelong habits around mission.

 A Different Kind of Tribe: Embracing the New Small-Group Dynamic, Rick Howerton, ©2012, 253.7 HOW
Addresses topics such as: What leadership traits the new small-group leader must have; How to start groups that are more about making disciples than  assimilating people into church life; Why it’s important for groups to live a
missional mindset; and, What holds small-group members captive and how to set them free.

Barefoot Church: Serving the Least in a consumer Culture, Brandon Hatmaker, ©2011, 259.08 HAT
The author shows us how today’s church can be a catalyst for individual, collective, and social renewal in any context.  We are reminded that serving the least is not a trendy act of benevolence but a lifestyle of authentic community and spiritual transformation.

Slow Church, C. Christopher Smith, ©2014, 266 SMI
We are invited out of franchise faith and back into the kingdom of God where people know each other well and love one another as Christ loved the church.

The Road to Missional, Michael Frost, ©2011, 262.7 FRO
Frost defines the “missional” church and looks at its characteristics.  It is not
considered just another church model, but a call to live an incarnational life, to serve as Christ did, and to lead others into the risky vocation of following the mission Dei.  It is a call to service, sacrifice, selflessness, and effort to be worked out in neighborhoods and people groups around the world.

Leading Missional Communities, Mike Breen, ©2013, 266 BRE
MCs are a vehicle that allow us to point ourselves toward living our everyday lives as extended families in “oikos” (“household” in Greek) on mission.

Launching Missional Communities: A Field Guide, Mike Breen & Alex Absalom, ©2010, 266 BRE
This bookputs the best practices into one, centralized resource.  Looks at the  questions of:  What does the church of the future look like?; How do we reach people who don’t know Jesus?; and How do we make missional disciples?

Missional: Joining God in the Neighborhood, Alan Roxburgh, ©2011, 266 ROX
Based on the premise that “Missional calls you to reenter your neighborhood and community to discover what the Spirit is doing there—to start with God’s mission—and join in, shaping your local church around that mission.”  Missional is not a passive, but an active model.

Missional God, Missional Church, Ross Hastings ©2012, 266.23 HAS
Hastings addresses the practical challenges confronting the church, the need for the church to interact more effectively with contemporary culture, and practical strategies for addressing the problems it faces.  He sounds a call for the church to become what it was intended to be, a community of shalom, healing, and forgiveness in a hostile land.

Missional Communities: the Rise of the Post-Congregational Church, Reggie McNeal, ©2011, 266.23 MCN
Addressing the people who, for a variety of reasons, choose to pursue their spiritual journey outside the routines and rhythms of the congregational model of church that has dominated religious activity.  At the heart of the book are stories about some of these new missional communities.


Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.”     Matthew 28:19

 “For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them” Matthew 18:20

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N.T. Wright

Books by N.T. Wright

(New Testament Book) for Everyone Series, 226.2 WRI – 228 WRI

After You Believe: Why Christian Character Matters, 241.4 WRI

The Case for the Psalms: Why they are Essential, 223.2 WRI

The Challenge of Jesus: Rediscovering who Jesus was and is, 232.21 WRI

Colossians and Philemon: An introduction and commentary,227.7 WRI

How God became King: The forgotten story of the Gospels, 226.06 WRI

Jesus and the Victory of God, 225.6 WRI

The Last Word: Scripture and the Authority of God, 220.1 WRI

Lent for Everyone: Mark, Year B: a daily devotional, 242.3 WRI

Lent for Everyone: Luke, Year C: a daily devotional, 242.3 WRI

The Lord and His Prayer, 226.9 WRI

Mark: 20 studies for individuals and groups, 226.3 WRI

Matthew: 25 studies for individuals and groups, 226.2 WRI

The Meal Jesus Gave Us, 234.1 WRI

The New Testament and the People of God, 225.6 WRI

The Original Jesus: the life and vision of a revolutionary, 232.9 WRI

Paul and the Faithfulness of God, Parts 1-4, 225.9 WRI

Pauline Perspectives: Essays on Paul 1978-2013

The Resurrection of the Son of God, 225.6 WRI

Scripture and the Authority of God: How to read the Bible today, 220.1 WRI

The Scriptures, the Cross, and the Power of God: Reflections for Holy Week, 242.35 WRI

Simply Christian: Why Christianity makes sense, 232.9 WRI

Simply Jesus: Who he was, what he did, why it matters, 232.9 WRI

Small Faith – Great God: Biblical faith for today’s Christians, 234.23 WRI

Surprised by Hope: Rethinking heaven, the resurrection, and the mission of the church, 236 WRI

Resurrection, DVD 232.97 WRI

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Resources for the Community


Impact Poverty


Reach out to those in greatest need through ideas and visions from these resources:

The Gospel of Father Joe: Revolutions and Revelations in the Slums of Bangkok, Greg Barrett, 261.8 BAR, ©2008
The story and amazing results of Father Joe Maier as he builds many preschools in the slums of Bangkok and teaches the children to read and write.

