Congratulations on your decision to be married. We believe God has had a direct hand in your commitment to each other and is an indispensable partner with you in your new relationship as husband and wife. The only “not good” from God in the Creation stories (Genesis 1-2) appears when Adam is alone! Then God provides a partner, so that the “two shall be one … and unashamed!”

It is our desire, as the wedding staff of Bellevue Presbyterian Church, to help you celebrate your wedding vows in the most joyful and dignified manner possible. We believe that your wedding should be remembered as a holy event in your lives and as a time when God’s love and grace were evident to all.

Contacts & Pastors

To schedule a wedding, contact Diane Crim, 425-454-3082.

Wedding Coordinator: Mardi Taylor.

Pastors: All can be reached at the Church Office, 425-454-3082.

Dr. Scott Dudley, Senior Pastor and Head of Staff
Rev. Annie Duncan, Executive Pastor
Rev. Rich Gingrich, Associate Pastor for Prayer + Care
Rev. Rich Leatherberry, Associate Pastor for Mission + Serve
Rev. Scott Mann, Associate Pastor for Discipleship
Rev. Rosalind Renshaw, Associate Pastor for Prayer + Care
Rev. Colin Robeson, Associate Pastor for Family Life Ministries


Costs associated with the wedding can be obtained by contacting Diane Crim, 425-454-3082. Please note that costs quoted are subject to change.

  1. A non-refundable deposit of $150 is needed to secure your date on the church calendar. Once the deposit is received, your date will be confirmed.
  2. Final payment of all fees associated with the church is due at the last meeting with the Wedding Coordinator.

Day of Wedding

Your wedding is a joyful experience. To assist in having everything run smoothly, here are some things to plan and have in place on your wedding day.

  1. Remember, the marriage license must be at the church two weeks before the wedding with the biographical information completed.
  2. The church is available to the wedding party 3 hours prior to the ceremony for decoration set-up, dressing of the bridal party, and photography.
  3. Snack table. We suggest someone put together snacks for the wedding party to have before the wedding. Finger foods and clear beverages that will not spot clothing are best.
  4. Professional photography must be completed one hour before the ceremony.
  5. The sanctuary will be cleared one hour before the ceremony. During that time the wedding party can have snacks and pack their bags. It is helpful to have your bags packed and ready to go before the ceremony.
  6. All family to be seated in the “family rows,” excluding parents of the bride and groom,  will be seated 20 minutes before the ceremony begins. Have family members identify themselves to the ushers.
  7. Five minutes before the wedding begins, the ushers will fill any empty seats in the family rows.
  8. Arrange ahead of time for:
    • Someone to take the wedding gifts from the church.
    • Someone to remove your flowers from the sanctuary. Prior arrangements may be made with the church if you choose to leave a floral arrangement after a Saturday evening wedding for the church service on Sunday morning.
    • Someone to make sure everything is taken from the dressing rooms, preferably prior to the ceremony, and put into the cars.
    • Someone to pick up the unity candle, tapers, guest book, and CD after the wedding.


1.    The church has the following items for wedding use:

Three (3) flower stands, various heights
Kneeling bench

2.    Tacks, tape and pins may not be used.

3.    Decorations may be wired to the chairs.

4.    Flower arrangements are not to be placed on the communion table; live plants are not permitted on our floors in or outside the building.

Marriage Licenses

To obtain a marriage license:

  1. Apply at the King County Administration Building, Seattle, between 4th and 5th Avenues on James Street. You may obtain a marriage license at other locations; please call (206) 296-3933 for the locations and hours.
  2. Both bride and groom must be present.
  3. Both must be 18 years or older.
  4. Witnesses and a blood test are not required.
  5. Cash only, no checks.
  6. There is a 3-day waiting period following application, and then the license is valid for 60 days. The bride and groom must complete the biographical information about themselves and their parents requested on the certificates to be filed with King County. The marriage license must be brought to the church at least one month before the wedding. Additional information is available by calling (206) 296-3933.
  7. All certificates day of the wedding must be filled out and signed in black ink.


The wedding ceremony is a Christian worship service, and all music used in it should be appropriate to the worship of God. It should be God-directed and God-celebrative. The texts should reflect the themes inherent in a Christian marriage service: praise of God, the steadfast love of Christ for the church as the foundation and model for love and fidelity in marriage, and prayer for God’s presence and blessing.

  1. The church organist is available to assist you in the selection of organ or piano music.
  2. The officiating pastor from BelPres requests to review your music selections.
  3. When the organ is used in the ceremony, the church organist is to play, or if not available, the church organist can secure a substitute. Fees for other organists/pianists may vary.
  4. The Wedding Coordinator and organist can provide names of instrumentalists, soloists, or ensembles to enhance the music at the wedding service.
  5. If you desire a particular soloist, please provide both the soloist and organist with each other’s names and phone numbers and request they contact one another.

