Deacon Ministry + Nominations


Deacons are committed to care and connection. Each Deacon works within their own preferences, skills, and abilities to connect with members of BelPres, praying for each person individually and providing support if and when it is needed.

Deacons are part of Deacon Teams, which grow into a close community of people who care for one another and pray with and for each other.

Your nomination helps us identify people in our congregation who could be great Deacons. Thank you!

Deacon Nomination

Please use the form below, answering each question to the best of your knowledge, to recommend someone for consideration as a Deacon.

Nominate someone you know, or self-nominate, using the form on this page.

Can I self-nominate?

Of course! You know best of all if your heart is open to serving as a Deacon. Simply fill out the online form and at the bottom, when it asks for the name of the person nominating, indicate that it is you, yourself. Each year, a number of members self-nominate to be Deacons.

Is there any training or support provided for new Deacons?

Yes, definitely. New Deacons are provided initial training, and all Deacons attend a monthly training and support session, under the direction of Rev. Mona Chicks. This is a time for Deacons to check in with their Deacon Team members and Team Leader, and also to receive coaching and encouragement.

If I am not someone who feels comfortable sharing my faith with others, can I still be a Deacon?

Everyone has their own way of sharing their faith: one Deacon will talk about what she believes and why; another Deacon will engage in service alongside his flock; yet another Deacon will be at the hospital the morning of a member’s surgery. We share our faith in uniquely authentic ways, as we show up and offer God’s love and care to those entrusted to us.

What exactly will I do, as a Deacon?

The primary responsibilities for a Deacon are focused on the 10-15 BelPres members entrusted to a Deacon’s care. Deacons make themselves known to their families through a visit or coffee, or a phone call – in some way connecting with each family and getting to know them over time. Once a relationship is established, and trust begins to build, the family will then start to rely upon that Deacon for spiritual care and support, in the context of the larger church. Deacons also communicate the needs of their flock members to the church staff – in this way, prayer requests are communicated to the church and pastoral care is initiated. Deacons are encouraged to be creative and find their unique voice, as they express God’s love to their flock members. Have fun as you learn about each one of these families and love them! Minimally, Deacons are expected to touch base with their flock once a quarter.

What if I am away on vacation, or if I get sick? Who will take care of my flock?

Each Deacon is part of a team, and within that team, each Deacon has a Deacon “buddy.” If a Deacon is gone or ill, the buddy can cover any needs that arise. Deacons are also part of a team, and often team members will provide support and help for one another, as will the Deacon Team Leader.

What is the deadline to submit a name for selection as a Deacon?

All nominations must be submitted by the end of March, 2016.

Deacons came out of the early early church:  the disciples and first leaders of the church, facing complaints of preferential treatment when it came to distributing food, decided to appoint a group of seven individuals whose primary focus would be to fairly and consistently meet the most fundamental needs of others:  food, clothing, health, finances.  Stephen, the leader of that first group of deacons, was stoned to death after just a few months on the job.  This fact alone tells us that from the very beginning, deacon ministry has been about the essentials, doing ministry that makes an impact, takes a stand, matters in people’s lives.

Deacons at BelPres will often choose to serve indefinitely, because, as they have said, being a deacon is…

“what has made me feel part of the church”
“the most rewarding thing I’ve done…”
“…what connects me to people’s hearts and lives.”