Isaiah and Urban Possibility, Walter Brueggemann, ©1993, 224.1BRU
The author explores readings from Isaiah and how they relate to the environment and urban crisis.

The New Friars: The Emerging Movement Serving the World’s Poor, Scott Bessenecker, ©2006, 261.8 BES
Profiles young Christians who have voluntarily removed themselves from the status quo in order to seek justice and mercy with the poorest of the world’s poor.

When Helping Hurts: How to Alleviate Poverty without Hurting the Poor—and Ourself, Steve Corbett, ©2009, 261.8 COR
Foundational concepts, principles, and strategies for impoverished people.

Rich Christians in an Age of Hunger: Moving from Affluence to Generosity, Ronald J. Sider, ©1997, 261.85 SID
Sider explains poverty’s complex causes iand offers concrete, practical proposals for change.

Banker to the Poor: Micro-lending and the battle against world poverty, Muhammad Yunus, ©2007, 332.1 YUN
A Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Yunus and the Grameen Bank discovered that giving access to evan a small amount of credit can transform the lives of the poorest citizens of the world.

Christian Microenterprise Development, David Bussau & Russell Mask, ©2003, 338.7 BUS
Provides information to help Christian MED practitioners and donors better understand how to apply Christian MED in ways that build Christ’s kingdom.

The White Man’s Burden, William Easterly, ©2006, 338.91 EAS
Foreign aid and related Western efforts to help the world’s most desperate people.  An indictment of the failure of Western aid to reach the poor.

The End of Poverty: Economic Possibilities for our Time, Jeffrey Sachs, ©2005, 339.4 SAC
Offers an informed vision of the steps that can transform impoverished countries into prosperous ones.

101 Ways to Help People in Need, Steve and Janie Sjogren, ©2002, 362 SJO
Serving ideas at four different commitment levels.

Walking with the Poor: Principles and Practices of Transformational Development, Bryant Myers, ©1999, 362.5 MYE
How Christian mission can contribute to overcoming poverty and dismantling systematic social evil.

Just Generosity: A New Vision for Overcoming poverty in America, Ronald J. Sider, ©1999, 362.5 SID
A holistic approach in which faith-based groups work with business, media, and government, uniting inner spiritual transformation and correction of structural injustice, to help end poverty in the United States.

More than Houses, Millard Fuller, ©2000, 363.5 FUL
The story of Habitat for Humanity and how it is building not only houses, but hope, relationships, communities, and nurturing families.  Stories of those impacted by H for H.

Beyond Hunger, Art Beals, ©1985, 363.8 BEA
There is hope. Opportunities abound for offering real help to the hungry in Jesus’ name.  You are part of the solution.

same kind of different as me, Ron Hall, ©2006, 921 HAL
Three people from different walks of life, including one illiterate, homeless man, meet in a homeless shelter and share their lives.

The Gospel of Father Joe: Revolutions and Revelations in the Slums of Bangkok, Greg Barrett, ©2008, F PHI
The story of this Catholic priest who served in Bangkok’s squatter slums, creating preschools to educate the children, orphanages, AIDS hospices, youth sports leagues, and more.

A Place at the Table: 40 Days of Solidarity with the Poor, Chris Seay, ©2012, DVD 362 SEA


A generous man will himself be blessed, for he shares his food with the poor.”  Proverbs 22:9

 “Come, you who are blessed by my Father; take your inheritance…For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in, I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me.”  Matthew 25:35-36

 “The biblical vision of the world calls human beings to …overcome oppression and correct injustice, knowing that the Lord Jesus will complete the victory over every evil at His return.”  Ronald J. Sider

 “Currently, more than eight million people around the world die each year because they are too poor to stay alive.   Jeffrey Sachs

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Justice and Racial Reconciliation

The BelPres Library contains these books, magazines, and DVDs to inform and challenge us to respond to issues of world-wide justice and social responsibility.  Relevant websites are listed at the bottom of this list..


