Looking for an interesting night out?  Want someone else to watch the kids for a while?  Does your marriage need a tune up?  Check out the various Marriage Enrichment opportunities available here at BelPres by looking at the list below.

Marriage Mentoring

What is marriage mentoring?

Marriage Mentoring is the opportunity for a couple to come alongside another couple in their marriage. The Marriage Mentoring relationship provides a trusting relationship between committed Christian couples who are both seeking God’s best for their marriage. We pair a mentor couple with a couple seeking to be mentored who share similar life journeys. Couples may want to be mentored because they are hoping to gain insight from couples who’ve walked the similar road before them, or because they want to find deeper community with another couple or because they want to make their good marriage even better.

What does a marriage mentoring relationship look like?
Couples can decide what works best for them.  Normally, couples meet together for dinner once a month.  The topics to discuss are mutually decided.  Mentors are volunteers who have gone through certification, but are not trained in counseling. In fact, they are not meant to be counselors, but people who have journeyed similar life experiences and are willing to share their story. Mentoring goes both ways – both couples learn and grow from the experience of being paired together. Marriage mentoring also can be a group in which one mentor couple meets with 3-5 mentee couples.

What would my spouse and I gain from a mentoring relationship?
Plenty! For one thing, it’s an opportunity to have a relationship with a couple who have, most likely, experienced many of the things you are experiencing or still lies ahead for your relationship — things like handling conflict, raising children, balancing work schedules, and maintaining intimacy.

We believe successful marriages happen not in isolation, but within authentic Christian community.