“Mr. Michael is Joseph!”

“Look, the donkey!”

“Oooooh, an angel!”

This year, Sunday, December 20, is a special day in Preschool Sundays, our Sunday school program for children ages 3, 4, and 5. On that Sunday, the children receive the gift of a silent Nativity acted out outside the window of our preschool worship room on the second floor of the Upper Campus building. They watch in amazement as their “big friends” wear costumes and portray the amazing story of Jesus’ birth. The children will hear the story over several weeks prior to December 20, so on this day the story comes to life for them and they are so proud to know exactly what is happening! They watch with eyes open wide and big smiles, and when the little play is complete we sing Silent Night together. 

Who are these “big friends” who are not too cool to dress as sheep, angels, or shepherds, and share the news of God’s love for us? They are our Preschool Sundays youth volunteers: middle and high school students, who faithfully welcome, guide, and teach our preschoolers each Sunday. They bring a sense of fun, joyful play, careful respect for our safety rules, and listening ears to our classes, and the children look up to them. 

Nativity in the Window shows the children that God’s gift of baby Jesus is for all of us – little children, cool teenagers, moms and dads, single folks, grandmas and grandpas. Through the youth volunteers, the preschoolers learn that the true importance of Jesus’ birth is how we respond and share His love with others. Under the Belong + Grow umbrella, Family Life Ministries seeks to be intergenerational and relational in all our programs. God calls and uses people of all ages to teach and encourage children and youth.

Come and peek in the hallway window on Sunday, December 20, at 9:20, 10:05, or 11:20am, and share in the gift of wonder, excitement, and joy that is the birth of baby Jesus! 

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