Pictures & Sound

  1. Professional photography is normally taken prior to the ceremony and is to be completed one hour before the wedding.
  2. If photography is preferred after the ceremony, there is an additional charge of $100.
  3. Your guests are invited to take flash pictures before and after the ceremony. For safety and the dignity of worship, we ask that they not be taken during the wedding ceremony.
  4. The ceremony may be videotaped using natural light. To remain out of the sightline of your guests and photographers, the video camera is to be at the far sides or rear entrance of the Sanctuary.
  5. You will be given an CD recording of your wedding.
  6. Microphone or soloist sound checks will be done in the Sanctuary one hour prior to the wedding.


A well-planned and coordinated wedding will make your day special and enable it to run smoothly. These guidelines will help.

Please allow time to schedule required counseling prior to the wedding:

  • Two or three sessions, preferably Monday thru Friday between 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, with the pastor who will perform the wedding.
  • Our pastors request attendance at Engaged Encounter or the series of Premarriage Classes offered at our church or Presbyterian Counseling Service or a comparable marriage preparation series. Information is available through the Wedding Coordinator.

To assure coordination with church activities, the church will have you work with the Wedding Coordinator. Meetings with the Coordinator include:

  • First appointment: orientation with on-site preview of Sanctuary and facilities, clarification of policy, time for questions. Bring: completed Wedding Application form.
  • Final meeting: one month prior to wedding date for finalizing of wedding and rehearsal plans and financial costs. Bring: names of all in the wedding party; names and phone numbers for florist, photographer, videographer, soloist, and/or limousine service you plan to use. The final payment is due at this time.
  • Rehearsal: one hour.

The Wedding Coordinator or pastor will conduct your rehearsal, assist on your wedding day, and handle all the financial arrangements between the church and the wedding party, including the pastor’s honorarium.

All requests for outside pastors, especially those of denominations other than Presbyterian, must be approved and invited by a BelPres pastor.

Pre-marriage Classes

Bellevue Presbyterian Church partners with the Samaritan Center of Puget Sound for Pre-marriage counseling and Marriage Prep Seminars.

Sorry, there is nothing to show!

Use of Our Building

Dressing rooms are provided for both the bride and groom and their attendants. Items available are:
•Ironing board, iron and steamer, needle & thread, etc.
•Clothes rack
•Make-up mirror and full-length mirror

The church cannot be held responsible for items left in dressing rooms and/or other places in the church.

The throwing of rice, birdseed, flower petals, fireworks, paper streamers, or substitutes is not permitted in the church or on church grounds.

There is no smoking allowed inside the church building or on church grounds.

Live animals, except for service dogs, are not permitted in the church facility.

Please be respectful of language while in and on the church property.

Small motorized vehicles are not permitted in the Sanctuary.

Alcoholic beverages and controlled substances anywhere in the church buildings or on the grounds will not be tolerated.

Wedding Rehearsal

Rehearsals are normally scheduled on Friday night for Saturday or Sunday weddings. A rehearsal is one hour and scheduled between 4:30 and 6:00 pm (On busy weekends 2-3 rehearsals may have to be scheduled for Friday evening.) The Wedding Coordinator is willing to work out a different time if you or your pastor have special rehearsal needs.

Rehearsals begin promptly; you have only one hour. Please schedule your rehearsal so everyone can be on time.

The entire wedding party must be present.

The Wedding Coordinator or officiating pastor will conduct the rehearsal.

Parents of the bride and groom should attend, if possible.

Because of time constraints, there is not time for the soloist to practice in the Sanctuary on the night of the rehearsal. Please call Diane Crim at the Church Office to schedule a rehearsal time.

Bring the following items if you are using them at your wedding: guest book, pen, unity candle and matching tapers, programs and maps, box of garbage bags for concealing gifts in your car.

Working With You

Our church wedding staff looks forward to working with you. We want to make your wedding a very special and memorable occasion. First contact Diane Crim, Office Manager, 425-454-3082, in the Church Office to schedule your wedding. After your wedding is confirmed and a $150 non-refundable deposit is received the Wedding Coordinator will send you an information packet.

Either the Sanctuary or S-150 are available for your wedding. The Sanctuary seating capacity is 984, and S-150 will seat 120. An organ and piano are available in the Sanctuary. One grand piano is available in S-150.

Reception capacity in UC-303 is 120. Reception capacity in the Lobby is 400 (standing) or 120 (seated).

At the first appointment with the Wedding Coordinator, bring with you:

  • Completed Wedding Application form
  • All your questions

Prior to your first appointment with your officiating pastor, please mail to that pastor your Premarital Information Forms (available in the wedding packet or through Diane Crim).