Marriage Mentor Assessment


Am I mentor material?

Complete the Following Self-Inventory.
For each statement, indicate the response that best identifies your beliefs and attitudes:

1=strongly disagree  2=disagree  3=undecided  4=agree  5=strongly agree

Q# Question Score
1. Giving advice has little to do with mentoring.
2.  I can accept and respect people who disagree with me.
3.  I can make a mistake and admit that I blew it.
4.  I look at everyone’s side of a disagreement before I make a decision.
 5.  I tend to trust my intuition even when I’m unsure of the outcome.
6.  I don’t need to see immediate and concrete results in order to know progress is occurring.
 7.  I am trustworthy and can hold someone else’s burdens in confidence.
8.  Who you are in mentoring is more important than what you do.
 9.  My presence frees others from the threat of external evaluation.
 10.  In a tense emotional situation, I tend to remain calm.
 11.  I know my limits when it comes to helping others.
 12.  I like people.


  • 50-60          You are well on your way to being an effective mentor.  Take special care to maintain the qualities you possess.


  • 30-49          You have what it takes to be an effective mentor, but you will need to exert special attention to groom the necessary skills.


  • Below 30     Seek out advice and counsel to assess your strengths and to pinpoint which characteristics you need to further develop your mentoring skills.  After assessing your strengths, continue to develop and train your mentoring skills using marriage resource materials with your spouse or in a small group.