I’m New Here

3 Basics

1. We are a Jesus Centric Church.

No matter what program, event, or issue we take on, Jesus is at the center of everything we do as a faith community. We don’t care that much if you remember our name, we just want you to know His.

2. We are a church that seeks to sacrificially love and serve our neighbors everywhere there’s need.

We believe love DOES STUFF. It gives itself away. And we think that kind of sacrificial love happens best through relationship as trust is built and love is made concrete. As an example, Jubilee REACH (a Christian organization founded by BelPres congregation members) was asked by the City of Bellevue to manage all of its after-school programs for its middle schools, and they’ve been doing it now for the last 3 years! BelPres has also created two family-run homes for at-risk teens, helped launch a  training and equipping center in East Bellevue, and host an an alternative high school on our campus that equips young men and women with the tools they need for future success. BelPres also supports dozens of international mission ventures, many local Christian agencies, and contributes 11% of its operating budget toward local, national, and international service through the Missions department.

3. We are a church that strives for excellence at every level of our programming, music, and teaching.

We are known near and far for our incredible music and worship programs, our exuberant Family Life Ministry, and our top-tier preaching and teaching. If you are looking for a place that gets “the right things right” and does them exceedingly well, we think you’ll really enjoy what you find at BelPres.

First Time Visitor

What do I wear?

No matter what your personal style is, we want you to feel comfortable at BelPres. If you prefer dressy, smart casual, business informal, or casual, chances are there will be others dressed like you. As for your kids? We encourage hands-on play. Please use your own judgment about how dressed up your children are while at church. We care more that you have joined us, then what you’re wearing.

What if I have special needs, like a crying baby or need a listening device?

We desire to create a safe and friendly worship space for all of our guests and members. If you have questions about anything, we encourage you to seek out a pastor, usher, or volunteer to help you with anything. Here are a few things that will help you out! We have several kid-friendly areas, so there is no need to miss the service if your child gets fussy. The lobby has live-streaming and audio of the service, as well as comfortable seating if you need to leave the Sanctuary. We also have a cry room in the balcony of the Sanctuary, and a small lobby (with some toys!) outside of the Community Center. Regarding cell phones, we ask that everyone silence all mobile devices before entering the service so as to create a safe and focused worship space for everyone. For those who need them, assisted Listening Devices are available during the Sanctuary Worship service. You may pick one up at the back of the Sanctuary or seen an usher for assistance. Additionally, large print bulletins are available for the Sanctuary Service; just ask an usher.

What is worship like?

We offer two different styles of worship, and we welcome you to try out both! You may find that you prefer one over the other, but you may also like to switch back and forth. No matter what you prefer, you can always expect a high level of engagement from the congregation, and you will always hear the same sermon in either service. Sanctuary Worship: At 9am and 11am we offer a traditional worship service in our Sanctuary. This service includes traditional hymns and anthems, with a wide range of sacred music by current arrangers and composers, led by our choirs. Modern Worship: At 9:45am, 11am, and 6pm we offer a modern worship service in our Community Center. This service is led by our volunteer worship band and proclaims Jesus in new music and styles that are dynamic and relevant to both the seeker and the committed Christian.

How do I get there?

Physical Address: Bellevue Presbyterian Church 1717 Bellevue Way NE Bellevue, WA 98004 BelPres is located on Bellevue Way, 9 blocks north of Bellevue Square Mall, near the 405/520 interchange. Find all the details you need on our Church Campus page.

Where do I park?

Special parking spaces are reserved for first-time visitors on Sunday. Enter the parking lot from Bellevue Way and continue straight to the top. Look for the blue signs; reserved spots should be just to your left. Our parking lot attendants will also be happy to show you to these spaces! Parking for those with limited mobility is available in the circle driveway at the top of the parking lot, near the doors. If those spaces are full, additional handicapped parking is available in the side lot. A golf cart is constantly circling on Sundays to take you to the right spot. We also offer extra parking at Bellevue Christian High School and provide shuttle service to our campus. BCS is located at: 1601 98th Ave NE Clyde Hill, 98004

Where do I go once I am on campus?

All of our services are held in the Sanctuary building. If you park in the BelPres lot, you will walk up to the Sanctuary building and find your way inside. If you park in our satellite lot at Bellevue Christian High School, you will be dropped off in our Upper Campus building and will need to walk downstairs to the Sanctuary building. The Sanctuary Service is in the Sanctuary. You can sit on the ground floor or the balcony. The Modern Service is in the Community Center.

Where do my kids go?

Child Care Center Child care for children 2 months through 3 years is available in the Child Care Center on the 3rd floor of the Sanctuary building. Click here for more information about the Child Care Center. We also have programming for preschoolers ages 4 and 5 in the UC building on all Sunday mornings. Click here for more information about Preschool Sundays. For Elementary Sundays, starting September 7 through the end of the school year, children in kindergarten through grade 5 will be dropped off in their classrooms and picked up in UC-105/106. Click here for more information. Middle School and High School students participate in the 11am Modern Worship service in the Community Center. Click here for more information about Middle School, and click here for more information about High School.

Can I meet the pastor?

The pastors would love to meet you! Because we have 5 services every Sunday, the preaching pastor of that week is not available after worship, but the assisting pastor(s) can be found in the Lobby after the Sanctuary Service and the Community Center after the Modern Service. If you would like a more in-depth visit with any of the pastors, please call their administrative assistant to set up a time for a personal visit or phone call.

Contact Us

Visiting a new church can be both exciting and a little daunting. Let us help and answer some of your questions. Scroll through to find answers to many of your questions! If you can’t find an answer, give us a call (425-454-3082) or email us at info@belpres.org.