Behind the Scenes with Sandy Mabbott

I’m on day two of no more pumpkin pie, in hopes of brushing up on my self-control. I have to confess I opened the fridge to catch a whiff of cinnamon and cloves and a glance at the whipped cream. Oh, how I love that combo. This is hard! Stick with the pie, give up the jeans. Give up the pie, get into the jeans.

Although this is a story about Sandy Mabbott and not my pumpkin pie indulgences, it’s quite a connection to her after all. Keep reading. You’ll see how she died to something in order to resurrect to something better. Maybe Lent is being practiced here.

But first, as this month’s Behind the Scenes volunteer, let me share Sandy’s long resume of service. For starters, every Monday she relieves the receptionist for lunch. She’s been doing this for five years! As a previous staffer, she knows the phone system inside out.

She’s someone you’d want to meet, full of BelPres history. She began attending when worship took place at the funeral home, Chapel of the Flowers. At age 12, she accepted Christ through the sermons of Frank Burgess. She has served as Deacon and Elder, and also on the board of Housing at the Crossroads (now ATTAIN housing), a transitional housing program for homeless families. She’s come to the aid of refugee families and taught Vacation Bible School. She claims she’s learning math all over again as she assists third graders at Rose Hill Elementary twice weekly.

And now what I refer to as her resurrection event. She and her husband, Fred, always enjoyed the company of Dick Leon, a former pastor truly beloved by parishioners, and his wife. She considered Dick the best Christian role model she’d ever met. So gracious—with all kinds of people. He was bright with a delightful sense of humor. She describes herself as “grieving greatly” when he died. This lasted three months. Then, she said she received a distinct message from Dick himself! In her own words, “I believe God enabled Dick to speak to me. He said he appreciated being thought of as a wonderful example, but that I needed to step up to the plate and move on with my life. Too much energy was going into grieving and not much energy for anything else!”

I find myself most intrigued by your Dick Leon experience, Sandy. Not only do I thank you for your service, I’m grateful for your transparent sharing. It encourages me to listen to God. It reminds me there’s a time to abandon old ways that I may bloom to something new.

Today it’s pumpkin pie, rather trite. But tomorrow may bring bigger challenges. I will carry your story with me. I imagine a few people agree. God bless you!

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