Worshiping Jesus at Christmas

The Christmas holiday may be a blessing for some folks but a stressful, lonely time for others.

If you are one whom is depressed, talk with Jesus.

He wants to hear from you.

Jesus was born to comfort and love us. He needs to be near always, not just at Christmas.

Take time for worship.

The parties and celebrations can wait,

Jesus wants to hear from us.

He is a constant friend.

Shopping for just the right gift can be frustrating and expensive.

Decorating the home has its challenges.

Traveling to another town in traffic jars ones nerves…

Taking children to see Santa Claus takes a toll.

Planning a Christmas dinner can be a plus for some, but a negative for others.

Take some time everyday for prayer,

Open your hearts to the birth of Jesus.

Let Him fill your soul with thanksgiving

The reward is peace and joy.

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