Don’t Give Up

I started a school in Rwanda when I was 17 years old. What motivated me to start this school was the genocide. So many children lost their parents and were orphans. God spoke to me and told me that I could do something to bring new life.

That’s the way I started the school.

There were many different challenges that wanted to stop me.

Family and friends told me, “This is not the time. You are still in high school. There is nothing you can do.” But I asked God, “Are you calling me to do this, God?”

And He told me, “Keep doing. Keep going.” So I never gave up.

Now there are 1500 children in the Rwandan school. 265 children who began in middle school have been through college.

Our most important job is to bring people hope. It’s what moves us forward from one step to another step.

Move in hope.

If God tells you do something. Don’t give up.

Very recently I found out my brother died. Not much longer after that, I received another call from my sister in Rwanda that her husband died. My prayer during this difficult time is “God, keep my hope.” It’s most important.

In this world there will be discouragement. It will be all around. We look for “this” to make us happy or “that” but nothing will make us happy without hope.

I moved here to Seattle in 2015 from Rwanda. I left my ministry and my family. I left everything. I wondered, how will I make new friends? Without strong communication in English, how will I get to know people? This is part of who I am, living in community and having friendships, so I was curious how that would be possible when I didn’t know the language well.

A year ago a friend asked me, “how do you think you’ll have a job in this country without knowing English?” There is a barrier of communication.

It’s not important to know language for a job. Communication with the people is more important to me. I want to be able to express what’s on my mind, what God has told me.

God can use my barrier of communication as an advantage, because communication can happen in many more ways than just through words. Even when someone cannot understand my words exactly, he or she can understand the sense.

God can even use those who are unable to speak. With our hands, emotions from our hearts, a touch – someone can still be able to understand what we are communicating and we can change a life. Even without the exact “right” words.

Even in our weakness, God can use us.

Don’t give up.

Express and speak what you believe and don’t believe.

Be free to speak.

God uses trees and they don’t speak. He uses them to testify of His glory in creation. He uses them to give oxygen for us to breathe, to live.

What you see as a weakness, God uses it all to bring His glory.

God can use my barrier of communication as an advantage, because communication can happen in many more ways than just through words.

So don’t give up.

The BAD news will always come to fight with your hope. When you keep your hope strong you will move forward.

Never give the value to the bad news.

Without hope your life will be worry and fear.

Hope is the key to stand up strong.

Allow God permission to give new vision, to extend the mission.

I will never give up on expressing what God is telling me to do.

I don’t bring excuses to God. I will never stop.

Alexis is the pastor of New Hope Revival, a multi-ethnic worshipping community of BelPres which meets on Sundays at 11am, UC-106, BelPres Church. Alexis also assists with outreach to immigrants and refugees who come to the Eastside. To contact Pastor Alexis Ruhumuriza, please email:

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