PERSPECTIVES on the World Christian Movement Classes

Tuesday Evenings,  September 5- December 19, 6:30 pm  UC-105-106 

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Great things happen when our hearts align around God’s global purpose.  Perspectives will take you on a journey of exploration as you take a deep dive into Scripture, explore His global purpose of redemption as we see that thread down through History, expand our understanding of reaching across Cultures, and engage Strategically in the present work He is doing in the world. All this and more in 15 weeks with 15 experienced instructors, teaching in their areas of expertise.
The Bel Pres Class begins with Lesson One, “The Living God is a Missionary God”, on September 5th and finishes with Lesson Fifteen, “World Christian Discipleship”, on December 19th.  The location for the class is UC – 105.  Begin planning now to make your Tuesday nights free for this experience of learning in a safe community. Contact Margie Gilchrist, Coordinator:
Perspectives can be taken at the Certificate, Credit, and Key Reading level.  

Key Reading Level: This level requires about 3 -5 hours of reading per week with no written homework. There are five “Personal Reflections” assigned during the course which would require approximately an hour each to complete. Cost:  $275.00

Certificate Level: This level is recommended for those who seek to gain a deeper understanding of the topics. It involves a weekly 10 question Review assignment, five “Personal Reflections”, and one research project due at the end of the course. This level requires approx 7 hours of work per week.  Cost:  $275.00

Credit Level: This level can be taken for undergraduate or post graduate credit. This involves a mid-term and final exam plus an integrative project in addition to regular weekly assignments. This level requires about 8 hours of work per week. The credit will come through Trinity International University and Excelsior University.  Cost:  $525.00

Alumni are welcome and encouraged to register!  ACSI credits are also available.