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What is a Marriage Mentoree?

Not everyone who gets married has learned about marriage from a positive example. Many of us enter into marriage having grown up in broken homes and among failed marriages. Books and seminars can be helpful, but sometimes the most powerful help comes from being able to watch and learn from other couples who have learned how to do it right or couples who exhibit habits of a healthy marriage, day in and day out.

What would my spouse and I gain from a mentoring relationship?
Plenty! For one thing, it’s an opportunity to have a relationship with a couple who have, most likely, experienced many of the things you are experiencing or still lies ahead for your relationship — things like handling conflict, raising children, balancing work schedules, and maintaining intimacy.

Another benefit is for those couples who would rather work on their marriages alongside a safe peer group. We believe successful marriages happen not in isolation, but within authentic Christian community. Mentorees will be matched with mentors based on life stage, similar topics both couples have/are experiencing, children’s ages and needs, etc.

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