A Credible Witness, Brenda S. McNeil, ©2008, 269.2 MCN
America’s Original Sin, Jim Wallis, ©2016, 305.8 WAL
Disunity in Christ, Christena Cleveland, ©2013, 262.7 CLE
I Shall Not Hate, Izzeldin Abuelaish, ©2011, 610.9 ABU
The Heart of Racial Justice, Brenda S. McNeil , ©2004, 277.3 MCN
Roadmap to Reconciliation, Brenda S. McNeil,  ©2015, 234.5 MCN
Between the World and Me, Ta-Nehisi Coates, ©2015, 305.8 COA
Just Mercy, Bryan Stevenson, ©2014, 353.4 STE
Let Justice Roll Down, John Perkins, ©1976, 921 PER
The New Jim Crow, Michelle Alexander, ©2012, 364.9 ALE
Tears We Cannot Stop, Michael Dyson, ©2017, 305.8 DYS

The Warmth of Other Suns, Isabel Wilkerson (not in BelPres Library)
Hillbilly Elegy, JD Vance (R-Language, not in BelPres Library)
Evicted: Poverty and Profit in the American City, Matthew Desmond (not in BelPres Library)
The Case for Reparations, Ta-Nehisi Coates (not in BelPres Library)


This Beautiful Mess, Rick McKinley, ©2006, 231.7 MCK
Good News about Injustice, Gary Haugen, ©2002, 241.6 HAU
Just Courage, Gary Haugen, ©2008, 248.4 HAU
The Hole in our Gospel, Richard Stearns, ©2010, 248.4 STE
Reading the Bible with the Damned, Bob Ekblad, ©2005, 259 EKB
Generous Justice, Timothy Keller, ©2010, 261.8 KEL
On God’s Side, Jim Wallis, ©2013, 261.8 WAL
Pursuing Justice, Ken Wytsma, ©2013, 261.8 WYT
The Dangerous Act of Worship, Mark Labberton, ©2007, 264.2 LAB
The Great Awakening, Jim Wallis, ©2008, 269.0973 WAL
Justice that Restores, Charles Colson, ©2001, 364.4 COL
Sojourners—Faith in action for social justice monthly magazine.


I Beat the Odds, Michael Oher, ©2011, 796.3 OHE
More than Houses (Habitat for Humanity), Millard Fuller, ©2000, 363.5 FUL
A Simple, Decent Place to Live (Habitat for Humanity), Millard Fuller, ©1995, 363.5 FUL
The Blind Side, DVD 796.42


Welcoming the Stranger, Matthew Soerens, ©2009, 261.850E


Beyond Hunger, Art Beals, ©1985, 363.8 BEA


The New Friars, Scott Bessenecker, ©2006, 261.8 BES
When Helping Hurts, Steve Corbett, ©2009, 261.8 COR
Rich Christians in an Age of Hunger: , Ronald J. Sider, ©1997, 261.85 SID
Overrated, Eugene Cho, ©2014, 266 CHO
The White Man’s Burden, William Easterly, ©2006, 338.91 EAS
The End of Poverty, Jeffrey Sachs, ©2005, 339.4 SAC (NYT Bestseller)
Walking with the Poor, Bryant Myers, ©1999, 362.5 MYE
Just Generosity, Ronald J. Sider, ©1999, 362.5 SID
The Gospel of Father Joe: Revolutions and Revelations in the Slums of Bangkok,
         Greg Barrett, ©2008, F PHI
A Place at the Table: 40 Days of Solidarity with the Poor, Chris Seay, ©2012, DVD 362 SEA


Material Change, Eve Blossom, ©2011, 338.4 BLO


Half the Sky, Nicholas Kristof & Sheryl Wudunn, ©2009, 262.8 KRI
Not for Sale, David Batstone, ©2010, 306.3 BAT
Terrify No More, Gary Haugen, ©2005, 326 HAU
The Road of Lost Innocence, Somaly Mam, ©2008, 362 MAM
John Newton, Gary Wilkinson, DVD 920 NEW
Amazing Grace, DVD 921 WIL



“The Day my God Died” video –
“Dreams Die Hard” documentary –
International Justice
Love 146 (worth watching) –
Not for
Project Rescue
Rahab Ministries in
Shared Hope
US Dept. of Health & Human
World Hope

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