Deacons of BelPres: Alice Fong

“I guess the thing that I’m thinking about the most because I’m starting my own business is about my parents’ small business. They had a little Chinese restaurant in Tacoma, and because my work is about relationships, their restaurant really modeled that for me. They were very relational in their work, and it was a lot of fun. They still have relationships with people – they’re excited when they see them at Target or wherever they’re at. One time, we were at Anthony’s Seafood Restaurant, and somebody was staring at my parents, and then they came over, and it turned out they used to eat at our restaurant. I loved the restaurant because of how relational it was. I didn’t love all the work, but I did like being able to have conversations with people, to learn their story, and I think that is the coolest part of my childhood. I never felt sad that I didn’t get to do what normal kids did my age because I went from school to the restaurant, but it was fun because I just love talking to people. That built a really strong foundation, and it carried me through my whole career thus far and into my business, Gwaan Hai. Gwaan Hai means “relationship” in Cantonese. I started coming to BelPres to play badminton when I first moved out to Bellevue. When I moved out on my own, my mom told me I should find my own church, so I asked my badminton friend Geoff where I could go. He said, “why don’t you come to my church?” I asked where his church was and he pointed out through the double doors from the Community Center and said, “it’s right here!” So I came, and I didn’t fall asleep during the sermons. Scott is funny! So I kept coming. I actually was very hesitant when I got the call to be a Deacon because you have to pray for people. They gave us prayer training, but it didn’t sink in until the last couple years. I’ve had to pray more, and I got better at it, and I just realized that it’s not me praying, it’s God praying. Yeah, I guess that is probably the best thing. I love a lot of things about BelPres, but the prayer journey is just magical.”

-Alice Fong

Deacon for Area 2, 98004 & 98039

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