The Impact of Immerse

All of the sessions were a blessing. I am going through difficult struggles in my marriage and with a defiant, explosive child. The ‘prayer writing’ and ‘teach us to pray’ session​s were particularly helpful in my process of turning these situations over to God and seeking to discern how God wants to use me to minister to my family.

I so needed a weekend just to be filled. Sometimes life gets so busy that it is hard to remember to spend time with God. This weekend gave me so practical ways to do that; it really met me where I am at. I have always felt envious of people that have said they have seen God or heard God only to learn that God has constantly been talking to me, I just haven’t listened.

What an amazing introduction to anointing prayer this weekend was. I felt so strongly that God had led me and filled me with the Holy Spirit, giving me the words others needed to hear. And again during the last anointing time in the Sanctuary, those that came to me were desperate for love and comfort and I was, yet again, God’s messenger. I feel this is something God is calling me to do.

This weekend was an answer to prayer for me. My husband and I had been attending BelPres for several months, but I struggled a bit with feeling connected. Going to Women at the Well has helped me begin to make connections, but this weekend was so rich in so many different ways for me. I loved it and am feeling incredibly grateful to God for nudging me to make the commitment to come on Friday night and again on Saturday. The experience was an answer to prayer. Praise God and God bless all those who put so much time and energy into making this all happen.

Enthusiasm, personal, funny, energetic—these qualities of Scott Dudley bring the Holy Spirit front and center. Two things have remained in my heart: Jesus makes it simple (don’t complicate his Word) and God is whispering into each ear, “You are my favorite.”

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