Transformation in the Trees

During Lent we see transformation begin to happen in the landscape and in our hearts. The cold, darkness of winter is being re-formed into longer days, with color poking out from branches as the trees seek out a renewed sense of life and growth. Each tree is different than it was last year – its trunk has thickened, its roots are dug deeper, and each branch is being molded into a new shape for the coming season of intense growth and fruit production. Transformation is part of the tree’s life cycle, and is as regular as the seasons of the year.

Transformation happens in our hearts as well, though perhaps not as visibly or as regularly as it does for the tree. We are, each of us, in a different “season” in our connection with God – for some, we are basking in the glow of the son’s light, enjoying the warmth and the low-hanging fruit that is the result of the work gone on before. For some, the light is dimming and we find ourselves shedding extra layers to be laid bare before God, who is preparing us for a winter of digging our roots deeper in him. Some of us don’t know where God is – the days are indeed dark and gloomy and silent, but God is working down deep to create strength and resilience (and who knows what else!). Maybe God is shaping your branches, carefully pruning in just the right places so that the fruit that will grow there will be juicy and delicious. You won’t be the same this year as you were last – God is always at work transforming us, but sometimes we don’t get to see what God is doing until later.

What is your response as you transition through Lent into the anticipation of Easter? Are you aware of what God is doing to transform you? Does God seem quiet?

We have the opportunity next month to participate in an all-church event that focuses on discovering tools for personal transformation and connection with God. Becoming: the Immerse Weekend is a time to learn from each other new ways, or be reminded of old ways, to become more aware of God forming us in the image of Jesus. We will gather together for plenary sessions with Dr. Scott Dudley to inspire and teach, we will experience new ideas and new tools in breakout sessions designed to meet you where you are at and draw you nearer to our Lord Jesus. Look for responses to previous Immerse experiences under “The Impact of Immerse” blog post. 

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