Letter from the Editor

Do you ever get so excited for something – so eager and expectant that all you can think about is that one thing? But then, when it finally arrives/happens/et cetera, you are left feeling just the slightest bit…disappointed?

I tend to overhype. I am so hopeful for what could be! As a planner, I get so excited by all the possibilities that all too often, I am left wondering why the fiction in my head was so much better than the reality.

Often my overactive imagination gets the best of me during, yep, you guessed it, Christmastime. My thoughts are consumed with the what-ifs and could-bes (alright, mostly about presents and, oh my goodness, thank you, husband, for the surprise trip to Bora Bora!) Usually, I am left feeling letdown.

As I consider my chronic disappointment, I know the problem is that Christmas, the commercial, mall-shopping side of this season, is not what its all about. Yet for some reason my thoughts stray from the hope, the expectation, that Christ’s birth brought and continues to bring to my life.

The first Sunday of Advent, we light the Candle of Expectation. When I look at this candle, I see the truest manifestation of hope, of hype that will not leave me empty. This candle reminds me that we have been told to be ready for Christ at any time and to remember that call. For me, this represents looking for God in unexpected places at unexpected times. The flame reminds me that while I wait for Him, He is truly already here.

My husband and I have faced a major life change in the last few months that I have overhyped in my head. As reality settles in, I find myself filled with hope, with hype, for what God can do, as God answers prayers, even if they are not always in the way I expect or want. I’m confident that God has shown Himself in my life and the answers I’ve received give me hope, give me faith, that God really and truly is here!

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