Welcome to BelPres! We’re glad that you are here.

Who We Are

Our vision is to participate in the complete spiritual, relational, and socio-economic flourishing of the cities to which God has called us and the places in the world we are involved (aka: revival).

We believe that our role as Christians is to bring Jesus’ love and healing wherever we live, work, play, and learn.



We act because we believe. We love because we are loved.


We do this through the “Four B’s”

Belong to a warm, multi-cultural, all-generations community that supports each other, gets beyond news/weather/and sports, and serves together.

Become like Jesus (aka: discipleship), sacrificially committed to rescuing, renewing, and redeeming both the world and each other.

Build toward “3rd way” racial justice and healing in pursuit of God’s heart.

Be an all-generations community where we all equip, empower and release the next generation.

What happens on Sundays at BelPres?

We have three styles of worship:

Sanctuary  | 9am & 11am |  Traditional style with choir, organ, hymns, and liturgy. In the Sanctuary. Wear what makes you comfortable (for some that means suits and dresses, for some it means jeans and a t-shirt).

Modern  | 9:45am, 11am |  Modern worship band plays choruses and adapted hymns, simpler worship. 11am has an emphasis on youth and families. In the Modern Worship Center. Wear what makes you comfortable.

New Hope Revival  | 11am |  Rwandan-styled worship open to everyone regardless of the color of your skin or country of origin. Energetic worship. In UC-106. Wear what makes you comfortable.

Children + Youth

We’re so happy to welcome your family to BelPres! We hope to build a lifelong connection to your family, and to assist your child’s growth in Christian faith. When you arrive on your first Sunday morning, enter the Sanctuary Lobby at 1717 Bellevue Way NE. Child care for children 2 months through 3 years is available in the Child Care Center on the 3rd floor of the Sanctuary building. We also have Preschool Sundays for ages 4 and 5 in the Upper Campus building on all Sunday mornings. For Elementary Sundays, starting September 9 through the end of the school year, children in K-5 will be dropped off in their classrooms and picked up in UC-303. All of our children’s programming uses a check in system for security and ease. If you are interested in registering your child for our check in system before your visit, please visit our registration link.

Middle School and High School students participate in the 11am Modern Worship service in the Community Center, and meet in the lobby before service for fellowship time. For more information about Family Life Ministries and our youth events, please click here.

The Lobby on Sundays

The large room as you enter the front doors to the Sanctuary building is called the Lobby. It is a place of connection and community. You will find delicious coffee in the Lobby as well as a few games intended to bring different generations together. There is also a friendly Welcome Desk where you can get pointed in the right direction or get more information, greeters, and a BelPres Serve host to help you find ways to serve at BelPres and in the community. The counters opposite the Sanctuary doors are great ways to find out other events or opportunities that are going on, and often host sign-ups or other information. There is a coat room just to the left of the main entrance.

Other Sunday Locations to Know:

The Connector leads from the Main Lobby to the Modern Worship Center located along the left side of the Lobby as you come in through double glass doors.

Modern Worship Center (also called Community Center) is through the Connector where Modern Worship is held.

Sanctuary is to your right when you enter.

The elevator is all the way through the Lobby; keep to the right.

Child Care Center is on the third floor of the Sanctuary building, at the top of the stairs.

Upper Campus can be accessed by taking the stairs or elevator to the third floor, and out across the playground. This is where New Hope Revival and all Sunday school classes are held.


BelPres has a large lot that is often crowded. We do have parking reserved for first-time visitors, so let the parking attendant know if you are here for the first time. There are also special places reserved for those with limited mobility as well as state-issued ADA parking spaces. If you want a ride from your parking space, wave down the golf cart! Extra parking and shuttle service is also provided at Bellevue Christian High School at 1601 98th Ave NE Clyde Hill 98004.

How can I get to know BelPres better?

To get connected, see our featured church events  Here>>